Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A French Script Table

I like the versatility of a nice cloth napkin. The ones with the script that I'm using as place mats today came from Pottery Barn a couple of summers ago. I thought they would make a good backdrop for a mostly white themed table.

I wish I had fresh white roses at my table every day of the week (or at least whenever I want them), but I pull out these fabric rose napkin rings as a substitute now and then. Today they are both slipped over a soup spoon at each place, and are also part of the centerpiece. Rachel Ashwell had these at Target a few years ago, and I got a few in blue and pink as well on closeout.

I followed through with a postal theme for the place cards.

All of the china is ironstone cafe ware. Some vintage, and some more recent. Bistro glasses are from Williams-Sonoma.

The coffee service is already set up on a cake pedestal with the cups and saucers laid in a willow basket as a centerpiece. A linen and lace doily is set underneath, and I have an extra pair of hands for the small silver spoons for whimsy. The square creamer is one of two from an old Cunard Line cruise ship. I'm crazy about travel stuff so they are a favorite of mine. But I also like the art deco design.

I have folded another whimsical linen runner into the basket at center. This one doesn't get enough attention. What fun it must have been to crochet this little butterfly motif!

The napkins all have a different motif at the corner. You would never get confused at which one was yours!

Each of the bowls holds a different small shell as well.

So nice to have you at the table!
Thanks for stopping by for a peek. . .


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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer White

There's no white like summer white. Clean, crisp, bright. I like seashells in any season, but they are never more at home than when hot weather arrives.

Already we are closing up the house against the midday heat, but also spending less time inside. The furniture wears an evolving wardrobe of white cotton throws and matelasse for the season.

Cool and casual and relaxed like the ideal summer vacation. Everything is washable, so go ahead and put your feet up!

Airy wicker and lace next to a cozy reading chair.

A tray of assorted sand dollars has its own deliciousness.

Listening for the sea.

Lots of white accents keep things cool.

I hope you're loving the start of summer.
 It's a short week. Make it fun!


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Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend Finds

One of the gaps in my ironstone collection has been these bread and butter size cafe plates. I was lucky enough to find some in two different places this weekend. It's funny how what may be prevalent in one market, or part of the country, is rare as hen's teeth in another. Vintage ironstone plates and bowls don't turn up here much. But platters seem to be plentiful. Here the plates are displayed on an iris motif fifties print tablecloth in pale pinks and greens. These colors have been turning up a lot for me this season.

I paid four dollars each for a matching set of four, and then found two others at one dollar each. Good enough! We use our ironstone everyday and six small plates will round things out nicely.

In addition, I picked up a set of six plain new salad/luncheon size cafe plates at Williams-Sonoma. You can see how shiny they are in comparison. I just love the soft matte surface that the vintage ones have. And for everyday use you will never find anything more durable. They may break if they are dropped from a height onto a brick floor, but they will almost never chip in regular use as your average china does. They make a nice ringing sound when washing up too! (I hand wash dishes.)

It's easy to dress up plain dishes by mixing in your other collections. Two of my favorite platters are stacked up here. World Market had this India pink wrapping paper and raffia that I found irresistible.

Everything is corralled in a vintage market basket on my dining room table for a cheery, arty, and very temporary vignette. I have to find a place for my new plates in my eensy kitchen!

So that's what's on my tabletop. What's on yours?
(I've been working harder at keeping mine cleared off and nice looking.)
I hope you're all rested up for the week ahead, my friends.