Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Savoring Spain

No, I'm not tired of having meals alfresco either!

A nice cool blue against a pristine white is what I'm in the mood for.

That means my "Asiatic Pheasant" blue transferware English china by Johnson Bros..

A crochet lace underskirt overlaid with white linen, and a linen and lace napkin layered as a place mat.

The laces suggest the traditional curtains of Spanish windows.
A cold and delicious gazpacho is to be served from my floral Bavarian tureen.

The glasses from Williams-Sonoma give a "Salute!" to Italy.

Blue and white works well with the spicy gazpacho reds.

Spiked flower frogs are good for place cards, menus, or favors.

The side table with its bright blue runner livens it all up and complements the red terra cotta serving dish.

Margaritas anyone?

Here's wishing you a fabulous holiday week-end!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vintage 4th of July

What is more iconic to the 4th of July than watermelon!? I place it way ahead of fireworks!

As usual vintage linens are a front and center feature of any important occasion at our house, and the 4th is no exception. My vintage red checked quilt serves as the foundation. And vintage linen stripe towels make fabulous napkins for a big job like juicy watermelon!

My small and growing collection of vintage rose drinking glasses is perfect for the occasion and takes you back to "grandma's house" like few things can.

I learned to embroider when grade school was out for the summer, and have never gotten over the cheery appeal of vintage embroidered tea towels in all their variety.

I would always want some vintage metal lawn chairs at any backyard Independence Day celebration. Cool during the hot day and perfect for fireworks with a spread thrown over when the evening gets chilly.

The size of the table and the melon tells you how many are expected each year. Sometimes it's thirty, and sometimes only three!

But no matter how many guests there are, a game of croquet before the show starts just seems like the right thing to do. And the kids would never let you get away without it anyway! And there's nothing that has quite the same character as an old painted vintage set of croquet balls and mallets. Game anyone?

Ready for the WORKS?
Here's wishing you a VINTAGE happy 4th of July!
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Little Cabin

We're almost ready--

The Portuguese Trader--our name for our vintage Shasta trailer-- is being taken out for a spin in the mountains for a couple days.

I'm just making sure that I have all the essentials. Double checking for batteries, matches, and pretty BOOKS!

Lots of pillows and linens to match. No reason not to have the comforts of home. Vintage towels, aprons, and pails add to the country feel of our little cabin on wheels.

I was thrilled to find this thrift store mug not long after we made the Trader our own.

I hope no one forgot the can opener or T.P.! But I know I have everything else I need right here!

Hope your having a fabulous vintage summer too!
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Friday, June 25, 2010

Shabby Simple Vintage

English china on Rachel's book.

Antique mercantile shelf as etegere.

Lloyd Loom "wicker"armchair.
Vintage pink Bates bedspread as cushion.

Fifties rose print cotton pillow slip.

Shabby, Simple, Vintage.

Cheap and cheery cup and platter.

Snowy antique lace-edge tea towels.

Perfect summer afternoon.

Hope it's good for you too!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Renoir and Friends

I wonder if you can get a sense of the intense light and heat from this shoot. Upper 90's here in Albuquerque. But because it's not humid, if you find a bit of shade you're okay.

I'm a native, and also born in summer. I grew up here without air conditioning. We had fans of course. But I can tolerate the heat, and I like hot weather.

I love neutrals for a table as well as white. This vintage tablecloth never made it to the shop. It's exactly what I want to offer customers, but after the launder and the press, and running my hands over the soft "hand" of pure linen, it just gets to me, and I know that NO ONE will EVER love it more than me!

Light colors are best for a mid-day summer soiree. They cool the eye, and reflect the light like nothing else can. I like to use a long cover beneath the main cloth to drape the table. It gives the whole scene an elegant, classic, and finished look.

I'm adding a little fancier crisp linen napkin (vintage) for this setting to balance out some of the more casual elements that I'm using for this layout. I have my everyday white no name plates that get tough use, and always get replaced with thrift store fill-ins because they get chipped, etc., over time.

I like the way Europeans sit and linger for mealtimes. Especially in the middle of the day when you most need it. I'm always poring over books to copy settings that I like, and I'm crazy about cafe life.

I'm big at "impromptu" lunches in novel places in the yard. Once while the two of us were lingering at the table after a wine lunch on our front porch, the mailman happened along to deliver mail, and seemed startled and embarrassed to have stumbled upon what he believed to be a special occasion. It was only lunch. And we don't do it everyday. But a carefully laid table is something many people here are unaccustomed to.

The centerpiece is a white vase of dried flowers (they last a long time :)) with an ironstone water pitcher and shells.

Renoir would never set a table with these gauche dipping bowls from Williams-Sonoma! But they have my favorite themes going, and liven up the neutral table. They would be perfect for a small salad or dessert after they set the mood for the table.

I did buy a set as a gift, but then had to have some for myself too! (Are you detecting a pattern here?) They're perfect for summer when travel is on everyone's mind. They're also great conversation starters.

A set of four doesn't set you back much, and brings something really fun and different to add to the table now and then. I also find it more interesting to introduce just a flavor of a stand-out table setting than to have the whole shebang worked up.

I'm offering inexpensive (REALLY inexpensive) vintage jelly jars at the lunch table. They're low risk all the way around for a meal on the lawn, but still charming.

Finally, I enjoy having my antique homespun towels tableside to drape an extra side table, for accidental spills, an extra napkin, ambiance, etc., etc., etc..

Stay cool! Ciao! for now! Thanks for stopping by!


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