Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ghostly White For A Spooky Night

I found a few fun bottles to add to the atmosphere. That's about as far as my decorating goes for the big spooky night!

But I did find some spectacular things with a Victorian vibe farther afield this weekend, like this little wonderfully crocheted and beaded drawstring purse with a fabulous beaded tassel at the bottom.

There is a mix of frosty and white beads that seem almost otherworldly. The heft is wonderful, and looks to be right out of a movie where a Jane Austin character pulls out a hankie or a little pencil from it to jot a note with.

The little ties have bead work too.

Here are close-ups of the body where you can see the thread work.

There are elevated ridges in the design,

and this is the gathering at the top. YUM!

These lovely chiffon gloves have a ghostly air about them too. The girls will love dressing up with them! 

I should tell you that I seem to often give myself the biggest challenge of photographing all white things. It is quite a tricky thing to do, and not always that successful!

This time I have thrown frosted glass into the mix, but these really are the ghostly things that turned up at the flea this weekend!

A luscious etched bud vase of satin glass.

All things perfect for a spooky bride perhaps. . . .

But wait! There's more!

Another fab find is this antique perfume decanter by Guerlain, Paris from 1870-1880. You can see the winged lady on the bottle in this view, and a few more details below. Guerlain used this bottle with different labels for all their scents at the turn of the century. I was thrilled to find it!

I don't mind at all being haunted by lovely things from the past! 

I'm off spending a little time with the ghouls, but I'll be back soon!

So nice that you stopped by!


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cabin & Cottage At Je L'Adore!

Hello again! Here are the shots of  Cabin & Cottage dressed up for the fall event at Je L'Adore!

The holidays start earlier for retailers than for regular people. Even so, I have decorated my Cabin & Cottage space more for "Fall-mas" than anything. But I love twinkle lights anytime!

Plenty of white!

Baskets and twigs and natural elements are a big part of the theme.

I parted with a few of my real treasures for this event, and a good friend went home with this beautiful French statue of a girl reading. It was inscribed 1910 on the base. 

Of course beautiful linens are also part of the picture!

This French relief plaque is a special piece too. These were common in the fifties.

One of my book page wreaths on display.

I may want this lovely French mirror in the guest room for my grandgirls after all! Haha! The French pillows are already gone. . . .

As are the vintage German glass glitter ornaments in such lovely colors. . . .

Sparkly twig wreaths can just say "winter" to me, and work well from fall right on through January, dressed up or down.

More twigs and weeds for the table! The blooming chamisa is from my last woodland picnic. (The opening photo up top features a flambouyant winter sage.)

A wonderful antique coverlet for the table display. 

Love using bottle brush trees too!

A rose painting on glass feels like Christmas to me for this table top display.

Lots of florals too!

I love wreaths in a great old frame.

Linen, lace, and more wicker.

A pile of inviting chenille and matelasse coverlets looks cozy!

Our open house was a great success and a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season! Thanks to everyone who attended! And thanks so much for all your great comments!! We are strictly a store front business at Je L'Adore in Albuquerque, so I hope you can visit if you are ever in the area!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Have a great weekend ahead!