Thursday, November 15, 2012

Old Lady Post

This is without a doubt the most "old lady" post I have ever written. But then I am two-and-a-half years older than when I first started blogging! *smile* Firstly, I can tell I have graduated into something because I like his photo of my sitting room at night even with the ungraceful pots sitting on the ledge. I had just brought them in from the frost and am still deciding what to do with them-- Secondly, I'm all out of sync. I'm supposed to be showing my tablescape because I have been missing joining the party lately, but I am just going with the flow these days. Thirdly, the topic is indulgently "old-ladyish."

My daughter and sons get out of joint when I refer to myself as an old lady. They'll get a concerned look on their faces like they aren't quite sure how to respond, and end up saying "You're not an old lady." I'm certainly not a young lady. And I am a tad insulted that being old may be considered too negative to admit.
But I don't want being an old lady taken away from me. I've worked hard and long for it! And it ain't so bad. Now, being aged, as in ancient, . . . well . . . ask me later.
So here's the old lady part. I found the most darling hand knit baby sweaters at the thrift store and brought them home even though I have nobody small enough to foist them on anymore. I'm so sorry to be the one to tell you if you don't already know, but knitting baby sweaters is not what it once was. There is the occasional sweet and enlightened young mother who will indulge and even appreciate such a sacred heartfelt gift, but there are even fewer who will cherish them. Hence, being able to find these beauties AT GOODWILL!!

It's just the way of the world, and not to be mourned, and not even that new. I remember being given a sad old package of the most unsightly and misshapen baby things when my firstborn arrived, presumably to be worn by him. They were his father's own, and had been saved and cherished by his mother, and were handed over with great love and care, and the minute she wasn't looking I got rid of them. I don't say this with pride, but only self-forgiveness after sincere regret, and from a wiser place (which you can only arrive at when you are old).


But I love tiny hand-made baby sweaters. So now they are only for me. Or for decor. Or for the bears. My little grand-girls still play with those.

I think of their exquisite beauty.

And I think of the exquisite love. . . .

This one is a little larger and found in the same place and maybe "worn?" by the same child.


I never made sweaters for any of my grandchildren even though I am blessed with one or two daughters-in-law who would recieve them graciously. This one I made for my daughter when she was three. It's mohair. It itched and she hated wearing it. My grand-daughters have worn it a few times while visiting and while still small enough. It gives me pleaure to see them in it (I have one last three year-old left), and I have joy remembering life when I first made it, and then it is tucked safely away again. Nobody is going to get it until they are old enough. And as it turns out, that has to be pretty old . . . .


At the same thrift store I found this fabulous vintage thermal all wool ivory blanket that has also obviouly been put away somewhere for fifty years. Our friend  Susy at The Feathered Nest says these things wait for me, and I think she's right! Or at least I hope so!!

Old wooly blankets . . . ,
  old wooly sweaters . . . ,
 old wooly bears . . . .
I rest my case!
So glad you stopped by anyway!

I'm joining 


  1. So sad that was at a good will store.I guess people don't want to hold on and cherish things like that.But what a beautiful find for you!

  2. Mr Teddy Bear is very fortunate today in his new yet olden sweater. I have found a couple of blankets just like that and love them too.

  3. i don't have any grandchildren yet...but i have saved my own children's hand made pieces such as the hand smocked dresses i made for my daughter and the appliqued jumpers for my son....also, i have saved all of the hand knitted sweaters that my grandmother made for me! truth is though, i doubt my kids will want any of this stuff! and so, i too dress my bears with them...bears that my grandmother made by hand.

  4. I can't believe people would get rid of those beauties. Think of the time it took! I'm happy to say that my niece - now in high school - still has my brother's baby blanket which my mother made.

    And about the old lady thing... I call it "vintage." Lol! I really loathe getting older, and becoming more "vintage" every year makes it sound like the older we get the classier and cooler we become. :p


  5. It's so hard to understand why people let those percious things go! They are beautiful. So lucky you are able to find them and give them a loving home!

  6. Well, Jacqueline, I liked your comment about being self-forgiving! When I was young with little, little girls, my mom gave me some of my old dolls. The only one I saved, and still have, was a large doll called "Toodles". I threw the rest away. When she found out, she said she never would have given them to me if she had known I was going to throw them away. I was stupid. But it has made me more patient when one of my daughters throws away many mementos. So, I will forgive myself, too. Youth is wasted on the young!! Kay

  7. Beautiful find! Love those elegant white. Awesome as always.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  8. So lovely & such a beautiful find. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I hear you!!! They have found a good home and they look beautiful to me too.


  10. I'm so glad those things 'wait' for you as I know you will cherish them. Sally

  11. What beautiful finds. I have a few little sweaters like those from when my children were babies-I just couldn't give them away. I keep them in a special box in hopes my children will want them some day.

  12. I am speechless...
    Beautiful post...

    Vivian would look grand in those sweaters!!!
    Just sayin'...

    Linda :o)

  13. 1st thing, YOUR NOT OLD!!

    Baby sweaters are back in vogue. My 88 yr old MIL has been making them for all the new great grandaughters. They are adorable and well loved by the new moms.
    Yours are beautiful.

  14. Dear Ann! I stand corrected! :0) Thanks! I'm so glad to hear it!!!

  15. I save everything or have passed some things to my sisters who then passed them on to someone else. The beautiful dresses, the ones they wore making sacraments, the ones they wore when they were little flower girls. I hope they pass these on to their children as well.

    We are older, wiser and better!


  16. Hi my old friend J...
    Ha, it only been two and a half years, it seems like forever and yesterday at the same time. Don't you ever try to remember way back to BB (before blogging :-) What did we do? I embrace older and wiser... Your knitting work is gorgeous, a treasure! I could never master knitting... It has made a big comeback though...

  17. Jacqueline,
    I love reading the part where, "they wait for you"! Lovely sweaters and wool blanket. I'm glad you rescued them from Goodwill and brought them home. They look adorable on your bear!

  18. How wonderful. The sweater you made is the loveliest of the three. I also really like the pillow.

  19. You're so freakin awesome, you old lady, warrior, goddess...

    remember when it was cool when we were young and hippies, well, i was, sortof... for the guy to refer to his girlfriend and his best love, and say "she's my old lady"... smile


  20. It saddens me to think these treasures were just tossed to the side, but so glad you found them irresistible as I would. I'm glad I'm not the only one that 'saves' an art that has become a thing of the past. I still knit them, but, for myself. No one else seems to care or appreciate the time and effort and love involved.
    Thanks for sharing this endearing story of appreciation.
    BlessYou and YourNeverOld

  21. Sweet! I've never had children, but still am drawn to these precious items myself. Love the idea that the teddy is now wearing that sweater. ;-)

  22. What precious treasures. It's amazing that our old age perspective changes as we get older. this is a lovely post, and I bet you do regret getting rid of your husband's baby sweater. laurie

  23. Sweet sweet reminders, of little cardigans i knitted together with my mum for my daughter.
    They are still put away..up in the attick.. she used a couple for her girls, but times changed and other things were bought. I dont like to look at them now. I get sad. Its so long ago. Who knows though, maybe my grandchilden might use them for their children.
    These are such lovely little jackets. love to see it on the teddy.
    Ah. well Jaqueline. nice post.. nothing old about it
    we are as old as we feel.

  24. You make me want to get out my old baby clothes from when my daughter was young. This is a precious and sweet post and I enjoyed reading it.

  25. You are blessed to be able to even find such a beautiful handmade baby sweater. What a finish and what care and love must have gone into making this. Glad it has found a good home.

  26. Those little sweaters are oh so sweet! I'm saving now every little thing that my grandson touches because "as an old lady" I realize how precious and treasured those memories are. Gorgeous post!
    Wishing you a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

  27. Those sweaters were there just waiting for someone "old" enough to take them home and appreciate them! I kinda like being "old"! It's a fun time in life, especially if ones health is still good!

  28. What a delightful post. I too am an old lady (vintage!) You have such a lovely blog. It makes my day to read it and see your gorgeous pictures. I think we do really look back on our younger years with regret at some of the decisions we made, but such is youth. Now we are wiser and more appreciative of the little things in life. Like beautiful little handmade white baby seaters at Goodwill! Thanks for sharing, and have a beautiful day!

  29. Hi Jacqueline,
    What beautiful treasures. I love the fresh look in these tiny sweaters. It always amazes me the cherished or to be cherished items we find at the Goodwill. But I do see crochet and knitting back in fashion, so perhaps the young will hold them dear once again. It's funny how we pass things down to the young and in this case, us older folks can take the passing down. Makes me glad to be older!! LOL
    Lovely post. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  30. Those little sweaters are as sweet as can be! They bring back a lot of good memories.
    Mary Alice

  31. You need to publish a book J ~ your prose and images are astounding. You have a beautifully unique way of expressing your genuine love for vintage linens and things, through words and pictures that tells a story ~ and makes me feel safe. xo

  32. your words are beauty to
    my heart. You have put into words the way this ...old lady... feels about vintage baby knits. I am blessed with a large collection . They were lost,found and loved again.
    Smiles, Dottie

  33. How sweet....yes, with old ladyness comes great wisdom. As I too think of the old things I laughed at and threw away and now wish a million times I still had. sign: fellow old lady (sigh) friend.

  34. My kids get upset, too, when I refer to myself as an old lady. I just remind them that getting old is a privilege, and sure beats dying young! Besides, I don't FEEL old.
    Those tiny garments are so precious. Such a shame they were given away. But such is the way of the young. My granddaughter gave birth this morning, to her little girl. I offered my granddaughter the dress that her mother, and indeed all my children, wore home from the hospital when they were born. MY mother made the dress for my first child, 47 years ago. It is white, in perfect condition, lovingly handstitched and embroidered, with a matching slip and tiny lace and minute buttons. It is fine silk, part of a discarded parachute brought home from the base by my military father. How many babies are brought home from the hospital in a dress handsewn by their great-great-grandmother??? Sewn from silk obtained by their great-great-grandfather??? My granddaughter graciously thanked me, but said no, as her husband wanted their tiny girl to come home in a PINK CAMOUFLAGE print onesie!!!! LOL, such are the ways of today's young people. Especially the hillbilly ones, God love 'em!

  35. Loved seeing the Made in the U.S.A. tag on that blankest.

  36. Jacqueline: I wouldn't go so far as to say that getting older is terrible, to quote just about everybody, look at the alternative! But, when you realize that you are approaching the end of the spectrum, it get's a little harder to embrace. My daughter is probably as old, if not older than you, and I still don't think she is old enough to appreciate those beautiful gifts from the past. She has my grandson's legacy of baby shoes, and there were alot as his mom does have a shoe fetish, sitting in a box in the attic instead of in a framed shadow box. But, they are hers to do with what she will. Anyway, beautiful pieces and how sad to think they ended up at thrift shops when there was probably family around, but, happily, they are loved again!.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family..Judy

  37. Just gorgeous.....I am a saver of special things and so are my children....They grandmothers made them sweet things and they value them very much. I love that they love things!
    So happy to be in such wonderful "old" company! LOL

  38. I've been referred to as the old lady since I was first married almost 28 years ago!
    Those sweaters are so sweet...think I'll start collecting a few incase I have grandbabies of my own some day!

  39. These are lovely, Jacqueline!!! The most treasured gift that I received for my newborn daughter in 1975 was a yellow crocheted set - sweater, hat, and booties. I will never forget it, or the care that went into making it!

    I do believe interest in knitting and crocheting is back, as I see quite a bit of it over at Etsy... and much of it made by younger people! So there you are. Old is the new new. :)

  40. So I'm right there with you on the old lady thing.. Will be even worse on Monday :(.. But any day above ground is great!!! I have my boys baby things. so glad I didn't give them to the daughter in law.. they would have been in the next garage sale. I have my father in laws and his father's day dresses that I used for a christening gown for our oldest. So sweet. Mr. Bear deserves that sweater!! xo marlis

  41. Oh Jacqueline,

    You have such a way with words.

    This post actually made me cry.

    Really amazing post and I love it for all the right reasons.

    Big hugs.

  42. As an "old lady" myself, I wholeheartedly agree, Jacqueline. Handknit baby clothes are so special, and it's wonderful when a mother recognizes all that went into making them. I admit to being selective about the parents for whom I knit sweaters or hats for their newborns. It's such an investment of my time and love, and I'd like to imagine it being treasured and passed down. The sweaters you found are so lovely, and the one you made is gorgeous!


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