Thursday, January 28, 2016

Winter Morning Tea

Winter mornings call for something relaxed. Recumbent even. Perhaps in bed before the day warms up.

Mornings require easy options. A no more taxing decision than "coffee or tea?"

Soothing white with a weathered tarnish to match. Spring will be soon enough for a good polish!

Today I wanted to feature the new Pope Gosser coffee pot that matches my other collected pieces.

And also a little fat silver teapot that sat on the shelf at the shop begging "Oh, take me home with you, please!"

I even love the moss green marks on the bottom of the china.

And the rose knob on top.

The silver plated teapot has a softly burnished pewter-like finish.

But it was that adorable knob on top that captivated me!

I just brought home this perky round wicker tray so perfect for carrying and serving an easy tea. It cradles everything as cozily as a baby bassinet!

Or draws you awake to morning light at the kitchen table. . .

Even the linens suggest the look of a rumpled bed.

We're down to the last few busy days of January! A new month will have us all looking toward spring. But for now it's just time for a few soothing sips to begin a another winter's day.

So nice to have your company!

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Monday, January 25, 2016

New Chairs And A Few Easy Change Ups

We have made a sort of major change in the living room since the last post. We took out a small farmhouse table that had been "stored" here for a few years, and rearranged the chairs. There is never enough seating during the holidays and family visits, so I have been looking for small occasional chairs to bring in that are also comfortable for a long visit. I was even thinking bean bags for the older kids. 

What I found were these pretty cool folding chairs from Target that really fit the bill! They come in black fleece as well as this thick and cushy white cover, and they take up no room at all. Small enough to pop into a closet when folded. The room has so much more breathing space now!

It was also an opportunity to show the less photographic side of the room and how the chairs fit in.

The big screen commands one whole corner, but isn't seen from the room entrance letting the fireplace be the focal point. Easy to flip the chair for TV.

The other corner has just enough room for another small chair. The light is tricky for photos in this direction and I rarely show it, but the room screen peeks through now and then and some of you have asked about it. It is an antique leather oil painting of a clipper ship that once graced the fine home of my husband's grandfather. One of his siblings took it to her college dorm room decades ago, and it was still languishing in the family garage when we claimed it. Screens are so versatile, and this one makes for great privacy for an overnight guest on the sofa when it is pulled across the doorway.

The wing chair was placed next to the sofa and got a new faux fleece from Target as well.

I wish we had enjoyed this set up when the house was so full! (But, soon enough!)

Stay cozy and safe from the storm!
Hope it's a great new week for you!


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Monday, January 18, 2016

Adding To The Ironstone Collection

Everything is pretty much back to normal and the house is wearing its post holiday winter look! I am keeping the pinecone garland up on the mantel for a while yet. The fireplace cover is back but is easy to take on and off, and we will stoke up a fire again soon enough.

We have had so many grey days this winter, and I'm practically shooting this post in the dark. Here's the proof!

It all makes for a pretty soft focus, and I'm not sure that is such a bad thing for a cozy sitting room.

The lettered basket is a new addition.

As is the fleece-y throw. We also have a fleece to switch between the window bench and the hearth, and they both go a long way toward warming up a mostly white room.

But I wonder if you caught a glimpse of what I was aiming to show you in this post? I hauled it all over to the window for more light. I found an amazing stash of ironstone at the fleamarket yesterday, and I don't think my heart rate has quite come back down yet!

Love the lid handle on this piece! All of the ironstone was in the same booth and must have come from a collection in some local estate. Score! My own personal lottery!

Yummy detail on this little sauce pitcher. Its mark is shown below.

The stack of dinner plates beneath it are Haviland porcelain from France. 

The most special ironstone piece I have ever found-- An antique cake stand from Wyllie and Son that is over a hundred and fifty years old! (Under eight dollars.) (Yes. You read that correctly.) I have a reproduction stand from Williams Sonoma very similar to this one, but I have never seen an antique one to buy except online. 

A couple of humble old jelly jars gave me a thrill too.

Finally, an adorable coffee pot to join my collection of Rose Point china by Pope Gosser. Truly amazing deals for all. Happy New Year to me!

January is half over already!

I hope it is a great new week for you!