Monday, September 30, 2013

Mannequin Romance

I've been looking for the right girlie to dress up for some time, and she turned up at the flea market over the weekend. I was excited enough to find a vintage dress form in amazing condition, and with a cool looking base, but when I started trying on outfits I got a little giddy! She's a perfect Victorian size.  

I tried the Irish lace first, which made them both look better, and I knew instantly that I am in for a ton of fun! 

So much better than draped on a hanger!

I found a few other sweet dressing room things while I was at it.

This little mirrored medicine cabinet has some fun details.

My glamour girl came with this sheer beaded flapper dress that is basically in shreds. Makes me think of Miss Haversham of Great Expectations. It gives her an entirely different look.

Check out the bead work.

So glad you stopped by for some dress up fun!
I can't believe we are turning another leaf on fall already. . .

Thanks so much for coming by.
 I hope you have a little romance in your week!


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  1. Oh Jacqueline,
    How beautiful a treasure you found at the Flea. She is beautiful and in great condition. Love all the beautiful outfits you have to dress her with. Great find.

  2. Lovely! The detail on the flapper dress is gorgeous. I think you're going to have fun playing dress up. :)

  3. You never disappoint, Jaqueline! Your new lady looks stunning in her exquisite gown! And those legs of die for!
    Mary Alice

  4. I have one too. She used to be in my shop. She is a full figured girl and oh so much fun. I named her Miss Georgia......
    Smiles, Dottie

  5. Exquisite details of a fabulous dress!I'm so jealous you can easily visit flea markets and discover such treasures!I would like so much "loosing" me in a market like that...

  6. she's a charmer, jacqueline! and the roses in the frame are, too:) have a geat week!

  7. Ciao Jacqueline;
    What an OMG dress !!!,Is amazing!!! No words to explain what FABULOUS find... And the post as always a dream!!!.

  8. I love your new, old, mannequin. I had a fairly nice one until I gave it away shortly after moving to this smaller place in 2003. I have so many times wished I had her back!

  9. Love the gorgeous beading on that dress!

  10. Such a lovely find and how pretty you have dressed her! Gorgeous. xo

  11. She really does have a great base. And a great figure! I wish my figure was like that. You will have a ball dressing her.

  12. Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful!! Oh lucky you!! I have been looking forever too, but I only have a tiny bit of vintage clothing, I can't wait to see all your goodies!! What gams she has, so ornate!! LOVELY!!

  13. Your dress form is gorgeous! And I love the bucket of roses in the frame!! :)

  14. Every display is stunning! But I absolutely adore your flowers in the frame! The dress in the last photo is full of charme.

  15. What a wonderful find! I love the vintage clothes you dressed her in, so feminine and pretty. Laura

  16. She looks beautiful, and that Flapper dress is divine!!!
    Have a great week!


  17. How fun is she! What a great find, you must be having a blast playing with her. You can tell her secrets too and i bet she won't tell...


  18. What a great find! She has the perfect figure. How much fun to dress! Love the base too.

  19. Such a beautiful find, Jacqueline! And yes, her dress is very Miss Haversham. You're going to be having tons of fun with her. I can already see some of those sweet vintage aprons tied around her waist. Does she have a name?


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