Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hunting Season

It's the time of year that I go rummaging around my cupboards for bits of china that feature game birds to use on my table. It's still a while yet before the Canadian Geese and Sandhill Cranes arrive in the fields, but a  few early stragglers have already gathered together in the dining room.  

I have plenty of white china patterns to unify everything. For some reason these majolica pear plates turn up more in my tablescapes of fall and winter.

Over the summer I found a new to me vintage cross-stitched tablecloth. It was only four or five dollars at the flea market, and I thought instantly of camping and fall picnics when I first saw it. In fact I did take it along with me on our last campout. It has been so well loved that it is worn to shreds in a couple of corners. But that just adds to the romance! I always layer my tablecloths anyway.

It seems that I'm always foraging about like an old pea hen for bits and pieces of fall themed china when I'm out and about in the field. A sturdy old ironstone teacup caught my fancy some time ago. It blends well with a few stray saucers that have turned up as well.

Both my grey and pumpkin colored linen napkins work well with this theme. I splurged and bought four of each last season. For a large group they can be mixed together with this cloth. The woodland ducks seem to like them a lot.

I was in the mood for a flirty little petticoat peeking out underneath. It feels like a nice country touch, but also softens the colors and tone. I might use my white ruffled linen napkins with this combination at some point too.

The underskirt is an adventurous twin size bed skirt. I'd love to get my hands on some ruffly linen version to layer on sometime too.

A small biscuit jar with songbirds fits right in. It would make a darling vessel for daisies or mums.

But all we have at the moment are a few onions and weeds. . . .

Turkey hens adorn the outside of these teacups, while a flying tom turkey shows off within. I pair them with English saucers with a geometric pattern.

A demitasse cup is just for show. I don't know how I would ever resist any other Furnivals Quail pattern pieces that might cross my path. (I have purposely not gone looking for those. Besides, I prefer the hunt and peck method.)

The cottonwood leaves have just begun turning to gold along the river. Like the corners of my cloth, the old season is in tatters at its edges. But the table is all ready for cozy weather to arrive.

I have a sudden urge to whip up a savory soup. Maybe pumpkin. Some flakey rolls would be perfect too. Shall I set a place for you? So glad you stopped by!


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  1. Jacqueline, all of your fall touches are so beautiful, and as usual, your linens are spectacular !
    Enjoy your day,

  2. Lovely as always. The details are great. Love the linens!

  3. Love all your choices, beautiful soft touches for Fall.....

  4. I just love the quail cup and saucer. Our state bird is the quail and we have quail make their nests in our backyard every spring. One year we had 10 baby quail running around in our potager. They are a peaceful bird and we have to protect them from the hawks. Your setting is lovely for autumn.

  5. Your table looks beautiful. I will have to see where you buy your vintage things, I'm always looking for good sources.

  6. I have just one piece of the "Quail" pattern -- I love it because it is such a different color from the rest of my brown transferware. Love your layering of tablecloths. Sally

  7. Jacqueline your autumn table setting looks lovely. This type of patterned earthen ware is not my style, but with your layered tablecloths you have given it such charm, I could be tempted to try it.

  8. Jacqueline,
    Your fall ware is so pretty. Love the turkey cups. Using the twin bedskirt is so great on the table for layering. Love this idea. Have a great week.

  9. I really love (especially) your topper with brown leaves. Your Aesthetic Style Victorian "biscuit barrel"??? is great! You have created a lovely table.

  10. Oh my goodness, that biscuit barrel is so beautiful. Lovely photos as always. Deb

  11. oh love it all the clothes on the table are beautiful
    and the weeds and onions ..such a neat idea(:)

  12. You have a sweet collection of fall dishes with an animal/bird theme. I love that biscuit jar! The patina and shape are so pretty. Home made soup and rolls sounds delicious. I'll be right over. ;)

  13. Your table is dreamy - I love your collection - it is so soft and perfect for fall! I can see why the tablecloth is so well loved and it looks so charming with the white petticoat. Homemade soup sounds so good right now....xo

  14. You have taken your table and home to a lovely warm hue with sweet pieces, Jacqueline.

    You have such a great eye and way of putting all your pretty collections together to tell a wonderful and perfect story.

    Have a blessed weekend.


  15. Jacqueline,
    your table looks fabulous, love all the brown china, I too love things with pheasants, turkeys, etc. I especially like the little cup with the acorns. The layered linens are perfection. You always make everything beautiful!

  16. all your bits and pieces of wonderful brown transferware set the perfect Fall table! pumpkin soup sounds delish, I'll be right over!

  17. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its so lovely and beautiful
    Have a nice weekend

  18. Oh my gosh ... that biscuit jar is out-of-this-world wonderful. What a great piece to have. Also love your weeds and onion display. Just what I need to do with my highchair in the breakfast room. Will not look as sweet because my surroundings are not as pretty as yours.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  19. OMG! you really made the best Fall setting so far tonight.

    Love the simplicity. It is absolutely trueness...

    Happy weekend.

    Greetings from D´Box in Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  20. As always fabulous

    I have one little brown & white transferware cup with what I thought was little pheasants on it

    and your white pear plate I have one in green majolica

    I am going to add a petticoat to my table how sweet and I never would have thought to call it that

  21. Hi,
    Got your email. I should be set where anyone can comment. I do appreciate your visit and sweet comments! I'm a daily visitor to Cabin & Cottage. I enjoy seeing your beautiful vignettes, and gorgeous whites. Love the changes you have made recently!!

  22. Hi J,
    Well this is some hunting that I really like, you bagged some major trophies!! That biscuit jar is a favorite of mine!! Lovin those petticoats too!! Flakey rolls, Mmmmmm, I'll be right over :-)

  23. Love your hunting and pecking. Perfect for the season. xo Laura

  24. Jacqueline, this is all perfectly elegant. I have a few pieces of the Furnivals Quail. It's one of my favorite designs and perfect for fall. I'll be pulling mine out soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. You can even make onions and weeds beautiful! Love it all.

  26. Thank you sweet friend for taking the time to visit me!
    As for the ironstone pottery you table is set to entertain all through the holidays with an authentic look and feel, no reproduction over here to try and fool the eyes :)

    We get families of quail nesting and malingre their home in any piles of scarp wood or salvage, it's so cute to see mama running across a path with all her little babies following.
    I think the mix of birds would make for beautifully creative settings for ThanksGiving..

    The table cloth idea of wanting to find a twin spread to blend with the one layered in linen would be the finishing touch to your beautifull old feel of a place setting and table that all would gather.
    Last of all That BRICK Floor is wonderful how it must feel underfoot.

    Have a beautiful inspiring weekend.


  27. It's all so warm and lovely! Perfect for winter nesting!

  28. Jacqueline,

    You have the most beautiful blog of the blogosphere!!!. It gives me a lot of inspirations!!!. BELLISSIMO!!!
    Greetings, Fancy Windows, Eva Costantini

  29. Oh what a beautiful table that is, Jacqueline, full of the promise of a warm and hearty lunch or a cozy afternoon tea with a heavy shawl over the shoulders. I love that biscuit jar! And the table cloth is so lovely. I didn't notice the window-pane check at first but it makes it even prettier and fall-like to me. (Like the plaid skirts I'd wear to school, kicking through leaves..) Love all the little bibs and bobs you have with charming quail and ducks and nesting birds. Time for us to nest now as well and hunker down.


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