Thursday, September 19, 2013

Getting Cozy With French Finesse

It's a rare rainy day here. We've had a lot this year, but we always get a few in late September, almost on cue. The temperatures drop, my thoughts turn to green chili stew or baked goodies, and it feels a bit like nature's two minute warning to haul out the quilts and sweaters. It's just a rehearsal for the final act, of course. The heat will return again before summer is officially over, and even into fall.

So I scramble to light a few candles for a Nordic mood for as long as it lasts. It makes for great theater because we are almost as far from that climate as is possible!

But the scenes are fresh in my mind. I just got my copy of French Finesse by Jeanne d' Arc Living, and there's no stopping me now. . . .

Time to get lost in a few fanciful pages.

Besides the candles, I actually have brought out a few yarns and wools of a cooler season to take off the chill.

A cable knit pillow cover keeps things cozy.

But I also wanted to show you this luscious oatmeal-colored throw that I hauled home from the thrift store over the summer. It's the sort of thing that you might have tossed out yourself! Haha! Made of pure wool, it has been shrunk in the wash, probably by accident. But the result is that it has been "felted." A technique that is done overtly with old wool knits these days for precisely that effect in order to use in craft projects. It makes for the snuggest weave possible. Just ask my cat! 

A beautiful deep brown trim finishes it off.

I adore these beautiful moody soft days of autumn. . . .

Did somebody mention baked goods? Is that why Danish pastry is called Danish? It must be because of how they have truly mastered the wonderful taste and the gorgeous technique of layered textures. . . . Yummmm!

Are you getting cozy too?
I hope you have a fun fall weekend ahead!


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  1. Jacqueline, as usual, you make fall look lovely! I am so not ready to have the cold and gray back--not near enough summer. But it is what it is, so today I just started putting away my summer décor, lots of shells (too many I am thinking) and bringing out some fall décor. A huge part of me says this is lunacy! Was talking to someone recently who has a beautiful home, and she says she never decorates seasonally because it's just too much work. As I go up and down attic stairs each season or holiday, and try and figure out where I am going to store stuff, I think it is lunacy!! But I continue because on some level, it does cheer me up! Maybe I should sell it all, though, and just get my cheer from your beautiful blog! It is always a boost of cheer! Love, Kay

  2. WAY too hot to bring out fall warmth here. I love your tabletop vignette and the windows!

  3. Wow, how beautiful and cozy everything looks! We're in FL so it never gets cold here but we have been getting tons and tons of thunderstorms so I just pretend it's cold outside:)

    I love your cable knit pillow!!!

  4. You have such a creative flair...I love your vignettes.
    I love the magazine but have not purchased the hard cover book...I keep mine for browsing on rainy days too!

  5. Ii'm loving all your winter whites and the mercury glass candles. It looks cozy and pretty and ready for cooler weather.

  6. Oh Jacqueline... as usual you took my breath away. How luvly!!!

  7. As always your home looks so inviting, Jacqueline! I've been getting cozy as well... closing windows here and there that were left open nearly all summer, making sure there's a shawl in every room, and finding that I wear socks more often. It's not quite the time to take the screens out .. but soon. Your new book looks wonderful. And I love those candle cups! (I didn't know you had a cat... I miss mine.)

  8. Hi Jacqueline. I have been looking back over some of your last posts that I hadn't gotten to yet. All lovely as usual and I agree about your dark wood and white pretties together. They look wonderful. It looks like you are snuggling in when you light the candles and the light dims outside, it must be so lovely. I subscribe to the Cottage Journal and haven't gotten my holiday issue yet, so I best go check it out..Happy Thursday..Judy

  9. Love your cozy candle lit look. I'm still trying to hang onto summer for a little while longer, even though the temp, has dropped. I only do spring summer & winter looks. But must admit I've brought out my cuddly blanket for the cool evenings we are having. I use cadles all year round, especially as I have a Danish daughter in law, who's given me such beautiful candle containers. yours look lovely.

  10. Oooh, so much coziness!! Looks like another gorgeous book that I may have to consider buying. I just love the simple, soothing, calm inspiration.
    Mary Alice

  11. Your description of your day makes me long for just such a day here, but not to be. The sun is shining and it is very hot and humid. I think I'll just keep scrolling up and down this lovely post and make myself think that I'm enjoying one of my favorite kind of days. I can see I need to order a copy of this beautiful book. ~ Sarah

  12. White is so lovely with the Autumn light....especially candles in the day, I always have a candle lit each morning! I am your newest follower...hope you will come for a visit! Have a beautiful week!

  13. Your home looks so cozy and the candles and that magnifying glass is gorgeous. Can't wait for cooler weather...fall is my favorite season!

  14. Hi J,
    Well first I must say that grey sky belongs to me, todays ours is all blue and bright, we must have traded for a moment! I love getting to peek around your new bright sitting room, the lovely light even on a grey day is stunning!! So cozy and Ohh la la... love the candles and felted throw...

  15. Jacqueline,
    Everything is lovely, so cozy and inviting! It's still hot here too, got my fall stuff out the beginning of Sept, couldn't wait!

  16. Your room looks so cozy...the candlelight and throws...I just want to curl up with that magazine and a cup of tea.

  17. Everything is perfect over here, and your home belongs in the books and magazine pages of JDA living.
    Love the warmth your whites give off and coziness of seasons to come.
    Looking forward myself to the cooler weather, here on the desert we endure longer and warmer months until the beginning of winter where it's then I enjoy the inspiration of what is to come.

    Love my moments spent here. I leave in awwww!

    Beautiful weekend to you.

  18. Lovely cosy pics Jacqueline. Love that cushion. x

  19. Hallo!
    And thanks for you visit my blog and be follow me.
    Lucky mee!
    Sutch a lovely photos you show us,I
    love it so mutch.
    You have a lovely home and you give me alot of inspiration!
    Thanks and I whish you a nice weekend

  20. Your room looks so cozy and I like those mercury votive holders. I love burning candles in our home at this time of the year. Next week I think we will be getting fall temps.

  21. My first time to your blog. I came over from Bella"s blog. My favorite home decor is the French Nordic style of JDL so I LoVE your home. I get every issue of their magazines but didn't get the book. I guess I should! I have the same candle votives as you! Lovely to meet you.

  22. I feel kind of caught between the two seasons right now. Still hanging on to summer. xo Laura

  23. It is cooler here today in anticipation of the first day of
    autumn. Fall is my time of year. I love your little votives and the new book for me to search for, French Finesse. The shots of your windows shuttered and draped are lovely.

  24. What a joy it is to look at your gorgeous images. So serene and magical. Have a glorious weekend.

  25. We dream about fall here, but don't really experience it. If we did, it would be my FAVORITE season, hands down. Everything about fall seems so inviting and beautiful. Everything.

    Lovely pictures, as always. I've missed looking at your blog. (Limited internet since moving to the country).


  26. So lovely and warm and Autumn in deed.. Today is raining cats and dogs (as they say) in San Francisco so much I don't want to leave and go home.. I would love to be home with some cozy blankets and sweet candles and a lovely book maybe.. or bake so things like you said.. Happy Autumn with love Janice

  27. I want to come over and cuddle up with some mulled cider and a good book. Thanks for sharing your lovely decor!

  28. Your photos are lovely. I love how you've teamed the silver votives with snowy white items. Gorgeous! There is such a soft glow to this post.

  29. Your home is lovely and comfortable and so inviting!Love your beautiful whites!

  30. love all the pretties, jacqueline:) great textures from the barely there curtains to that wool throw:) have a great week!

  31. Ok, so now i want a copy of French Finesse! You've totally lured me...
    I also really really enjoy how you set a mood in each of your posts... this one was wonderful... and what a great find in the old wool throw

    and i'm not stalking you here... just trying to catch up on blog posts i've missed... smile


  32. Jacqueline you definitely achieved the look your were desiring. Cool tones with a Nordic touch and subtle touches that are just perfect for the early fall. I love your photos and your styling... and always love visiting your blog.

  33. Sooo beautiful and serene- I love it and another book thats going on the list now! ;) Thank you for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!!

  34. love the throw,candles,and the window curtain..just yummy(:)


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