Saturday, September 28, 2013

An Autumn Urban Outing

I suppose like so many others I'm a creature of habit. I'm not a big shopper per se, but I do have my favorite haunts that are fortunately on sort of the same beaten path. Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma are next door to each other across from our favorite restaurant, so we have taken up the ritual of an after lunch coffee for Mr. Cottage at Starbucks, and a peek in the windows (or more) for me.

This time I discovered a new yummy pumpkin candle. There's something about the change in the weather that has me wanting a little candle glow and spicy scent going on in the evening.

The box is pretty enough to present as a hostess or birthday gift all on its own.

I have mine displayed with a little white pumpkin and a sparkly doily. You don't usually think of doilies as sparkly, but one of my favorites is a vintage one made by some clever person that has shiny beads sewn right in. I can't even imagine how this is done. It seems that the beads would be strung on the ball of thread first, and slid into place as the work progresses. This one is crocheted in a "pineapple" pattern.

I also have a nearly weekly stop at the bookstore for books and magazines, and where I picked up the new Rachel Ashwell, Couture PRAIRIE. It's shown here with an old classic by Tricia Foley that I have been spending a bit of time with in the evenings too. (Copyright 1997. I actually got my used copy at a flea market ages ago.)

From White Christmas by Tricia Foley

From White Christmas by Tricia Foley

Such a beautiful and inspirational style!

From Couture Prairie by Rachel Ashwell

Rachel's book is centered on her Texas inn, The Prairie, and her interpretation of Shabby Chic in a more rustic setting. Perhaps more suited for diehard fans (of which I'm definitely one!), Rachel brings out the more feminine side of farmhouse style. It's probably the closest thing I will get to an actual visit, and it appeals to my love of both cabins and cottages!

I wish I were out and about at one of the many fabulous vintage fairs going on across the country this weekend, but this will have to do for me! I hope you're having a fun fall weekend too! 


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  1. Love the doily with beads - unusual!! Sally

  2. LOVE that doily! I've never seen one like it. Your little adventure sounds like lots of simple fun.

  3. Beautiful vignette for Autumn Jacqueline! I am crazy for that doily too.
    I love my White Christmas book. SO many lovely white ideas for those of us who love a white Christmas.

  4. Yum! I'll bet that candle smells amazing!


  5. This will have to do for me too - and it does the trick very well! Sitting in the airport waiting for a connecting flight is about as far as you can get from a vintage fair, but your post was a treat.

  6. Jacqueline, I don't have Tricia's book, but am adding it to my list. Last fall I had the pleasure of attending a book signing and party at The Prairie. Rachel Ashwell is a delightful individual. She has a beautiful countenance about her. The Prairie is a lovely spot with rolling green pastures, cattle grazing, and the quiet of being out in the country. I hope you get to visit sometime.

  7. Jacqueline, I love your doily. The beads are such an attractive addition to the pattern. I love a pleasant fragrance when the candles are lit. I bet the cinnamon & ginger combination smell yummy.

  8. I love that doily too. I'm not exactly sure, but what I think they do is slide the bead over the crochet hook and then it gets into the stitches as they crochet. It creates a beautiful effect!

  9. Love the doily...pineapple doilies are not hard, but neither are they easy. Like you said, how someone put them into the stitches is clever.
    blessings, jill

  10. I've never seen a pumpkin scented candle before. It must be lovely for fall.

  11. I love the doily Jaqueline.. its so so original.. you really do find some great things.
    love the white christmas inspiration.
    I am going minimalistic this christmas.. i like the white.
    mayb a splash of another colour.
    I can smell your candles from here.
    love lit candles.. it is indeed time for them now.
    happy Sunday
    val x

  12. Jacqueline, That doily is stunning! What a great find. I can't figure out how regular crocheted ones are done and this one takes it to a whole different level! Beautiful. Dianne

  13. Your doily is certainly popular! Looks like many of us love it. I always love it when you show us books and magazines. It helps me decide which ones I 'need'. I have the White Christmas, now looking for Rachel's new book.

  14. Jacqueline, Your blog post will stand in for my own 'out and about' and it's a wonderful thing. Love your posts and just wanted to day you were correct on how your beaded doily was made. It's gorgeous, just like everything you show us is. Enjoy just looking around you own house, and with that pumpkin have a special place! hugs, pat

  15. Oh I cannot wait to get Rachel's new book.It should be arriving very soon :-) Love your beautiful photos...I need to get a pumpkin scented candle...I bet it smells amazing!

  16. Hi J,
    I wondered how they got those beads on that fabulous doily, I think your have nailed it! I am lovin candles too and Rachel's new book, perfect for a stormy night or day... need that White Christmas mag!

  17. Lovely doily . . . I have got to get a copy of Rachel Ashwell's book.

  18. Your blog added a touch of beauty to my early Monday morning. The lace doilies and The White Christmas inspired me, and I could almost smell the aroma of pumpkin.

  19. What a beautiful doilie! I don't think I have ever seen a doilie like it. My niece just crocheted me a doilie which I will be sharing one of these days and I took pictures of it with a pumpkin in the center of it just like your first photo. Beautiful post! Have a lovely day, Jacqueline.


  20. What a lovely post. PB and WS are two of my favorite places. My girlfriend burn the candle chestnut I think. It smells very good and comes in a beautiful brown jar. Love that doilie too!


  21. The first line in mind was "Oh God! its just awesome!" the beads in the doily are looking amazing, giving it a lift, a 3D lift. am tempted to own one such treasure
    Mom Das, India

  22. Jacqueline, I have never seen a doily made with beads! What a treasure.

    I'm wondering... Have you ever done a post on figural linens? (Or do you have pics of any?) If so, will you please email me?

  23. Sounds so fun sitting with a yummy candle and reading those books. I can't seem to find my self still very often to do that...


  24. Beautiful! I love the crochet lace with the beading!

  25. What a wonderful candle, Jacqueline. I've been lighting them at night, too, now that the days are closing in and much cooler. That doiley is fascinating! It's a wonderment how (and when!) they slipped those beads on the thread. I love your little 'puntkin'...


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