Sunday, September 1, 2013

In the Pink of September

I'm back home again enjoying familiar pursuits with a new inspiration that only getting away from it all for a while can give you. Being on the road with real freedom is liberating in the way of no other kind of travel. No planes to catch. No reservations. No commitments on the other end. Even scrambling for a room late at night can turn into an adventure.

We did a lot of sightseeing and stopping along the loop from New Mexico into Arizona, up through Utah, and down through Colorado. Even though I had traveled some of the same roads years before, it was all new without kids to wrangle.

This time I was patient through his museum stops, and he was patient through my junk shops. We could have cried through some of the breathtaking scenery.

But raptures aside, it became obvious why so many rooms are already taken at the end of the day at the end of a summer when things have relaxed and cooled to the ideal temperature for just about anything. 

But now we're in the pink of September. And indeed the color has changed. The hue is paler and more delicate at this end of summer, and tinged with a yellow glow like my new plates above. I just adore finding things in pairs, don't you?! I also found these cheery white balls of rug yarn all ready for a project, or for standing alone on display.

My forays yielded a couple of ironstone tureens for just a song. 

Now, if only I could turn into three people in order to get everything I'm inspired to do done!!!

Love this detailed rim. . . (Sorry, don't know the pattern!)

Still so much to catch up on! Thanks so much for all your visits. I'm looking forward to getting back to business! 


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  1. What beautiful dishes! Vacationing without the children is something my Sweetie and I love now that they are grown and have children of their own. Like you said you can stop at tea shops and any little Antique or curiosity shop you come across.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Glad you are back - you've been missed. Did you pass through my part of beautiful Colorado? You're right - the colors are changing; I'm seeing a little gold among the cottonwoods at our elevation. Sally

  3. Very pretty finds. I love the walnut handle on the soup tureen. Your trip sounds wonderful.xx

  4. Vacations without kids in tow are wonderful aren't they. I'm glad you had a wonderful one and saw some beautiful country and did some shopping too. I love the plates and kept thinking they look so familiar. When you showed the closeup of the detail on the rim I looked at my white platter on my china hutch. It's identical to your but doesn't have any flowers in pink or any colour on it. It's pure white. There are no markings on the back. It was my mother's. Enjoy your fall routine and have a great week! Pamela

  5. So good to find you here Jacqueline, August has been a very lazy month for the blogshere . So, we are back, happy and full of energy to face the world once again! Your dishes are beautiful and your soup tureen as well.
    I wish good a good start into the new week, month, season!
    Kisses from here!

  6. You definitely got some wonderful finds, Jacqueline. A lazy, nothing planned vacation sounds wonderful. xo Laura

  7. Dear Jacqueline,
    Omg, I adore those plates with the embossed edges and sweet flowers. They would look so pretty with my Spode Billingsley Rose ones.
    Welcome back, Ruthie

  8. love the embossed edges with the rose pattern--and the cute clothes pin! glad vaca was great, jacqueline--have a great week!

  9. Sounds like the perfect kind of trip, Jacqueline! The ironstone tureens are gorgeous...what a great find! And those sweet plates are so pretty, so you. Your photos are always lovely and inspiring.
    Mary Alice

  10. your trip sounds lovely..and relaxing. hubby and i are enjoying some road trips like that these days as well. it's refreshing. love those tureens! (and that little clothespin with your name on it too) i can't wait to usher in those cool fall days and watch the trees change....always a site to see here in NE.

  11. those are the best kinds of trips, leisurely, without commitments. You found some wonderful treasures along the way. I've never traveled out that direction, I'm sure it was beautiful! xo

  12. Hi J,
    So glad you had a great trip!! You live in such a different world than me, everything is so big!! So I enjoyed being taken along, and now I get to see the spoils of the trip :-) The new dishes yummy yummy!! A long trip of gathering goodies along the way makes me think of Lucy and Ricky and the travel trailer she filled with rocks, haha!!
    Good Morning...

  13. T Leaf China/Ironstone.....I do believe the tureen with the gold on it is this style...very collectable. Absolutely beautiful, as are all your collected treasures!
    Sound like a wonderful road trip.!

  14. The plates are gorgeous!
    Your adventure brought back memories of a road trip taken for us just last year through some of the same country.

  15. SO pretty, the tureens especially...and the clothespin idea is one I must do...

  16. How wonderful that you had such a lovely journey, Jacqueline. I love those plates you found. The little bird in the embossed edge is so dear. And the tureens are wonderful! The one with the little acorn (?) on the handle is so pretty. I've used rug yarn before to crochet placemats They're sturdy, easy to launder, and depending on the stitch you use they can look lacey and feminine or very nautical.

  17. Hello Jacqueline,

    What beautiful pieces!
    I love the rose on the
    china. Thank you for
    sharing the photos.

    Bear Hugs,

  18. What lovely dishes. Your photos are lovely.

  19. The rose dishes are exceptionally beautiful! The embossed edges make it even prettier!

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  21. Jacqueline,

    I know you are overly busy - but have you ever considered writing a book or books?

    You have an amazing way with words and art in photos. I know it would become an instant favorite of many.


  22. Sounds like you had a great relaxing trip and those dishes with the roses are really pretty special
    any of us out here would like to have them

  23. So many beautiful treasures! The pink floral dishes are lovely, love the white impressed borders. And the tureens, ... fabulous!
    Thanks so much for sharing them with us.


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