Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Vignettes

Howdy cottage friends! Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback on the changes in my room! One of the things I rediscovered when I cleared out the white cupboard for the switch was this antique glass compote of  dried lemons that I had stored away. Old decorative glass is one of my fascinations. It's perfect for composing an interesting centerpiece, and a sunny window shows it off best.

In a season which features pumpkins from labor day on through even the Christmas season (in the case of gorgeous little white ones) I'm always looking for something a little different for fall. I dried these lemons myself a couple of years ago by simply leaving them be. You can do that successfully here in the desert. I love the ambience of natural elements any time of year.

I've been experimenting with additions to the sitting room and brought in a little farm table that I have had for a long time. It takes up hardly any more floor space than my big magazine/afghan basket. (I'm thinkin' suppers by the fire. . . ) And it supports a new fall vignette.

One of my favorite small wicker occasional tables is tucked in too.

I also have an irrational attachment to this little round vintage metalware keepsake box with a bakelite knob that comes out this time of year.

It's nice to have a pretty spot for a few treasures amid the odd and end pens, remotes, and reading glasses.

One such delight is this whimsical flea market storybook plate from France. . . .

I wish I knew the tale, but it's enough to capture the imagination on an autumn afternoon while it catches a few crumbs or errant drops of tea at the same time. . . .

A bit of lace, a woven tray, and a McCoy cachepot of weeds rounds things out.

I think of so many other Septembers on quiet afternoons. . . .

How about you?

Have you enjoyed any nostalgic fall vignettes so far?
 There's still plenty of time!
 Anyway, I hope you are enjoying some of the changes of the season. . . .

*On a side note, Marty of A Stroll Through Life has given me the great compliment of featuring me today over on her blog for her Show Off & Inspire series. Thank you so much, Marty! If you are interested, that link may be found HERE.

Happy weekend!


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  1. hello
    tout est super beau
    et particulièrement le beau pichet
    avec la poignée en forme de chien
    merci de ce si joli partage
    edith (iris) France

  2. Oh! I love that little box too! It's so unique and sweet. I love the pitcher and plate as well. We are just finally cooling off here in MN and I think I am finally ready for fall!

  3. Lovely Jacqueline. I love your living room decor. As you know we are in Spring,so it's nice to see you fall decs. x

  4. You do white so beautifully mixed with lovely natural elements.

    Who would have thought to dry lemons?

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  6. So very pretty - and a very comfortable room, too! I can imagine sitting by the fire at your sweet little table surrounded by your pretty things. xo

  7. I love those dried lemons. Do you have an idea of how to accomplish that in a humid climate?

  8. Everything is beautiful, love those dishes and wish I had a cupboard full of the warm browns and creams with the white...Phyllis

  9. I love the changes to your room. I wish my lemons dry like that! Mine turn green and rot!

  10. Love all of the vignettes in your home. Pretty and cozy!


  11. Everything is so pretty, Jacqueline! I didn't even know you could dry lemons. They look very pretty too. The little keepsake box is darling! I've said it before - but you really do have the touch.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Hi J,
    The dried lemons!! I have thought about them every fall (we have blogged a few falls together!!) Here they would just be lemon smush... Love the idea of supper beside the fire, but I am still dragging my feet into fall. Your sitting room is looking lovely, cozy and bright all at once :-0

  13. So soft and pretty. Love you new tables, they bring, interest, charm and warmth to the space.

  14. Love the changes you've made. It's amazing what making a change can do to a room & how it makes you feel. I love how you make white on white look so fabulous. I have some dried lemons, but they seem to be turning brown now!

  15. So pretty, Jacqueline! I love the basket under the table, the lace over the wicker...and that sweet little plate! Beautiful!

  16. beautiful as always
    seeing that white wicker makes me want to paint a table I have white,my mothers oak table

  17. You may think that I miss your posts but I get everyone of them in my email. And today I stop by to say how charming your little keepsake box is among your vintage treasures.

  18. I love your white on white cottage look. The hearth looks so inviting to dine by on a cool fall evening. I would like to have more of a cottage look at my home, My cookie cutter condo is rather plain. Maybe some wainscoting and some nice wood trim would help.

  19. Very pretty vignettes for the fall and those lemons are so cool!!!! I really am attracted to that silver dish too. I am a fan of the knob!


  20. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! And I loved your post on Marty's, A Stroll Thru Life. Gorgeous photos !!

  21. I love the table and the vignette on it. The little covered dish with the bakelite knob is adorable. Very pretty!

  22. Hello,
    I just saw your feature on A Stroll Thru Life and I had to tell you how much I loved your statement about using the same items over and over again in different ways. I love that you do that, and it is a good lesson for this relatively new blogger. I think it is also a true display of creativity to be able to keep using items while reinventing new vignettes. Happy to have found your beautiful blog.

  23. Oh I just love your blog and the posts that you do. I am your newest follower. Just love everything that you do.
    Stop by my blog and see my little portion of my world.
    Have a great weekend.

  24. You have such a delightful serene decorating style Jacqueline. I always feel so relaxed when I visit your home and blog :)
    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  25. Hello
    Your Fall decor is so relaxing and pretty. I acquired some vintage bird etchings that reminded me of some you had shared in the past. I will be sharing them next week. Have a wonderful weekend!


  26. Hi, Jacqueline. Here from Marty's because I loved your post. I smiled when you mentioned that you've come to realize you live in a cottage and that has helped you adapt to the smaller spaces. We downsized about 8 years ago, and at times I'm still not used to the smaller space, but it'd be the perfect beach house and I would love it there, so I'm learning to look at it as a beach house/cottage. Amazing what your mind can do! I'll be going over to follow you, because you love many of the things I love! I hope you'll visit back--welcome if you do! ~Zuni

  27. Hi! am Mom Das from India. Have been following your blog for over a year now. just love your images on antics. highly inspired by all the crochet and definitely the white on white and other embroideries. have a good day!

  28. How neat that you can dry lemons in the desert. I love your new French plate. Thank you for joining HSH! Happy Fall!

  29. I love that little farm table, Jacqueline! You could certainly pull it out and have an intimate meal there. And those lemons look beautiful in the compote. (It's fun to find things you forgot you had!) That's such a dear storyboook plate. The Fox and the Cat (by LaFontaine) is one of his many fables and you can read it in English here:


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