Thursday, October 3, 2013

Making A Beautiful Mess

I've been doing a little fall clean up around here and have just changed up my hutch. I'm giving you a sneak peek of the result which I am showing in a later post, but first I want to show you what didn't make the cut.

It's all laying out on my table top on a freshly laid cloth while I figure out where it all goes from here. Sometimes things get a little worse before they get better!

Odds and ends that are all newly polished up. (If you do it before it gets too bad, it's a snap!) A new set of canape forks that I found recently at the flea market for five dollars is in the forefront. I like the contrast to the other curvy shapes. And they feel great in the hand. (I think I read that they are actually shrimp forks.)

This transferware vegetable dish with a lid is just coming into season and won't be put too far away.

I like bouquets of fat handled knives, don't you?

A stray nest nestles on a pile of plates that are all off the hutch for awhile. I have stopped collecting nests. (I love them, but I have enough!) They are tricky to store when they're not on display.

For the moment there are pitchers on parade.

A nicely covered table helps keep disorganized things a little more of a beautiful mess.

More of this to come later. . . .
But now I have to get back to work!

I'm so glad you came by!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend coming up!


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  1. Yes, a bouquet of fat handled knives is the best! Amazing, luscious photos...


  2. have such beautiful things.....and I so love it that you share them with us. I just read this post and your last still my heart. I don't know if I told you this ...... but Jacqueline was my mother's name...I have always adored it.




  4. I love to pop in and admire all of your beautiful collections, the silver is beyond beautiful. I don't think any of it should not pass the cut! :)


  5. Oh so lovely.

    I was thinking of you as I cut out fabric for a new project. I figure if I can't find beautiful linens or won't pay the high price of what I do have, then I need to make my own. It will take awhile to make, but soon I will have a lovely white runner to share.

  6. Jacqueline, you are a bit of a tease. All these goodies sitting out waiting for a new look in the hutch. '-)
    I do love those fat handled knives and the bits and bobs of brown transfer ware. Can't wait to see more.

  7. Brown and white transferware just speaks to me of fall and lovely tablescapes. The embroidered cloth will be pretty to view with the shiny polished silver. All your antique and vintage pieces translate to lovely vignettes. Have a wonderful week!


  8. I love stacked dishes and yours is divine with the browns for autumn!

  9. I love those knives and the transferware is beautiful!

  10. Hi J,
    Nests nestling and pitchers parading, I like this all very much!!! You do messy so well, I am painting the back of my china cabinet and my mess looks nothing like this :-) The end result yum yum!!

  11. Beautiful last photo of your hutch. Lovely inspiration.

  12. I too love fat handled silver pieces and your collection is beautiful! My visits to your lovely Blog always make me smile.... Have a great weekend!


  13. Brown and white transferware. Definitely my favorite. xo Laura

  14. You home is like walking into a beautiful antique shop. You show off your gorgeous things so beautifully. I love all the brown and white transferware and gleaming silver. Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Jacqueline, Your "messes" always look beautiful, more like lovely vignettes!! My messes look quite like a real mess! Love all the beautiful, serene photos!! Especially adore the gorgeous large silver spoon. So beautiful! Maybe I will polish some silver today. Brighten things up--like your post does!

  16. Love all the different plates of transferware and the pitchers. Oh, and the linen. All so tastefully done.

  17. What a glorious mess, a hodge-podge of beauty. Daffodil and Avon are two of my favorite silver plate patterns to collect. And the brown transferware (especially the pitchers) is perfect for displaying in the fall. Just love your mess!

  18. Jacqueline, you have a keen eye for collectables and antiques and the ability to create the most delightful vignettes with them. I love every detail of every single piece here ... If every mess in the world was beautiful as yours, what a world it will be... :)

  19. Such lovely arrangements of beautiful things! I love the fat-handled knives!

  20. Oh what a beautiful mess! Such gorgeous autumn lovelies. Can't wait to see....xo

  21. I agree Jacqueline, beautiful indeed. Your treasures are stunning. Aged to perfection.

    Have a wonderful week. I hope you can stop by for a visit.


  22. Seems like every time I visit the only thing I can do is "gasp" and "sigh" and "ooo" and "ahhhh"

    Translation: Beautiful beyond words!


  23. Beautiful silverware,dishes....and lines.....all so lovely!

  24. Looks like a real project is afoot, Jacqueline! I have to be in the mood to clean sterling but once I am I can spend all day. Your new cocktail forks are lovely.


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