Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sixes & Sevens

I've started out with a pretty picture, but I really wanted to show you how things are all at sixes and sevens (as our dear British friends might say) around here.

Painting is underway in the sitting room. It's really our living room in a more literal way than a lot of you live in your main front room, so I'm calling it what it is. In winter it's even more of a snuggery.

For more than a decade the wall color has been Ralph Lauren Khaki, which we used to love, and which you can still see on the adobe brick here. Even the window wells were a dark stain like the overhead beams, and they have been given a white wash too.

Almost everything is coming out. And very little is going back in.

To sooth myself a little I'm taking photos of a few spontaneous vignettes. (A nicer way of saying things are a  big mess!) But when you throw all your things up in the air like this, you get a chance to see them in a new light for a fresh new start.

A few things from my recent travels are hanging about too, like this French baby gown that is still finding its place.

This rack has just been stacked out the way, but I can see what a great display board it would make that way!

My little wicker planter is taking on more of an unintentional seasonal turn lately.

Things often just get stowed here to get them out of the way, but it all seems to work out!.

I'm sure the big cage is enjoying its temporary airing.

My corner laundry vignette is still hanging.

Baskets have been stacked to make more room.

I temporarily hung a short sheer curtain panel from a vintage pair I found while travelling just to have a good look at them next to my regular lace. I love the little tucks and ruffles. (They were seventy-five percent off of their original price of two dollars!)

A couple of handkerchief linen aprons came home with me too. Now freshly laundered, light as air, and very old.

Hanging them together makes them soft and billowy here. The one underneath is even plainer, without either the pocket or the pintucks for detail.

I turned over a bit of pretty silverware I had tucked away just like this a while ago too. It doesn't even need a polish!

'Tis the season for transferware. But when isn't?

I'll be spending the weekend setting things right. How about you? So much going on this time of year. Our State Fair starts next week. Have fun, whatever you're up to!

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  1. So much prettiness in this post, Jacqueline! The room will be so different in white...I'm looking forward to seeing your changes!

  2. You have the greatest stuff, girl.

    I think I oohhed and aahhhed out loud enough for hubs to ask what I was freaking about.

    I would so love to come over and visit you!

    Your paint is going to just freshen everything up so nicely, yay~!

  3. Your "sixes and sevens" rate a ten in my book.

    We are at sixes and sevens also after switching our bedroom with the guest room. Our new puppy isn't thrilled with the lack of attention so things are taking longer than I would have thought.

    Maybe my displays will look as lovely as yours.

  4. I love all the pretties you shared today. I can't wait to see what you will put back into your sitting room for fall and winter. It's going to look lovely and cozy I'm sure. I love how you can make a sweet vignette of things 'just like that'! Beautiful.

  5. Sigh... such pretties.
    May your 6's and 7's soon be put to right.
    Hugs, Gee

  6. Love those pintucks. I miss my days of sewing for little girls - pintucks and pinafores!!! Alas, my youngest granddaughter is 16 and more interested in band shirts and skinny jeans. Hope the weather is cooler next week - it is Fall, you know! Sally

  7. It's fun to see what your room looks like...and your mess is the most beautiful mess I've seen!

  8. I can't wait to see the room done. I love the brick and the color you are painting it.

  9. The painting is coming along nicely and I bet you will love it when finished. In the meantime your home still looks lovely! Beautiful whites Jacqueline.

  10. The creamy white is so calm and pretty!

  11. Sixes and Sevens! I wonder how the Brits came up with that? I think your living room is going to look beautiful! We are starting to work on our is the biggest job!


  12. Your sitting room is going to be even nicer than ever. Can't wait to see it with all your pretty things back in place.

  13. I like the new colour for your sitting room and the sweet little vignettes you created while waiting to put it all back to together.

  14. I love the changes that you are making to that fabulous room! Your creamy whites are so soothing...the vignettes are fun too.

  15. YOur sitting room is gorgeous...painting that brick is a ton of work, can't wait to see it all done! I love all of your pretties, that french baby gown...To die for!


  16. Love all your pretties!!! Your vignettes are always amazing, no matter the newly painted brick, very fresh. I am recovering chairs seats with new super staple gun...oh what fun we are having getting ready for the next season!!

  17. You have a beautiful blog, it's so calm, nice, and make me happy! Thank you for sharing!

  18. Even your redecorating is fabulous...swooning over the many types of vintage linens in this post! and wow you have somw beautiful pieces of Transfer ware!

  19. So much loveliness!! Your sitting room is looking so light and bright with the new paint color. Redecorating a freshly painted room is always the fun part. Can't wait to see the reveal when you're done working your magic, Jacqueline.
    Mary Alice

  20. It is a great feeling to get things painted. Mr did that for me over the weekend.

  21. You have such beautiful collections. One thing is more gorgeous than the other. Love all those dishes, so pretty and that birdcage is great!! Can't wait to see it finished.


  22. Its going to be à place to sit and take in its beauty.
    Love all the beauties you will be decorating with, it will define your taste while adding the grace it so deserves.

    Thank you dear friend for taking the time to visit me! :)

    Will see you soon with more updates to your newness you are creating.



  23. Your new paint is so bright and light - it is going to be so lovely with all your pretties arranged just so. It's always nice to have a clear out and see things in a new light. Love your new pintucks and ruffles. Can't wait to see how you beautify your clean slate. xo

  24. Enjoyable to see all your sweet things and how you displayed them. You room looks quite inviting. The white is fresh and feels like it should make the room feel cool.

  25. love it all
    there is nothing prettier than white clothing and old baskets and of course white lace and sheer curtains

    makes me want to keep rearranging my house also

  26. My home has been the same - it has taken me weeks to finish the kitchen - and to still function I have been moving things in and out. Yesterday I thought a rug/mat I ordered was coming in, so I cleared the corner it is going in - scrubbed and waxed the floor only to discover I didn't read the email in its entirety - estimated delivery Monday Sept.9! Sigh, well the floor is clean - I'm not moving anything back in until that rug/mat is down!
    I truly love your impromptu vignettes -everything is so at home together - looking forward to seeing your finished room - as I redo I feel the same - not everything is going back...just need to decide what.
    I hope you have a blessed day -

  27. I always want to jump in the computer screen when I visit your blog and roll around in the dreamy fabrics and ambience of beauty you create! LOVE your blog!

  28. Oh I love the lighter brighter color! Your treasures will truly shine!Although I adored your home with the other color too!Always inspired with my visits here! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  29. Great changes to your room! It will be great for the photography. Nothing photographs as gorgeous as a white room in natural light. I love all the beams in your room too! Just beautiful!

  30. I love the whitewash in your 'sitting' room, Jacqueline. Painting a room is always so uplifting and new and I love the way it encourages you to revisit how and where you use things. I inherited a wooden planter from my aunt and I think I may be using it to store my kitchen linens, thanks to your inspiration! (And yes... it's ALWAYS time for transferware, especially Brown transferware.) Hoping you were able to accomplish all you hoped this weekend.


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