Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trying Out My Vintage Chalkboard

I finally got around to messing with my new chalkboard. We put it together last spring and used it for a family wedding, and then again for a garden party at Granny camp. But I really want to put it to use in my dining room or kitchen.

I'm inspired to do something more with it now that it reminds me of school days. I spent some time trying my hand at a nice seasonal quote. It took me some time to get my technique down. Thankfully, it's pretty easy to wash clean and start over! 

I probably won't be spending as much time on it in the future. But it was a good dry run!

I have a neat old chalk crate that I came across some time ago to hold my chalk and eraser nearby, and to lend more of a suggestion of a classroom. At some point this little box was turned into a small drawer for bits of hardware. This is the back view.

When I say we "put together" the chalkboard, I mean that I chose a vintage frame that I liked, Mr. Cottage painted it for me, and my son later cut the board and painted on the black paint. So only the frame is vintage. There are a lot of tutorials of the process online.

I'm really liking the contrast of dark wood with lots of white this season. And I'd also love some ruffled seat covers. But for now I have wrapped a round sheer vintage table topper over the cushion.

A dried rose topiary from a couple of years ago stands in for fresh ones. The roses are getting darker over time. (And dustier! haha!) I usually leave them to dry in their vase of water as is. I got a few questions about drying lemons (from a previous post) in a wetter climate than ours. A warm oven or food dehydrator might work, but I have never tried doing whole lemons that way. Good luck!

Well class is over for today!
I hope you'll be enjoying the year's last loveliest smile for awhile!


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  1. Very nice. You really got fancy with your letters. I love having my little slate in the kitchen.


  2. I love your chalkboard and the cute chalk box. Some people make the loveliest script with chalk. My writing is terrible with pen to paper but not so bad on the chalkboard. I think it has to do with the angle of the board and the way I hold the chalk. I have mine standing on a table and leaning against the wall behind the front door. No one really sees it but me. ;) Your vignette is pretty and the chalkboard looks nice as a fireplace screen.

  3. That is a beautiful chalkboard, I love how you framed it. An inspiring and pretty vignette, your white pitcher and dried flowers speak fall.

  4. This is really an elegant take on a chalkboard! The frame is beautiful. I'd love to make one but I have zero wall space. A blogger friend told me the best way to clean a chalkboard is with Windex...sounds crazy but then again, they say to use Pledge on stainless steel!

    Love your dried roses!


  5. I think you did a very fine job with the script on your chalkboard. You always create the loveliest vignettes even with the most ordinary, like a chalk box.
    Mary Alice

  6. Glad you are using this - it's wonderful. Just like you!


  7. That looks great. I have a real slate chalk board from an old school but haven't found a place for it here - saving it for the retirement house.

  8. It's always such a pleasure to come over and see what you are up to Jacqueline. I love your chalkboard! I like to write little quotes on mine too. It's always nice to get peeks into your beautiful home too.

  9. Wow so beautiful photos like it so mutch!

  10. I really like your chalkboard and even more I like the idea of writing a seasonal quote on it. The script you used is very attractive too.

  11. Love your chalkboard. I am going to make one next year to cover an ugly power box in our kitchen.

  12. hello
    cette broderie posée sur la chaise
    est d'une très belle finesse
    l'idée du tableau dans un ancien cadre est superbe
    et ce bouquet de roses ♥♥♥
    j'adore cette couleur fanée
    edith (iris) France

  13. Cute chalkboard. Love the dried roses, perfect color. Enjoy Autumn.

  14. The chalkboard is so charming. It fits well with all your lovely cottage pieces. The white and the dried flowers all say charm to me. Just lovely.

  15. Love what you did with this chalkboard!! This post has such beauty with the linens and those dried roses in that pitcher are stunning.


  16. Oh I love the chalk box I bet lots of other bloggers and vintage gals loves it also

  17. You get an A+ for penmanship! Love the quote, it looks beautiful.

  18. What a sweet little board, Jacqueline. And so nice that it was a family project. I haven't played with chalkboard paint yet but am hoping to do so, perhaps this winter. I love your little table-topper chair cover. I found an eyelet half-slip that I slipped over a cushion on the chair in my bathroom!

  19. An A+ for penmanship :-) The board and the saying are lovely!! I think it's so darling to have the box of chalk and eraser near by, you have a great eye for details! The tabletopper on the chair, yummy yummy!! and dried rose always so pretty...

  20. I love your chalkboard, Jacqueline! I've been having fun with some this year, too...and the chalk box is really great!

  21. You've picked a great spot for your chalkboard ~ and I love the quote!

  22. Beautiful photos! Love your chalkboard.It looks perfect in your beautiful home.And you found the perfect spot!


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