Monday, September 9, 2013

My Mini Redo of the Sitting Room

It feels like a new day here around the old homestead now that the painting in the sitting room is done. Some of you were interested in the "after" even though I had no major plan. But we did simplify and switch out a few things that I can show you.

What I was looking for was breathing space and impermanence. A sort of blank space to change up a lot. A ton of the accessories have been removed, from the fireplace especially.

We took out all of the old mirrors that were originally there to make the space feel larger, but I found that they came to make the space feel too busy, and that they turned out to be tricky to photograph around. This is an earlier picture that also shows the old khaki wall paint. 

This was the room on Friday. That cabinet in the center was switched with another taller, white one. It was full of books and movies and had a large decorative birdcage on top. Placed against that wall, it hardly ever had a change up. The windows had also been framed in the dark wood with a dark header over the one in the adobe brick wall. 

The new cabinet was formerly in my hallway and full of cookbooks and kitchen storage. The room is shown flooded in mid afternoon light.

This little chippy white coffee table gets moved around a lot and gets to stay. It's quite functional, and will be a great spot for changing displays. (It's also great for showing off my linens.)

I just picked up three of these yummy baskets at a super closeout price from my local Pottery Barn. I always check out their clearance section for bargains. I passed them up when I first saw them marked down to fifteen dollars, but went back hoping one might still be there. And voila! Ten dollars each!!!

The cabinet has change up potential too, but it also houses the majority of my ironstone collection in one place.

. . . Cabin & Cottage (Archive): Sugar Plum Fairy Table
This is the same corner at Christmas. The birdcage has yet to find a new home.

The woven blind was already in place, and I have added a woven french basket of the same color on top of the cabinet. It still needs flowers!

In my hallway BEFORE.
While this wonderful cabinet was very functional, I felt its decorative potential was underused.

A french desk was removed from in front of this window. I thought I wanted this bench for stacking books, but found that it not only made better sense for extra seating in a pinch, but that I also preferred the visual space it left. One of the club chairs was taken out permanently too.

This dark, tall, and bulky entertainment center has been replaced with a louvered console (below) that coordinates with the plantation blinds. (Pottery Barn.)

The TV and console, tucked away and invisible from the entryway, gives a much cleaner look. (The console is only about forty inches wide.)

Having a bank of windows makes all the difference in this small room.

Less busy, still cozy, lighter, and feeling more spacious. (For now, absolutely nothing has been rehung on the walls.) There's even room for pulling in more chairs when needed. Come on over!

I hope you have a great week ahead!
 Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  1. Love this room, J. the brick walls and corner fireplace make it so cozy and comfortable. Love the light and bright and that wonderful white cabinet to play in!

  2. I love your changes and everything is so romantic looking! Your style is so beautiful.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. My favorites -
    -the white brick walls - beautiful
    -the white tureen(?) filled with neutral flowers
    -the fireplace screen

    The entire room is LOVELY!

  4. Oh your home is so peaceful and serene. Anyway you arrange I like it. So lovely.

  5. It is lovely. I like the all white space, something I have never had, I need color, but it looks so peaceful and I like that a lot!
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  6. If I lived closer, I'd be over in a heartbeat!! Your sitting room looks so fresh and crisp and inviting, Jacqueline. My favorite piece has to be your tall white cabinet! So full of charm.
    Mary Alice

  7. Your room is so lovely and dreamy. I love how you've put it all together using beautiful vintage linens and antiques.


  8. So beautiful Jacqueline. The light is wonderful. Cozy and homey. The linens... the ironstone.

  9. Your changes look so cosy and inviting. I love your white sofa and chairs... I love white.. we can always add accents.
    You have been busy Jaqueline. Its paid off.. it looks lovely.

  10. It's sooo very beautiful!
    I would be very content in your home.

  11. WOW- what an amazing room - love it.

    I love the "no art" on the walls - the things make up the art....and the brick texture is art enough - loving your k="keeping it simpler" flair going on here - but you know that about me already, haha.

    I ABSOLUTELY ADORE this space, Jacqueline. Well done, ma'am!!

  12. Jacqueline,
    It is all so pretty. Love the simplicity. Love the brick wall and fireplace so pretty and cozy. Gorgeous.

  13. Love the mood you set in the room, Jacqueline- there is a timeless quality to it...

  14. Oh I could so live in that has the perfect "undecorated" look I love..that is not easy to do I have tried many times to have that feel and never quite get it right...sooooo lovely! x0

  15. It is SO lovely, Jacqueline...what a wonderful place to relax...

  16. How could it have gotten any better...
    You managed it!
    Lovely work..


    Linda :o)

  17. Oh oh. I love the changes you made Jacqueline. Just the brightness and light that now is in the room with the paint and lighter furniture makes a big difference. It looks beautiful. I love the bench under the window. Now sit back and enjoy it. Hugs, Pamela

  18. Jacqueline, I love the new look. You have great style! I could be very happy spending time in this lovely space.

  19. love all the white and bricks. It's a beautiful room

  20. What a pretty and relaxing space. Great score with the baskets.

  21. Hi J,
    Absolutely Fabulous!! You must be over the moon thrilled, so so fresh and bright!! LOVE the taller cabinet by the window, a great focal point, the thing that jumps at me is the embroidered linen on the ottoman, the less clutter room really lets you show off all your pretty things. You sure are sitting pretty!!!

  22. It is amazing how fresh paint can refresh a room so much. Your room looks so relaxing. I like the white ceramic pot.

  23. Rado bih sa tobom popila kafu,sedeci na onoj kozi na klupi pored prozora.Toliko mi se svidja tvoj blog i tvoja kuca.Ta cipka je tako romanticna.Ja volim boje ali u takvoj kuci kao tvojoj mogla bih da zivim.:))

  24. Cozy, warm, and inviting are words that come to me as I looked at each picture of your newly decorated room. The white is so clean and so uncluttered. Beautifully done! Who wouldn't love visiting in that room!

  25. So inspirational! If it ever cools down here I want to start to redo too.

  26. how refreshing! it all looks so clean...and cozy. i am
    seriously thinking about repainting my's where we spend most of our "sitting down" time. you've inpsired me to pick up a paint brush but it will have to wait until after my Fall Vintage SHow. will keep you posted ! ;)

  27. it's just oozing charm, jacqueline!!
    the chippy cabinet and rose lace are precious! have a great week!

  28. What a lovely ambience the room now has - so filled with wonderful light and old world elegance. The beautiful baskets, stoneware and pretty linens are showcased so beautifully. I'll be right over! :) xo

  29. Such a light, cozy and BEAUTIFUL space, Jaqueline. Your photos are just gorgeous!


  30. Your room is divine! So glad I found you over at Kim's!

  31. What a beautiful room redo! I am redecorating the rooms on my first floor, but there are no pictures yet since I am just getting started. I am decluttering first and getting rid of what I no longer want.

  32. Gorgeous space!!


  33. Love the changes and the brick and that fireplace are pretty. I am loving that basket with the pretty pillow!


  34. Your new space is simply wonderful, Jacqueline. It really does let the air flow and give you breathing room and yet you haven't compromised its 'coziness' factor. Having all that light must be so lovely at different times of the day. Wishing you many happy and restful times there!

  35. It is so comfy and cosy! I love the cupboard with the ironstone and always love seeing your linens and how you display them.


  36. Such a lovely room... I love the natural light and your gorgeous furniture!

  37. Jackie girl! I am going to have to kick you out...( evict ) you from your own home so I can move in :)

    Love, what you have done with my new home :)
    I too have been working on a cabinet putting it to kitchen use making this corner that housed a desk a little more functional with at hand pieces and I am loving the effect. I will soon be posting it when the shipping company delivers all my furniture over to your home umm!
    All playfulness put aside, you have a home to love, and I so love it as well.

    Beautiful week to you.

  38. Doesn't it feel good to switch things around once in a while? Lovely whites everywhere and those bricks are the perfect backdrop:-)


  39. J'adooooooooooooooooooore!!!!


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