Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Planted Earth Shop~ Orem, Utah

We found this delightfully unexpected inspiration along the road on our travels around the Southwest. Definitely off the beaten track. We obtained the local antiques advertising publication, took our chances, and struck gold!

Planted Earth has everything I love in a vintage shop under one roof. Garden antiques greet you on the front porch, with beautiful plantings flowering in the door yard beyond.

Here are a few samples of the garden wares. . . .

I came this close to hauling this gorgeous mailbox home.

More delights when you enter the pretty front door. . . .

My very first impression was of all the fabulous vintage lighting hanging all over the place.

Lovely shell boxes.

Cut glass lamps.

A bit of silver and ironstone.

This one came home with me. I wonder if I would have been able to resist it some other time of year?

Baskets galore!

Sweet vintage linen. . . .

Chippy white cupboards and shelves. . . .

Darling baby things. . . .

Check out this fabulous vintage lamp shade! (This is actually a hanging fixture.)

Gorgeous antique lace. . . .

and satin. . . .

Lots of glamour. . . .

And tons of bling!!!

So much fun! I practically floated out the door! 
I hope you're finding inspiration somewhere too. . . .

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Hasta la vista!


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  1. I can totally picture you in that shop. What a lot of fun things to choose from.

  2. Hi J,
    Haha, we posted together in the middle of the night!!
    What a great find, a darling shop!! Wowy on that mailbox! Are you sure it's not tucked in your car somewhere :-) So many pretties! I am looking forward to seeing your new autumn toned dishes in a gorgeous tablescape...
    Happy Trails:-)

  3. I could get lost in this store and never come out! As soon as you say "garden", I am there! Stop by for a little giveaway!

  4. Those are beautiful!
    I always love to visit your site for wonderful ideas.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  5. Looks like a wonderful shop. I love the tiered white metal garden thingy outside. :)

  6. What a gem!
    You must have been happy taking the time to peruse their wares.

  7. WOW!!!!!

    What a place, I bet you were there for hours perusing the wares.

    What fun, my fav thing to do!

    Thanks for sharing all the pretty eye candy and delights.

  8. I would not have been able to resist the mailbox! You have to go back and get it. lol

  9. Wow. I wouldn't have known where to start and would probably have still been there two weeks later! I definitely would have needed U-haul to get me home. I hope you came out with a good few things? Joan

  10. What a fun place to have discovered. I would not have been able to leave without taking home with me that sweet white small cabinet and a few linens :)

    Have a beautiful week.


  11. Oh, my! Looks like a place one could spend most of a day in.

  12. What a wonderful place - those wonderful baskets and linens! Hope I come across somewhere like that when I'm in the US later this year.

  13. What a beautiful shop! And in Orem! I just got back from Lehi, but no time to browse cute shops, with new baby and 3 other little boys in tow. Thanks for the tour!

  14. Truly inspirational, Jacqueline! I love the linens and the white shelf. *sigh* What a lovely shop... I hope it's close enough for you to enjoy when you like.

  15. Lots of things to look at there.

  16. This like such a great shop! It is so up my alley. I am reeling over the beautiful laces in there. I think it's so nice you were able to check it out Jacqueline.

    Thanks so much sharing this place. It would be so much fun to visit.
    sending hugs...

  17. It's so fun to go shopping with you. You find the best places! I would have been in hog heaven in there. I love that crazy light fixture, and the garden stuff... so great. And, yes... i think that little ironstone bowl would have gone home with you any time of the year!


  18. Isn't it wonderful finding little out of the way shops while traveling. I think that is one of the reasons I do so enjoy it.



  19. Ohhhh this store looks amazing. I bet you have so much fun looking through all the treasures. Love that white chandelier. Very pretty.

  20. What a treasure trove, I certainly could get lost in there,some such pretty things. Those shell boxes are so unusual.Your purchase I think matches your other brown transfer ware x

  21. What a great looking shop.. to many wonderful things to choose from.. Have a wonderful evening with love Janice

  22. What a wonderful shop. That is one that I would love to visit, but Hubby would have to hold my purse or I would go crazy. HA! HA!

  23. hello
    il n'y a que l'embarras du choix
    on ne sais que prendre que choisir
    tout est beau
    beaucoup de shopping
    bonne journée
    edith(iris) France

  24. OH MY...what a wonderful shop! That mailbox was incredible! Did you buy anything?

  25. What a fabulous shop! I go to Utah all the time, I'll have to drop in next time.

  26. My kind of shop! Thanks for the peek, Jacqueline. Safe travels.........Sarah

  27. What a glorious shop!! Love the linens, leaded glass and of course the china. Thanks for sharing this beautiful shop.


  28. Looks like a place where I could do some serious damage to my wallet. Beautiful treasures everywhere. I enjoyed seeing all of it. laurie

  29. what an amazing shop, it looks like they have a little of everything! and thanks for the shout out, J! xoxo

  30. Dear Jacqueline,
    Somebody had fun....
    I loved the sweet baby clothes with the delicate embroidery and I am always looking for things to tuck in the garden. Glad you had fun. You can see my inspiration here at Lady B's:
    Happy September, Ruthie

  31. Hi Jacqueline, your post I was accompanied in the visit by this wonderful place! Thanks for the great pictures ... I am in love with those chandeliers! A hug from Italy. Paola from


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