Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A French Script Table

I like the versatility of a nice cloth napkin. The ones with the script that I'm using as place mats today came from Pottery Barn a couple of summers ago. I thought they would make a good backdrop for a mostly white themed table.

I wish I had fresh white roses at my table every day of the week (or at least whenever I want them), but I pull out these fabric rose napkin rings as a substitute now and then. Today they are both slipped over a soup spoon at each place, and are also part of the centerpiece. Rachel Ashwell had these at Target a few years ago, and I got a few in blue and pink as well on closeout.

I followed through with a postal theme for the place cards.

All of the china is ironstone cafe ware. Some vintage, and some more recent. Bistro glasses are from Williams-Sonoma.

The coffee service is already set up on a cake pedestal with the cups and saucers laid in a willow basket as a centerpiece. A linen and lace doily is set underneath, and I have an extra pair of hands for the small silver spoons for whimsy. The square creamer is one of two from an old Cunard Line cruise ship. I'm crazy about travel stuff so they are a favorite of mine. But I also like the art deco design.

I have folded another whimsical linen runner into the basket at center. This one doesn't get enough attention. What fun it must have been to crochet this little butterfly motif!

The napkins all have a different motif at the corner. You would never get confused at which one was yours!

Each of the bowls holds a different small shell as well.

So nice to have you at the table!
Thanks for stopping by for a peek. . .


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  1. BEAUTIFUL, Jacqueline! I love your attention to every single detail...and this butterfly on the linen stole my heart!!!

  2. Hello Jacqueline

    I love the entire atmosphere you have created. Very inviting


  3. Very beautiful! I love the tablecloth and the serene feel you created.

  4. What pretty dishes. I love the butterfly motif. I'm sure if I was to sit at this table all the troubles of the day would soon disappear. Hugs

  5. Oh the delightful story that this table weaves...romance and lover's separated are definitely part of the script. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  6. You always put together such pretty tablescapes :)

  7. Oh I love love love love LOVE this!

    This is stunning.

  8. Just gorgeous in every single way!

  9. J, every bit of it is gorgeous, but having a shell in each bowl really rocks it!! so out of the ordinary and you!!

  10. Your table looks so pretty! I would love to pull up a chair and chat awhile!


  11. Jacqueline this is exquisite!!! I love so many things about this tablescape. It is beautiful!
    hugs from me...

  12. Absolutely beautiful. I set such simple tables and I marvel at others who put such detail into their settings.


  13. Really charming! I love french script and many details

  14. I can't tell you how wonderful I feel everytime I visit your beautiful blog. Thank-you for all
    the good feelings and inspiration.

  15. I do so like coming over for a peak. White is so lovely,really hard to beat I think. So fresh and crisp looking. x

  16. This is such a soft inviting table that you have made. very french and summery.. Its lovely Jaqueline.. you really know how to set a beautiful table.

    loving the tea pot/coffee pot and the crochet white linen cloth with the butterfly.
    A very inspiring post
    thank you
    Happy Thursday

  17. ~ sigh ~
    ...any mermaid would simply strain her neck to catch a glimpse of your serene and elegant table!!

    ADORE the dfferent shells in the cups:)

    xo, Rosemary

  18. Just beautiful! Love how the French script napkins play as place mats and creatively wind the theme. Stunning.

    - The Tablescaper

  19. So pretty. I love the whimsical addition of the ceramic hand holding the spoons!

  20. So soft and pretty. Have a wonderful day.

  21. Wow Jacqueline,
    Your table looks gorgeous!!~
    I love the French script place mats, they are fabulous!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  22. Your site looks so pretty! I love cabins... and all my previous cross-stitch patterns were mostly cabins and cottages with blooms everywhere. How do you make your header so huge?

    I am now a new follower. Hope to read more of your entries in the future. Take care!

  23. I was in Pottery Barn yesterday and asked if I could take photographs then a different person asked me if I were the competition. I said no but I know some one who should work for them and I meant you Jacqueline.

  24. I love this beautiful, soft and elegant look to your table. You have such a creative flair in all that you do. Pamela

  25. oh this table setting just SPEAKS to me! simply lovely....all the sweetly chic! how i wish i could sit there a spell...;)

  26. Beautiful. Love the script in the background.

  27. This setting is so romantic and enchanting. I love the script. I love your silverware even more.

  28. I'm drooling over this incredible table setting. So shabby french!! Beautifully thought out from start to finish. Come visit my blog when you have a second. I'd be honored to have you come by!
    Blessings & hugs,

  29. Jacqueline, what a delight to come to your table. Every little detail is perfect. I'm planning on friends for lunch sometime this summer,and hope you won't mind if I borrow some of your ideas. There should be a linky party of recreating someone elses ideas, because I always say, Why didn't I think of that?..Happy Thursday..Judy

  30. Hi J,
    I always loved your themed tablescapes... perfect in details!
    The french script sets the stage and is amazing! as are those little hands!! I have never seen a butterfly doiley, what a fun piece!!

  31. Very pretty, Jacqueline! I love those napkins!

  32. Ahhhhhhh! What a fabulous table. I saw a french script tablecloth on Pinterest, and i almost died it was so amazing... it's one of my favorite pins, and now you've created the same look with those place mats and all your yummy stoneware and silver. I love your fat little bowls with the shells... you soooo know how to make something look irresistibly enticing...!


  33. Jacqueline, your tablescape is beautiful and those napkins are adorable. They are a perfect backdrop for your tableware. Beautiful!!
    I'd love it if you'd consider sharing this post at Shabbilcious Friday -

  34. LOVE the tablecloth, esp. jacqueline!

  35. Beautiful as always. The butterfly motif is so delicate and pretty.
    You too have a nice weekend!

  36. Stunning! Just love the tablecloth. Sets the mood for a nautical, french and elegant gathering.

  37. What would you serve on this lovely table???
    Scones and homemade jam?
    Strawberries and Creme Freshe?
    Jumbo Shrimp cocktails with spicy horseradish sauce?
    Small finger sandwiches?
    Delicious homemade soup and French Bread?

    Whatever it would be...would be delicious...
    Thanks for the feast for the eyes!

    ps...I have removed the word verification!!!

  38. Jacqueline,
    This is such a sweet table! Lovely silver spoons! That tea pot is exquisite, dear friend. I've not seen a pattern like that before! Love the vintage linens intermingled with the Pottery Barn tablecloth! Delightful!

  39. I love your blog, you seem to love all the things that I love, and you have such a flair at displaying them.WOW!!!I have all the Downton Abbys taped and I watch them over and over.
    Blessings to you

  40. Pretty, you do have an eye for details.

  41. Jacqueline, you have such style! I love the way the various elements of this table speak to each other in a quiet whisper. I think this is one of my all time favorites! Love it!!!

  42. I really like the French script table linen but even more I love that Art Deco square creamer. Absolutely gorgeous.

  43. Some of those seashells look like jewelry! They're so pretty! This is magnificent (as always!), and I love the details you have so thoughtfully included like the post card placecards and the gorgeous basket liner with the crocheted butterfly! I think the use of white on white is just perfect, and using those great napkins for placemats...fabulous!! This is the kind of table a person could just get lost in for a few hours! I hope your upcoming weekend is a relaxing and peaceful one. Take care!!

  44. Lovely eye candy! Everything is so tasteful and beautiful :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  45. What a lovely table, Jacqueline, and perfect for a summer meal. That pitcher is wonderful! There was a shop in Boston (since closed, sadly) called LuLu's Lost and Found and they used to sell vintage tableware from old Cruise chips and trains.


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