Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer White

There's no white like summer white. Clean, crisp, bright. I like seashells in any season, but they are never more at home than when hot weather arrives.

Already we are closing up the house against the midday heat, but also spending less time inside. The furniture wears an evolving wardrobe of white cotton throws and matelasse for the season.

Cool and casual and relaxed like the ideal summer vacation. Everything is washable, so go ahead and put your feet up!

Airy wicker and lace next to a cozy reading chair.

A tray of assorted sand dollars has its own deliciousness.

Listening for the sea.

Lots of white accents keep things cool.

I hope you're loving the start of summer.
 It's a short week. Make it fun!


It's also time for
See you there!


  1. Hello again..lovely post. I like to look through and see what catches my eye..sand dollars, lots a white and not many people will know those white painted drawers from an old treadle sewing machine table. Me..I do.

  2. It looks so beautiful and calm Jacqueline. It was definitely cool here today at 48 F. I had to turn the heat on and dress in warmer clothes. Such is spring here. Hugs, Pamela

  3. So beautiful! It looks like the perfect place to sit back, relax, and read a book. Your photography is beautiful. I love the wicker and lace. The sea shells are so pretty too! ~ Jamie

  4. Dreamy whites. Have a terrific summer, Jacqueline.

  5. How wonderfully cool your home looks, I hadn't thought of putting white cotton throws over the furniture in summer. All the blinds and curtains have been drawn during the day here as well in an effort to keep the house cool though, being England, this hot weather won't last:)

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  7. Beautiful!
    Greetings from Poland ✿ܓ

  8. An inviting setting Jacqueline. White is fresh and inviting.
    your photos are super ,you show how lovely your little area of relaxation is with the shells.

  9. All the white looks so cool and calm! Beautiful! The touches of things from the sea looks perfect with your white draped furniture! This is a great way to feel cool this summer!

  10. I can't believe it is almost June either-my favorite month! I hope time slows down in June as I want it to last and last.
    I was just thinking last night that I would have to gather up my sea shells for display.
    I love all your summer whites and your thrift finds were all beautiful too.
    Take care,

  11. Oh how pretty everything in white! Lucky you having all that wonderful warm weather. 40 degrees here this a.m!

  12. It is all so beautiful. Makes me wish for an all white room.

  13. "June?" When??? ;) oh my..time to get out my beach ytreasures. yours are DIVINE! TFS! ;)

  14. It all looks so good. I just love the mixture of cream and white. So Summery (is that a word?)Have a nice day.

  15. I LOVE your fireplace cover! Tell me about it! A perfect patina story, Jacqueline!

  16. Your fireplace is just dreamy and I love that you throw matelasse throws on the furniture. What a great way to make things look summery and cool.

  17. Everything looks so soft and fresh and inviting. It's all white, but there are so many shades of white in the whole mix! The piece in front of the fireplace is really just so yummy with the whole room... and i love the texture of the white brick...


  18. ...such a lovely space! your cottage has been transformed into a summertime beach cottage
    love, Love, LOVE!!!

    xo, Rosemary

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  20. I especially like the piece of white coral...
    Such a dainty piece of architecture..

    Linda :o)

  21. Oh...I love your home... so pretty! The shell on the books is such a perfect shot! Have a good evening..

  22. Have just found your blog tonight and will be back again sometime during the day to see how you have arranged your beautiful home. Your way of decorating is so casual but welcoming, homey. LOVE THAT.
    I use a paint drop cloth to cover my couch (I really don't like the style or color of it at all but it was free and it's comfy) so I cover it with different things depending on time of year. I have been making new pillow covers for some freshening of our decorations. My pillows have been well used and covered many times with new pillow covers. I love doing that and it makes me feel like I've rejuvenated the joint.
    We have a small single wide 16x80 manufactured home in rural area west of Grand Junction, CO. Since we moved here we've been down sizing as we get older so I can keep the place decent when I'm not crafting. Cleaning is not my favorite fun but I can't stand a dirty house so keep it up. Hopefully I'll be able to do that for a few years yet. I'd rather be crafting tho.

  23. Love all the white and the shells are a great touch.

  24. Your home is gorgeous!! WOW!! Beautiful photographs you captured here...:)

    I love that Downton Abbey photo below too. Those are the most beautiful dresses and hats. I want one!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  25. Beautiful! I love decorating with shells in the summer and all the variations of white that they bring.

  26. Gorgeous! I just picked out paint for my dining room called French Cream. I wanted to do the cream wall with the dark floor. This is not always an easy marriage behind the camera lens, but you do it beautifully!

  27. Ahhhh.... white and cream. I love your house, Jacqueline! I always wish I could fill my own little cottage with more white. I do try, here and there, especially in summer. (And like you, I've been keeping my shutters and curtains drawn on the really hot days! It does make such a difference in the cottage.)


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