Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fresh Linen

I've been freshening up some of my stored vintage linens. I try to keep them rotating and make sure they each have their day in the sun. I like the look of them in their changing stacks and piles. Coverlets, quilts, and spreads just need a quick fold. But there's always a bit of ironing that can be done. Always.

But that's the good news! I never feel like I have to iron a thing. It's all for fun and relaxation. If it's not your thing, I just can't explain what a relaxing pleasure it is. Some of you have told me you feel the same way about pressing linens as I do. For some of us it's just what we do, like others paint furniture or bake a cake or garden. Only there's not a single thing to clean up afterwards! I never even put the ironing board away. It's already right where it belongs. . . . 

Old laundry marks are just so beautiful.

See you there!



  1. Hi Jacqueline,
    There is nothing more beautiful than a french laundry basket filled with beautiful vintage linens. I have them scattered all through my house as well!
    Your collection is amazing and looks so lovely in your home!
    Hope you have a wonderful night.

  2. One word........BEAUTIFUL!!! XO

  3. Lovely linens...fresh and fluffy!

  4. Sigh.......

    I can practically smell that sweet fresh wonderful white laundry there, Jacqueline!

    What a beautiful post!

  5. Dripping with freshness! YUMMMMMM....

    Love everything you do!


  6. It's all so lovely displayed.And I bet it is a luxury to use.

  7. Your linens look so crisp and white. Just lovely.

  8. I ironed my beauties yesterday. An old embroidered tablecloth covered in pink dogwood blossoms without one flaw. Also three vintage baby dresses, one almost transparent. I fear I must keep it. Your white linens are beyond stunning in the basket.

  9. You have the most beautiful photography on your blog. That picture with the light streaming onto the basket of linens was incredible.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  10. I've been doing the same thing, Jacqueline! Apparently we're not alone... Restoration Linen Cleaner has been "flying off the shelf" of my Etsy shop the past few weeks. I've got to order more cases in the morning. Wouldn't it be fun to see everyone else's pretties, too?

  11. Oh my, the photos!! I could look at your linen all day long :)
    Greetings from Australia♥

  12. Jacqueline,
    Old linens are so beautiful! And I like to enjoy the ones I have, so rotating is a must.
    I despise ironing and never do it...except for some linens. I really do like ironing them!
    Gorgeous post.

  13. ahhhhh...always so "refreshing." i can almost smell your clean lovely.

  14. Your linens look beautiful. I agree; there is something very soothing about ironing linens and something equally soothing about displaying them for viewing.

  15. i can not say that i enjoy ironing, but i love fresh linens and your most beautiful images of them...pure, fresh, simple, just lovely.

  16. I so agree with you about ironing, I too enjoy it. There is nothing more satisfying than a pile of freshly pressed linens. But then I also love to paint furniture as well! The one thing I don't enjoy is baking a cake! I love your blog, everything is so beautiful.

  17. Elegant, fresh and beautiful post as always. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  18. Hi Jacqueline,
    I have to admit that I love ironing too. I can't explain it, but I love it. I love that sizzle sound the iron makes as it's pressing crisp linen. Are we crazy or what?! I have several embroidered table linens that belonged to my grandmother. Sometimes I take them out of the hopechest, wash them, press them, and put that back! I just love seeing them. Your post just reminded me of that. I love your photos : )

    Danielle xo

  19. Beautiful white curtains in the background of your photos. Lovely white linens. Wish I shared your liking for ironing. I like to do it but it makes me so hot.

  20. I love your linens! Oh, I kind of want to start a collection of lovely white linens, too!

  21. I so love the fresh smell of pressed linen, especially if it has been sprayed with lavender water first. I love pressing linen, it's like meditation to me too. xx

  22. Hi J,
    Fabulously yummy pics!! I can smell the freshness from here... Crisp! I love to iron, but only in the winter, it's my cozy zen winter thing :-)

  23. JUST ONE WORD...

  24. You have some lovely vintage linens. I have a few pieces but I think I must add some more to my collection. Ironing is something I've always enjoyed too.

  25. Jacqueline: I think I've told you before, I hate ironing, the usual kind, but something about the linens is a joy to iron, seems such an accomplishment..Beauty in a basket..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  26. I agree Jaqueline,
    There is something warm in seeing fresh linen and cotton ironed.
    I cannot explain how i feel when i see all my white sheets ironed and so fresh.
    The best part for me is when i get inbetween those soft freshly sweet smelling white cotton sheets.
    And the linen bedcover over the top.
    lovely post
    great photos.. you have some fine linen..very old.
    Happy wednesday

  27. Lovely photos with all the different shades of white. Nothing like the smell of freshly-washed linen! reminds of my grandmother :-)

  28. Such a pretty collection of linens!


  29. What a fabulous collection - I am in search of white linens for my guest bedroom! Love the old laundry marks - such vintage character!

    Your photography is fabulous too! Happy to follow along.

  30. Such lovely images, Jacqueline. It's always such a pleasure to read your blog. And yes! I'm one of those "love to iron" ladies. My ironing board is an old fashioned wooden one that pulls down from the wall from behind a tall, narrow door in the kitchen. Do you use linen water when you iron? I like to spray Egyptian Cotton or Lavender on handkerchiefs, pillowcases, or guest towels before I press them.

  31. You always share such beautiful whites...thanks for sharing them with us:-)


  32. So soft and beautiful and white, makes me want to snuggle in them.


  33. beautiful linens for sure....and I love the ones with the old writing on it.
    1882....that is very cool.

  34. Jacqueline,
    I agree about ironing! There's no 'air freshener' more pleasing than that aroma of freshly pressed linens in the house. Here on the Prairie...there's no room to leave the ironing board up. So~o~o for me it's 'ironing marathon's'! Lovely photography...the sun shining through the window on the basket of fresh linens nearly took my breath away!

  35. What gorgeous linens. I love all the whites and textures - prettiest combination of all. Your photos are always so inspiring.

  36. Such simple beauty! I do love linens...and yours are beautiful!

  37. Gorgeous! I love to iron my pretties. I love the feel of freshly pressed pillowcases. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  38. I have quite a collection of white vintage linen but its all packed away in different places around my house. I like the idea of stacking them up the way you do as display. I will try that.

    I iron my pretties too and the ironing board is out more than it is put away.

  39. Ah, Jacqueline....there's nothing better than a French laundry basket overflowing with clean, pressed, sweet smelling linens. What beautiful vignettes! :)

    xoxo laurie

  40. You have some truly beautiful linens Jacqueline and your photos are gorgeous.


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