Sunday, May 4, 2014

Snowballs in May

Last week brought cold temperatures and fierce winds and I worried about this small snowball bush just beginning its bloom. But it came through beautifully. And I can't believe how long the flowers last!

It's just the third spring for us, but our neighbor's snowball bush is as big as a house!

We had real summertime temperatures this weekend, and I spent some time sweeping up the patios and freshening up the pillows. These cotton covers used to be pink and green. Much more faded now.

I seem to be beating the same drum here about summer cottons, but here is one more find from my Texas trip. A lovely lacy Victorian dress makes our move out onto the lawn official for the garden season.

This would make a gorgeous dress for a simple country wedding.

So many pretty details.

May is always such a busy month! But I hope you get plenty of time to move outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. I can't wait to get started with the garden parties, which can be as simple as tea and a sandwich under the trees with a pretty cloth thrown over the table.

I've been away from the blog and have lots of catching up to do!
But thanks so much for visiting, and for your sweet comments about my little girls!

Happy Sunday!
 And I hope you enjoy the lovely month of May!


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  1. What a pleasure to scroll down through your charming photos Jacqueline! Love snowballs and this romantic white dress...wish I was twenty, or even thirty...
    Have a happy week!

  2. tutto meraviglioso buona nuova settimana...

  3. I absolutely love your flowers and of course your lovely way of styling vignettes.

  4. Hi J,
    YES! Garden season, hurrah!!
    More new lovely fashion and this is my favorite! Yes, perfect for a garden wedding!! Maybe one of the grand daughters in the far future...
    Our taste of summer has past, and boy do normal temps feel chilly now!
    Enjoy the patio!!!

  5. perfectly lovely flowers and setting. Looks like Spring has finally gotten to your neighborhood.

  6. Hi Jacqueline - your vintage linens are so gorgeous. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. J

  7. I absolutely love those snowball plants! That dress is beautiful - so much detail and work!


  8. I just adore snowball bushes. They are just beautiful and that dress ~ well, my oh my ~ how beautiful ~ just lovely. Enjoy the warm temps ~

  9. You find the most amazing (and beautiful)vintage linens. Everything must be gobbled here in my marketplace before I even visit. I never see such lovely garments. And I have never seen a snowball plant.

  10. Beautiful snow ball plant. I saw one growing in a neighbor's garden recently. I didn't realize they would grow here. I think I must try one in my own garden.
    Beautiful dress!

  11. Beautiful dress; and I must get a snow ball bush! I've always wanted one. Sally

  12. Beautiful bush and stunning photos Jacqueline! Absolutely lovely and a real treat for the eye.

  13. Beautiful. Snowball bushes are my favorite of Spring. Alaina

  14. I fear it will be a very long while until my snowballs bloom, must get their buds and leaves! But it will one day happen -- this I know. Yours are absolutely splendid! All the greens and white -- just a breath of fresh air.

  15. Gorgeous dress and yes, it would be beautiful for a wedding.
    Love, love snowball trees and wondering why I don't have one in my garden. That must be remedied. Just lovely!

  16. What a beautiful cotton tea dress! My sister has the one our Grandmother wore for her Wedding day and it is such a treasure.
    We arrived home safely in Canada yesterday and before I realized it we had driven past your lovely city and were in Santa Fe for the night.
    We are going to plan on staying in Albuquerque in the Fall when we return to Arizona. I can't wait to check out your shop and meet you in person.
    Take care and enjoy your week, I hope your grand opening was a success.

  17. Hi Jacqueline, Love your snowball bush. The blooms are stunning. I had no idea they could grow so large. Lovely garden vignettes and the dress is so pretty.
    Have a great week.

  18. So very beautiful, Jacqueline! Our temperatures hit the low 60s this week, and teeny tiny strawberry, delphinium, and hollyhock leaves are starting to show. How could anyone not love spring?
    Enjoy your time outdoors!

  19. What a beautiful dress and a perfect place to display it with your pretty snowball bush. Our neighbour has one but it's not even budded leaves yet. We are so behind this year! Enjoy your lovely spring.

  20. I don't recall ever seeing a snowball bush lovely!

  21. beautiful post, jacqueline! i love seeing your lines and snowballs:) we've have no flowers blooming yet, and may not for another month:( love the water can, too!

  22. Lovely!
    I have a white snowball bush at the cottage...
    Can't wait to see its lovely blooms this summer...
    Enjoy your week..
    Linda :o)

  23. Such a beautiful dress in such lovely condition! Your snowball bush is gorgeous.

  24. This is so pretty! I hope you will share it at my NEW 'Home Sweet Garden' link up party every Tuesday! ♥ Brooke

    This week's party is here...

  25. Oh Jacqueline those snowballs are so so white and go perfectly with your vintage cotton dress.
    Everything has been photographed so romantically!
    Have a lovely sun filled week!

  26. Jacqueline,
    That dress is gorgeous! Love the embroidery on every inch of it! Such a pretty dress. your gray striped pillows look great along with the fence and your snowball bush. It survived beautifully!
    So much fun!

  27. Jacqueline,
    Gorgeous Snowballs and linen dress, dear friend!!!
    Like you, I'm "catching up" on my visits!!!

  28. What a lovely spot in your yard. That dress is gorgeous! It would be a perfect wedding dress. I love, love!!! snowball bushes. My grandmother had one and we used to have snowball fights with them in summer! Everytime I see one it brings back great memories! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home and your sweet comment. That was the nicest thing to say.

  29. Lovely!
    I love snow balls, my mom used to have them.

  30. I love the dress, so simple and so beautifull! Greetings from Serbia:)


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