Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Sweetest Little Miracle

I have been waiting 48 hours for a special package to arrive and the postman has just knocked on the door and handed it over. A small miracle in itself. He sometimes leaves packages in the oddest places even when we are at home. I once found a book package from Amazon in the carport long after I had reported it missing and obtained a replacement! (But I really do support hardworking postal workers.)

The parcel has come 1,450 miles from Bella's Rose Cottage in WA, to mine in Albuquerque, NM in two day's time. She tells me that she has always wanted to ship flower buds, and is trying it out. HOW LUCKY CAN YOU GET???

The P.O. box was stuffed with paper to prevent movement of the inner box, which is also secured with tissue paper to prevent movement of the contents. Bella says restricting movement is critical.

I am holding my breath. Bella wants an unbiased and accurate report of the results, and I hope it's good!

I pull back the first layer and can feel the dampness in the tissue paper. An incredible moist and earthy scent rises up. AMAZING!

I finish unwrapping, and a trio of peony blooms emerge into the morning desert air. The stems are wound in wet paper towels and secured inside a plastic bag which has been taped closed. They are still compressed and completely closed except for one which is a little more open. My first thought is surprise that they are white. I was expecting pale pink since I have seen the beautiful blooms she posted on her blog from her fabulous Tree Peonies here, and here.  Their folded leaves remind me a little of a newborn babe.

They appear as though they can use a drink of water. And indeed all the water has gone from the floral tubes that were placed inside with them.

And then, amazingly, I notice how quickly the bud is opening, and the tinge of pink inside. What a mind blow! I am actually a bit dizzy with delight over it all.  Peonies from Bella's gorgeous garden so far away!!

Bella told me the stems were short, and so I was expecting to float them. But they are long enough for a short vase. I have chosen this bird vase because Bella and I both love birds. And how sweet and perfect anyway for Tree Peonies!

It has only been moments, and how lovely they are beginning to unfurl with their fresh drink of water.

I will bring them into the house and hover over them in amazement for awhile. What a clever girl that Bella is! And what a sweet gesture! She told me these buds were the last of her blooms. Can you imagine? I don't think I would want to give them away if it was me! *smile*

Thank you so much Bella! And a big congratulations! Your project was a wonderful success, and I am overcome by your thoughtfulness. It has been so much fun being a blogging pal with you over the last four years! Mr. Cottage says, "She must know how much you love peonies." 

Yes, indeed. And so much more. . . .

I'm so glad that you stopped by for a visit! I appreciate all the sweet comments and messages that you send my way. Our online community is filled with so much good feeling, support, and goodwill. It's a wonderful thing in this world, and I am so enriched by it.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

Mine has gotten off to such a lovely start!



  1. To open a box and have the sweet smell of nature...pure heaven.

  2. Hi J!!
    Well I am all smiles on this end, I thought they may be just compost when they arrive!!! They look as happy as when they left, just a tad more open...
    They look perfectly at home on the lovely lace patio table...
    1450 miles huh... you know I enjoy you and our chats so much it always feels like you are just next door!
    Your Mr. is right I do know how much you love Peonies and White...
    So glad to send you a bit of happiness...

  3. What a beautiful gift. Wishing you, too, a very Happy Mother's Day, Jacqueline. Hugs, Deb

  4. Oh my, oh wow! They are gorgeous! What a loving, thoughtful gift and it you documented it lovingly.

  5. GASP! What a beautiful, tender, special gift. ... and they are Heavenly! Just the perfect shade of soft white and pink. Makes me smile that they are so pretty and how happy it makes you to have them. What a sweet treat ... and how cool that they made it and couldn't wait to start opening up!


  6. What a delightful surprise! And they actually survived. So nice.

  7. It is a most precious gift. I would probably cry in receiving them. I tried to grow peonies here but it is too hot and dry. I do believe if I could they may become my favorite flower...but since I can grow roses, they are my favorite. Peonies are so delicate and I adore the ruffle like petals. You are a lucky girl. xxo

  8. What a sweet blogging friend and, a beautiful gift. They look so fresh after the drink - I am surprised an ant didn't show up too. Where there are peonies, there are usually ants.

  9. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift and don't they just look lovely at their final destination! Bella does have a wonderful talent for sharing the beauty of her world in such delightful ways. Maybe they will also look lovely dried! Another 'experiment' perhaps? Wishing you a lovely Mother's Day. xo Karen

  10. It's amazing that they survived the trip they are beautiful.

  11. What a lovely idea. And they survived and got there so quickly! I can't say that for our postal service.

  12. What a special gift from Bella. She has such beautiful flowers - I love seeing all her gardens. So glad that they arrived in good shape.
    Have a Very Happy Mothers Day.

  13. Pure lucky you are to get those amazing peonies!

  14. This is such a lovey gesture by Bella! I follow her blog and she has the most beautiful garden. I love how you shared her gift to you and seeing how well the blooms are doing. Please check out how to dry them...I've done that and they lasted over 2 years before they faded.


  15. What beautiful flowers and how great that they arrived in good condition.


  16. hello
    heureusement que vous avez
    trouver le colis en temps
    c'est pivoines sont superbes
    les miennes la pluie les à
    beaucoup abimées
    à bientôt
    edith (iris)

  17. How incredibly sweet of her, and how very beautiful they are!!!
    Happy Mother's Day, Jacqueline!

  18. HI Jacqueline! This is familiar territory for me- every spring I always send a small bunch of cheery daffodils from my yard to a dear friend in New England; of course, here in the deep south they come up in early March, and she is always overjoyed to be able to enjoy them "fresh from the yard". I package them the same way, bottoms soaked in layers of paper towels and carefully placed in a ziplock bag, and they do just fine. It is so fun to share such simple pleasure across the miles where is is always so appreciated!! I know you are enjoying year i will send you some daffy's too!!!

  19. Hi Jacqueline,
    That is so amazing! I had no idea that the buds would live after two days! Peonies are my favourite too and I wouldn't have been able to part with my last two buds. Such a lovely post. Bella is a sweet friend! Happy Mother's Day! Karen

  20. so sweet! happy mothers day, jacqueline!

  21. How beautiful! I can't believe you took the time to unwrap and shoot along the way, but I'm so glad you did. I was breathless along the way to see how it came out for you - LOL! What a wonderful gift from your friend. And she has a wonderful blog that I follow also. Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Jacqui!

  22. That was very sweet of her

    Happy Mother's day weekend and always

  23. How lovely and so fitting,right on Mothers Day weekend. Bella has such a beautiful garden.

  24. Truly a remarkable gift, so beautiful. The white is dazzling. And of course you will show it in the most perfect of vessels!

    Happy Mothers Day!

  25. A thoughtful gesture, and the peonies are gorgeous.

  26. How much fun to receive garden flowers from a friend! they are lovely.


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