Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Instant Vintage Patio Garden

We joined the hordes and visited the local nursery this past weekend. Since our patio is small, it only takes a few plants to soften things up to make the spot a pleasant sitting area.

I always go for ferns, a little bloom of some kind, and herbs. That way a pot of basil, parsley, or thyme is just a few steps away from the kitchen stove.

But I also prefer the look and scent of herbs, and their delicate flowers. A pinch of rosemary a day is like a tonic!

I keep a variety of vintage containers to pop the pots in straight from the nursery. No muss no fuss.

Every year I look for these small pots of pink gypsophilia muralis (low baby's breath) to group together because they make a cheery centerpiece, and are low maintenance. The old enamel containers have a few worn holes in the bottom for drainage so we can water them in place. We are gone a lot, and having all the container plants in one spot makes it easier for our housesitter to manage.

The small evergreens we got for Christmas are taking on new growth. They have been wintering over on the patio since then. A pair of vintage finials decorate the bancos this season.

The parsley and thyme were left neglected under the eaves all winter too and somehow made it through. Happy to be in the sun again.

A little spindly, but holding on in its thrift store container.

I planted a fresh batch to round out the pot.

We are trying out a little Mexican heather for the first time. It's rooming up with a pretty German thyme in a vintage wire egg basket for now.

I have no idea what I picked for my vintage metal garden urn. Some viney white flower, with what looks to me to be pink impatiens mixed in. Maybe you can enlighten me! I just love how light and airy it all is, and I wanted something cascading over the edges of the container. I have an upside down flower bucket placed inside the urn in order to prop the pot high enough, and just plop the plastic nursery container right in.

This year I moved this antique sun dial out into a hidden corner. I love the sentimental Robert Browning quote.

So that's how a lazy gardener does it!

Thanks for popping by for a visit!
 We're going to have some nice times out here . . .

I hope the new week is turning out great for you!


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  1. Indeed it looks vintage and so euro chic, it feel like a garden setting in France, love the stone wall back drop it really adds to the rustic feel of a garden wall.
    I so need to get in my yard and get it going. Yet not sure how much longer I will be in this home before we sell it. It was just a four year investment home plan, will see how the market is. This sell holds me back from doing to much to the yard, yet when I see your wall and planting it make me want to spruce the yard up a bit with some potted plants and some yard features.

    Looking forward to all the beauty you create inside and out.

    Beautiful May flowers to you, and beautiful home inspiration.


  2. So beautiful. I also love your wall that looks like adobe bricks. xoxo

  3. So pretty! Just visited Home Depot last night to get a couple of hanging baskets. It's so nice to see blooms!

  4. Love patina in garden.Kiss from Serbia,

  5. Just beautiful and such an inviting place to enjoy spring. Your plant with the delicate white blossoms is Euphorbia. The common name for this one is Diamond Frost. It is one of my favorites!

  6. You can't go wrong with pink and white. Just beautiful.

  7. There is just something about pots of greenery on a porch that is refreshing and pleasing to the eye. I love your "lazy gardening " !

  8. Hi J,
    Yes, yes, yes... patio season is the very best season!! I believe a small cozy patio is best and your is perfect! I love maiden hair fern and have been eyeing it, but my porch is too sunny, till the plants grow up... That big meal urn is to die for!! Beautiful work my "lazy gardening friend"!!

  9. What a lovely and refreshing oasis you have created, Jacqueline! I love the delicate and lacy plants you have chosen to go in your charming containers. It looks very cool and relaxing - the perfect place to enjoy some ice tea on a hot summer day - with a little sprig of herb straight from the garden! Hugs xo Karen

  10. Your patio plants do look lovely. Such a cozy spot to enjoy nature. I think the pink and white pot of flowers is double impatiens (pink) and the white I think is Euphorbia Diamond Frost. I got it last year for my window boxes and it grew well all summer. It likes what little sun and heat we get. Enjoy your patio!

  11. Your colour scheme is so lovely - a perfect calming hideaway. Xx

  12. What a lovely patio - everything looks so good and your choice of flowers and herbs are perfect.

  13. The patio looks lovely, fern and herbs always look good and smell great too.

  14. Your flowers are so pretty, Jacqueline. This is my kind of gardening this year too. There are so many pretty combinations already thriving in containers at the gardening centers.
    Mary Alice

  15. How pretty and soft. And yes, very vintage. I went for pops of color this season. Yellows and blues on the patio. Edith red cushions. Bright. But I am luv8ng yours... inhale always done a soft white garden on the patio , this is a change for me...
    Hugs, Gee

  16. Your vintage features and soft greens provide a peaceful setting. I'd love to spend time on this patio, Jacqueline.

  17. I love your patio garden. You have some really great containers and everything looks so great together. I like idea of adding herbs. I have two empty containers and am going to pick up some herbs tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!! Blessings, Cindy

  18. Beautiful Jacqueline! I love herbs too. I actually enjoy pulling little weeds that pop up in my herb garden. Just walking through it releases the best of fragrances!

  19. I also buy that white viney flower and love it! It grows wonderful for me. Some label it as HOPS , but I know it also has another name. Can't think of it for the life of me. ha! GORGEOUS!

  20. pink and white flowers are so pretty surrounded by the brick and stone, jacqueline:) happy mom's day to you!

  21. This is just how I like to garden, too! Your plants are lovely, so pretty and romantic. And there's nothing like fresh herbs in cooking.

  22. Jacqueline,
    This gorgeous patio with all your aromatic herbs beckons me outdoors, dear friend!!!
    I, too, love having herbs on the patio and our Herb Garden is just a few stone paver steps away.
    Enjoy this lovely setting. . .right out of a magazine page, dear one!!!

  23. Your patio is so fresh and perfect. I love its romantic simplicity - so lovely.

    Our rain finally stopped, and its getting warm...but been too busy to spend much time getting my Zen room and garden back into shape - winter took its toll on much - all my roses, two established old trees and countless bushes to name a few.


  24. Happy Pink Saturday, Jacqueline. I am so glad you joined us this weekend. I appreciate you making Pink Saturdays special.

    Your patio is charming. Your plant choices are great, and your containers are perfect. Great ambiance.


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