Monday, May 26, 2014

The Last Days of May

It seems like a good day for cherry blossoms although the kiddos have been picking the actual cherries all weekend. The blossoms are on my china tea set which I have brought out to the table for the first time in a while.

A sweet bouquet of mixed roses from the garden sits in the center, and we have layered some pretty linens around it.

I have put an vintage applique dresser scarf over the tablecloth, and I am using the smaller doilies that match as tea napkins. I adore the darling morning glory motif that someone has expertly embroidered on it. The set was two dollars at the thrift store in perfect condition!  Cheery as all get out with that damask raspberry colored border underneath. . . .

I always get asked about the china pattern when I show this tea set, so I have shown the maker's mark a little further down below. It's a vintage set that I have inherited, and have never seen another.

 Seems like we are spending a lot of time on the patio these days!

I hope you are enjoying these last sweet days of May!

A happy week to you whatever you're up to!


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  1. Your roses are gorgeous. Aren't home grown roses the best?

  2. A lovely post Jaqueline, for the end of May.
    Your roses are beautiful.
    how great you can pick things up so cheaply.
    I love the little cherry tree set.
    Our weather is still a little chilly..but sunny.
    wishing you a good week.

  3. What a lovely set! We are still enjoying our blossoms up here, and you have berries already. So nice to meet you!

  4. Dear Jacqueline,
    your coffee table is fantastic! And: I can smell the roses even here in Austria!
    So wonderful!
    Have sunny days

  5. Gorgeous as always, Jacqueline!!! You have roses & cherries, and the aspen leaves are just thinking about leafing out here. Such different worlds we live in!
    Enjoy your time outdoors!

  6. You have such a wonderful way of displaying everything! Those roses are so soft and pretty. I lost my only rose bush to the harsh winter. I'm debating on trying another. That tea set is wonderful- I adore the pattern.

  7. Oh, what a pretty tea set! It would be fun to get this out on a rainy day like today and have tea and scones with a friend.

  8. Lovely as always. My latest post is pink and white, too.

  9. This post is so beautiful and peaceful. Just what I need with trying to get the house finished. The tea cup and dishes are beautiful. They look like real cherry blossoms.


  10. I do love May and will miss it when it is gone. This is so simple and lovely yet very elegant.

  11. your pretty tabletopper looks like it was made just for your china and rose bouquet! beautiful garden spot, jacqueline!

  12. Hi Jacqueline,
    Lovely last days of May and you share them so beautifully. Love the cherry blossom tea set. Your table setting is so inviting.
    Wishing you a great rest of the week and Happy start to June!

  13. Such a lovely teaset and tea table setting with the roses too. Just beautiful!

  14. Dear. That pattern was so soft looking! Cherry pink?
    Really very pretty, I would love to have tea with you these lovely warm days we are having. I like it when it is spring, and the blossoms are on all the trees!
    Thanks for the pictures!
    Blessings, Roxy

  15. What a perfectly lovely tea setting! Your roses are gorgeous and oh, I do love your pretty china. Lovely linens too. A happy table to sit and savour a cup of tea. Thanks for sharing all this beauty with us.


  16. Jacqueline,
    Such sweetness in your Tea Set and your Roses, dear friend!!!
    We have had the most unusual Spring ever here on the Prairie, but the last few days have arrived more seasonably than the start! Yes! "Mr. Ed" and I have been out~of~doors more and enjoying the last few days of May!!!
    Here's looking ahead to the weekend!!!
    P.S. Cherry pickin' time here is in July!!!

  17. Oh how absolutely feminine and lovely - what a pretty tea time, Jacqueline. I *adore* that china!

  18. You never disappoint ....gorgeous as usual
    happy end of May .....Lorraine

  19. This is beautiful! Would love it if you would share this and your upcoming posts at my 'Home Sweet Garden' party! Here is the link to this weeks party... ♥ Brooke ♥

  20. Wow-just breathtaking! You always create the loveliest tablescapes!

  21. Beautiful roses! would love to have some to cut for my table. Isn't it amazing that no one wants such beautiful handmade linens and you can get them so inexpensively? I think of how many hours were put into them. Very pretty. and the china too. I've never seen any like it.

  22. Beautiful post as always, but that 3rd picture, the close up of the rose, is absolutely stunning! Love it! I am so sad May is gone! The rhodies, roses, and azaleas were so gorgeous! Roses are still blooming, thank goodness! I remember Queen Guinivere of Camelot singing about the "lovely month of May!" So true!

  23. I think we all love May with a passion...not burning are so pretty...usually a little rain along....the month just seems to fly by....
    Your photos are lovely.
    Happiest Pink Sat.

  24. hello
    un superbe bouquet de roses
    de couleurs tendre comme je les aime
    en Normandie nous n'avons pas pu
    profiter de ce joli mois de Mai

    pluie et vent étaient au rendez- vous
    edith (iris) France

  25. Quel raffinement!Que ce blog est joli! Je reviendrais!...

  26. This is so lovely, Jacqueline and perfect for spring! Your tea set is beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend!

  27. Your roses and dishes are beautiful! HPS!

  28. Jacqueline, your roses are as pretty as I've seen anywhere! Lovely table scarf and napkins, and a woman couldn't help but feel beautiful drinking tea from that divine tea set! Blessings, Bess

  29. Hi Jacqueline, what a sweet tea table. Your china and your roses are stunning. Christa

  30. Jacqueline, exquisite as always. That is such a delicate and beautiful tea set and the pretty linens under it are so soft. The colors are just perfect. Hope you had a wonderful May and are looking forward to June..Happy Sunday..Judy

  31. Those dishes are gorgeous! Look great on all of the pastel linens...

  32. Your last days of May are beautiful, and you welcome us into June.
    Looking forward to the beauty you create in June :)

    Love your garden setting full of grace.


  33. Hi J,
    A beautiful day on the patio! Delicious roses and cherries already!! Yum Yum! Lovin your big new striped pillows, a pop of summer!!
    Happy June!!

  34. So beautiful. Everything that makes my heart sing. Delicate and feminine. Your roses and china stunning. I just did a post showing my roses too. They are in full bloom right now. So exciting to watch. I hope you can stop by to see them.

    Wishing you a happy week.

  35. What a beautiful tea setting for May. I have been on vacation and I can't believe that is the middle of June this weekend! The year is half over! How did that happen? Thanks for always joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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