Sunday, May 18, 2014

Desert Roses

We inherited all of the rose bushes you see here when we moved into our little brown house many years ago, so I can't tell you their names. But they are a fragrant and hardy bunch. 

We aren't gardeners, and until a couple of years ago these beauties have been left pretty much on their own. In fact a couple of them have reverted back their wild state.

After pruning a couple of summers ago, they are coming back to life. But I still think "spindly" when I see them. But maybe that is the nature of a tea rose, which some of these are.

This variety is the one I featured in a bouquet on a tablescape in my last post. It has more blooms than ever this year.

I had no plan when I snapped these photos other than to document the garden at its peak. No time to stage anything more.

So I'm sharing them on their own in their plain and honest beauty.

This is the only bloom so far this spring for this specimen.

But this climber, with it's vibrant mixed color, is this year's prize winner. (In a very modest pageant, mind you.)

The blooms have stayed a long time. So cheery every morning!

This very forgiving rose came from Costco (I think) a couple of years ago.

On the south side of the house in full sun, it's plainly getting what it needs.

And that's the end of our little Sunday Rose Show! 

(Don't you love the little point at the edge of the petals on this pretty little rose?)

I hope it's a lovely day for you!


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  1. Jacqueline, I love the pictures of your roses, I used to have them in the yard, but as time went by I didn't care for them as I should have! I'll look forward to seeing your pictures, you do a great job of photographing them! Thanks, Mary

  2. Your roses are beautiful. I just planted a few two knock out roses and one red rose no name. I hope that mine will look like your roses.. I am so impressed.. Love them all.. Thanks for making my heart go awe!!!!!
    Thanks Jacqueline for sharing this..
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Oh my Jacqueline, your roses and beautiful and there are so many. Mine should bloom in a matter of weeks and I can't wait. Thank you for sharing such beauty and inspiration.


  4. I ADORE roses ~ yours are very beautiful! TFS ~

  5. How wonderful that these roses were already there. Looks to me like they are very happy. Beautiful, beautiful!
    I spent the weekend cutting back the spent blooms on our knockout roses. They were in full bloom just weeks ago. Then we had two wonderful days of heavy, soaking rain. I suspect they will begin to bloom again very soon.

  6. Your roses are beautiful. So glad that you can cut and enjoy a bouquet of them.
    All of mine have finished their first bloom and have been deadheaded so in a couple of weeks they will be in full bloom again. I love the first bloom of spring.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely roses.

  7. Beautiful. I can't seem to develop the knack, try though I have.

  8. Nothing better than a rose in with it's plain and host beauty. The hardy one from Costco looks like a Knockout rose. They are very hardy. Thanks for sharing. Dianne

  9. No staging needed where roses are concerned I believe. They just shine no matter whether in a garden or a vase! Yours are beautiful and happy for sure.
    I adored the plates in your last post Jacqueline. They are such a pretty pattern.
    sending hugs...

  10. I so love roses as most of us do. I especially love your iron sconces behind your beautiful climber and your rustic walls in the rose garden are stunning Jacqueline.

  11. Hello, These just are lovely! I will have a Rose garden in heaven! As living in these harsh prairies I have had a struggle to grow my flowers!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I long to be surrounded by beautiful things! I spent a whole day trimming fruit trees!Love, Roxy

  12. Your rose garden is beautiful. Have a wonderful week.


  13. Your roses are so beautiful, Jacqueline...I especially love the photo of the many varieties together...had to pin it!

  14. So beautiful. I tried planting roses in the past but the darn rabbits ate all the flowers and they never came back. So annoying. Does anyone know how to keep the pesky critters away?

  15. If there was nothing more than that very first photo to start my day, it would already be a "best" day -- how gorgeous. And I can't begin to imagine how glorious it smells!

  16. Hi Jacqueline, Love your rose garden pics. Each one is beautiful. Being a rose gardener myself, I see a few that I have too. The little pinks you show, look like Drift roses which are very hardy and dainty and from the Knock Out family of roses.
    How lovely to view each day. I am sure you are enjoying it.

  17. Such a delight to see these today, Jacqueline! They are gorgeous.

    My garden is still in it's infancy, and the bunnies tend to prune things back with gusto, but my fingers are crossed that the little pink rose bush that I planted last summer will grow and bloom ~ and encourage me to plant more! :)

    Enjoy this beautiful day!

  18. Your roses are beautiful! How lucky to have them, nothing like cutting from your own yard for bouquets!

  19. Hi J,
    No staging necessary, perfect and lovely just as they are! A big beautiful Spring flush! Your hard work certainly paid off.
    Love the Costco rose and it's sweet little blooms and I do love those pointed petals on the pink one too:-)
    Great ironwork backdrop, yummy yum, yum!

  20. Your rose garden is spectacular.

  21. I love all roses, but the perfect rose for me is a pink one. Yours are lovely!

  22. Your roses are all beautiful, I hope that you have amazing blooms this year too. xx

  23. Your roses are just beautiful. I am guessing the plant with the single rose may be a Peace rose, which is one I dearly love.

  24. your garden is beautiful, jacqueline! i love the costco rose--so pretty:) have a great week!

  25. Jacqueline,
    your roses are gorgeous, the colors are amazing! Makes me wish I was a gardener!


  26. Your roses are beautiful...i like roses very much and your garden is georgeus....i have one climber in de garden...New Dawn...have a nice day and thanks for your kind comment... greetings from Marjon

  27. Your roses look great. In their natural state is the best way to be! You sure have nice species.

  28. Every single on of your roses are magnificent! I loved them are so blessed to have so many treasures!

  29. Oh, your roses are just stunning!

  30. Your rose photos turned out fantastic! Gorgeous. Great job!

  31. So beautiful. You mist give them lots of love.

  32. Really BEAUTIFUL roses!!♥

    Many hugs from Finland, Marikki

  33. Oh my, so gorgeous!! I love all these roses! would love to have such a garden! I hope you cut some and have them around your house. Garden roses are so much more lush and beautiful than hothouse varieties. You are blessed to have inherited them!

  34. I can almost smell them. Beautiful pictures. We used to have lots of roses in another state years ago. We are redoing an old messy yard that is taking forever. Surprisingly, no roses. Sad. Thanks for sharing. Linda

  35. So completely gorgeous! I love how they look against the adobe color! xoxo

  36. What a fine display of rose beauty, Jacqueline! Perfect for Pink Saturday!

    I am a novice gardener just learning rose care myself but know this: full sun, only water from the bottom (they hate wet leaves) and FEED them with a product called Rose Care - perfect amount of food and pest control - and them in early spring a good prune of about 1/3 of the bush - providing a bushier more floral mound.

    Not sure about climber care because I have no fencing or anything for them to climb other than a shady zen room - where they would not grow well.

    Hope you don't mind the unheeded novice advice. I like it's natural look so no need to change at all.


  37. Jacqueline,
    Such splendor in your Rose Garden, dear friend.
    The photo ofthe budand blossom is magnificent!!!
    Thank you for inviting me to your Rose Parade!!!

  38. Lucky you! Love the "plain and honest beauty" :-)

  39. Oh, your rose garden is beautiful Jacqueline!! I like my roses a bit wild not all perfect and pruned. Mine are the same way! It is kind of how I wear my hair too. LOL! Thanks for sharing.

  40. Roses are gorgeous!HPS to you and enjoy the wonderful weekend ahead of us. Thank you for sharing.


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