Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lavender Afternoon

I'm all ready for lavender scented afternoons. Even a single pot was enough for a fat bumble bee to stop by and join me for a few moments of her day.  

But there will be other such impromptu visits soon, and the table is set for them.

I have been mulling over a garden themed table ever since I found a couple of key ingredients. 

These fun flower pot napkin rings for instance. Only after I paired them with my ruffled PB napkins did I discover their origin. I never saw them when they were offered at Pottery Barn. I found mine at a fleamarket bundled together for only two dollars!

I feel festive, and have been festooning. Sometimes the patio umbrella pole is invisible to me, and other times I just want to cover it up. A crisp and breezy vintage white curtain does the trick today.

I started out here with a glass of tea and my new magazines and got carried away! That wonderful smell of lavender inches away from my nose may have had something to do with it. Or maybe busy Ms. Bumble. . . .

A little birdie is ready to carry a message.

Lacy white china for nibbles, and lacy white lace for show.

Such a cozy bed for your favorite silverware to lie in. . . . (I saw more of these pots for sale on ebay.)

I adore the character of old glass.
 This itty bitty pitcher at 99 cents has stolen my heart.

A little lace square that I found of late decorates a vintage wicker flower basket (new to me) that has joined the party. How I love that cheery chippy white paint!

It will be a fine weekend for visiting outdoors in these parts!
 I hope it is lovely where you are too!

Wishing you a beautiful week!


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  1. Hi Jacqueline! I come by way of dear Kerrie over at Sea Cottage; your world is superb and you are inspiring me to get out my lace and white linens! Magnificent photography! Anita

  2. So beautiful. I love the little flower pot napkin holders! Enjoy your lovely afternoon on the patio.

  3. Your garden setting is my favorite kind of beauty. Have a beautiful, white ruffled Mother's Day. Thank you for your visit. xxo Kerrie

  4. Your patio is the perfect and most lovely place to spend a beautiful afternoon! I think I would outstay my welcome if I lived close by.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!
    Mary Alice

  5. Lovely post...and I especially love the flower pot napkin holders!Happy Mother's day, Anita xo

  6. Those napkin ring pots are the cutest things I've ever seen. My creative juices are flowing. It's the "I can do that," mode -- but the big question is "Will you?"

  7. I love everything...the pot napkin rings are SO pretty!! I think I will look on Ebay. Just irresistible! And lavender...I tried it at the lake, and it died. I may try it here, have to do some research! :(

    Happy Spring!


  8. This is all so gorgeous!!!

  9. Love love the patio veranda feeling here. Everything in keeping with your whites. I can see why your little bumble bee visits were buzzing about sharing in the warmth and excitement of the delights that will be set out to enjoy.

    Jacqueline, you have set a beautifully inspiring table to charm us all, and as for the banner, and linen that hides the umbrella pole adds a layer of dressing up your surroundings. I so wish we could depend on nicer days with the winds low so we too can have a setting as yours without it all blowing away :)

    Enjoy your white patio Mothers Day!

    Happy Mothers Day my friend


  10. lavender is so soothing. The soft green looks so lovely with the white lace,so soft. Happy Mothers Day Jacqueline

  11. Hi J,
    Whether it was the sweet lavender or the beautiful weather that has you setting such a pretty table, I am so glad it happened! Your tables are always a delight of details!
    The ruffled napkins in the sweet pots are adorable not to mention the yum yum silver! Sweet birdies and sweet new wicker too... a perfectly lovely afternoon escape has been designed... Hope your Mothers Day is perfect too!

  12. so beautiful and magical. My deck/outside never look like yours. Wish I had you talent! I also tried to plant lavender, but it died too. It wasnt pretty at all. Maybe I purchased the wrong variety. I never thought about growing it i a pot. Think I will try that!!!. Have a beautiful Mother's Day!


  13. Wonderful.They look lovely. Happy Mothers day to you..Love sujatha..:):)

  14. OH, MY!

    I have to find some of those pot napkin rings.

  15. Witaj Jacqueline! z niecierpliwością czekam na każdego kolejnego bloga,żeby pooglądać te wszystkie wspaniałe,białe koronki,piękną porcelanę i oryginalne aranżacje - pozdrawiam serdecznie

  16. Your patio area is breathtaking!! Love those little napkin rings :)

  17. your patio looks straight out of Provence! oh my...j'adore! so many sweet cozy and inviting. lovely. sigh....

  18. so lovely, as always. I agree with another commenter, looks right out of Provence. Lavender and lace and silver -- how can you go wrong?

  19. Jacqueline, thank you so much for coming to visit me! You are so kind! I hope you are enjoying your fabulous cottage and I am now finally getting good weather out here in Minneapolis. What a winter!

    Oh how I love your vintage whites....

  20. My goodness I needed a Cabin and Cottage fix right now. You can soothe an otherwise chaotic afternoon with this calming table. I just bought my first Spanish lavender plant which I was told will grow here in the Deep South. xo, olive

  21. What a sheer delight it would be to sit amongst these gorgeous wares Jacqueline. I adore those sweet little pot napkin holders too.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  22. You always have the most beautiful outdoor table settings. Such a pretty area to work with and I love the little pots as napkin holders...♥

    Have a great week!


  23. What beautiful images! I can't wait to be growing lavender. I should be able to put it in the ground the second week of June. Sometimes I've been successful at wintering over the plant, but sometimes not (in the house, of course). Hope you have a lovely day!

  24. Jacqueline,
    We are having a "difficult to enjoy Spring" here on the Prairie!!! Just a week ago we had our first tripple digit day and now we are reaching the highs of only 67 degrees. Today has been sweatshirt weather.
    We're having a TAG $ALE of items from our Bit's 'n Pieces Spring Booth and then we'll join in the City Wide Garage $ale for the remainder of our week.
    May have to bring the heater up from Studio One to keep our Garage and out side area warm for people who arrive early to the $ale. . .and mugs of steaming coffee!!!
    I will smile, though, and think of your lovely out of doors and the heady lavendar wafting through the gentle breeze.

  25. You have got a different idea to keep the fork and the napkin in a little flower pot!

  26. What a gorgeous post as always. LOVE those flower pot napkin rings!!! I wouldn't dare purchase anything more for the new house, LOL. I have a pile. Your vignettes are always so gorgeous and you know me love t he lavender.


  27. Hi Maam Jacque,

    Graciousness... I do LOVE LOVE your settings today.

    Everything is so PERFECT and your pot napkin holders is just awesome.

    Have a happy day.

  28. You always have the prettiest table settings, but I think this may be my favorite. The ruffled white napkins and flower pot rings make me want my own. I just love it. Alaina

  29. so pretty! love the little pot rings and the sweet ruffled napkins!

  30. So fresh and pretty...wonderful use of all white.

  31. It is starting to get beautiful outside! I love the napkin rings and the ruffled napkins! They are perfect for the garden. Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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