Friday, May 23, 2014

Antiques Shopping in Santa Barbara!

There's plenty of bling and glamour to go around at the Antiques Center Mall on Hollister street in Santa Barbara, California. I always try to stop in here when we visit family. We are only in town for a short visit, but everyone asks, "Will you do some shopping?" No time, I say. Last thing on my mind. . . But here it is calling out to me. Right across from our favorite coffee house...


I have to say this was my best visit ever! It's a large, well run mall that always has plenty of what I like. China, linens, garden antiques, and the unexpected. Loved this beautifully upholstered Victorian chair!

I fell too much in love with this lovely quilt in one very nice booth.

I always make a beeline to this corner of the mall that always has a wonderful mix of old and new, and everything trendy. I bought an unusual French mustard jar that will show up on the blog soon. But what's not to love here, I ask you?

A new dealer in the mall was offering this wonderful hotel silver and luscious large dinner napkins, so well displayed. And so tempting! Just look at it gleam!

But I couldn't pass up this "Company G" presentation tray from 1901. . . . Oh my. . .

My final favorite spot was this very Frenchy booth with lots of wonderful inside. Just have a look ! 

I so wanted this fab zinc pitcher, but a bit too huge!

Lots of lovely greys and French blues. . . .

C'est magnifique!

Exciting, yes??? So lucky to have a few minutes to pop in!

Now we're back home, with family in for the weekend. The official kick-off for all the summer activites! 

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments on our little rose garden! So encouraging. I'm so glad you had a moment to stop by for a visit. Have a wonderful holiday weekend wherever you are!



  1. What eye candy!!! What a great place to shop!! I spied a mustard jar with a lid.....I want that!!! Good thing there are no places like that around here...I'd be in the poor house!!!

  2. So much to like here! From that gorgeous quilt to the Earl Grey teapot - and the old typewriter. What fun!

  3. Enjoyed seeing all the antique things. I like all of them!

  4. Oh I would like to shop there I like Emma Bridgewater pottery and I think that is what the white and black tea pot was in one of your first few pictures.
    So glad you got the silver tray and I would love to have that jacket with white fur cuffs wow my kind of clothing

  5. Boy oh boy...
    You go to the bestest places!!
    Enjoy your long weekend..
    Linda :o)

  6. There's hardly an item that I saw that I didn't love! I could redo my whole house with all of the above. I especially loved the quilt, yes sirree! Fun post! I wish I could go!

  7. Lovely old things, they do give a home a hint of the past.

  8. You hit the jackpot. I have never been to this mall. I didn't even know it existed. Is it newer-like in the last few years(like 1 to 5)? I have to go there. I especially liked the teapot and was that vintage pillow cases tied up? I like those, too. What a treasure trove of goodies.

  9. Jacqueline, You take us on the most wonderful shopping trips! Nothing makes my heart pitter patter more than a mall like the one you visited. Thanks for sharing. Dianne

  10. Oh Jacqueline,
    I know this mall well, oh I see so many pieces I want, yet shutter at some of their prices.
    I have to make a trip there soon thank you for planting the bug in my :)

    What a beautiful place to visit, my favorite place to live !!

    Thank you sweet friend for taking the time to visit me, I smile when I see your comments.


  11. wonderful shop. I saw so many things I would have had to have. The Earle Gray tea pot was first on my list!

  12. I have that Earl Grey teapot, now I must find it. Love seeing the fun finds in this shop.

  13. Such an eclectic collection of old antiques .
    I can imagine how you must have felt Jacqueline.
    Your new finds . I am sure have found a nice place in your little shop.
    I love the jacket. I would wear that..
    super post
    val xxx

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  15. Don't think of it as shopping. Think of it as research. After all, you MUST see what's out there, right? Of course! And if one or two little things happen to make the trip home with you, well, that's just business! Oh, yes it is!

    Happy weekend -- it's all lovely and I can tell you had a wonderful time!

  16. Wow! So many wonderful and beautiful things at this antique place. I think I couldn't pass on that Company G tray either... it would have been perfect for this little "Greenway" home. Have a wonderful weekend! Love ~ Vanessa

  17. Wspaniałe rzeczy nam prezentujesz. Jestem pod wielkim urokiem każdego obrazka i nie mogę się nadziwić ile tam jest cudownych przedmiotów. Dziękuję za piekną wycieczkę w tym sklepie - pozdrawiam serdecznie

  18. thank you for all of the pics....I lwish there was a great shop close by with all of those goodies...down here on capecod is slow going....enjoy the weekend ..always a pleasure to read your blog...just love it.
    xo Lorraine

  19. Beautiful would be hard for me to leave there!
    I am way behind the times but I just discovered your lovely facebook and spent some time enjoying the beauty and will be checking it out often now.

  20. What a beautiful mall, I haven't been there before but we are heading up to Morro Bay in August so we may have to stop in!
    Thanks for sharing! karen...

  21. Now I am mad at you.

    I do not NEED anything and I also do not need to spend money. I was not aware of the antiques mall on Hollister and I am dying to go visit. I NEED to go shopping now.

  22. So much eye candy. I really enjoyed my visit. Thank you so much.

  23. That's just exactly the sort of place I always look for when I leave the Island. There's really nothing like that here - and I'd love just one hour......what fun it would be!

  24. Such lovely things. I love Santa Barbara. I use to love the shops on State St. xoxo

  25. the french booth is amazing! thanks for sharing, jacqueline--no shops like that around here:)

  26. Such loveliness....thanks for taking a bit of time while you are visiting family to send out some inspiration!

  27. WOW, such lovely treasures! Looks like it was a fun adventure for you!

  28. Lucky you to have the opportunity to visit Santa Barbara. This post make me want to book a flight. You've shown some wonderful finds. Are those bird cages on the wall? Did I spy your French mustard pot in one of the photos? You know I have a collection of the French mustards myself. ;-)
    Eager to see the one you brought home.

  29. Hello, So glad you had a little trip away to visit family and visit another lovely spot with all the treasures you love! And thank you for sharing them with me...
    Happy Memorial Day to You!

  30. Jacqueline,
    C'est magnifique, indeed!!!

  31. What a fun mall!! Lots of temping goodies... the tray is amazing, hope it fit in the suitcase:-)


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