Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Little Girls in White Dresses

Almost all of our grandgirls have been visiting grandma's nursery since the day they were born. There is sweet lace hung at the window, and cabbage rose curtains which at times have come crashing down with great rambunctiousness.

And there have always been little white dresses hanging about here too.

So many of you left wonderful comments on my vintage dress and parasol post, and so when Marilyn of the blog Delights of the Heart asked if I had ever taken pictures of the girls in vintage clothes, I thought I would re-post a few from my early days on the blog.

I have a long history of mixing joy and frills. My own daughter's blouse from a Laura Ashley pattern hangs next to last in the row here.

And many other sweet frocks have found their way to loving homes from the Cabin & Cottage shop. But  sometimes, before they go out the door, they have their day in the sun at a photo shoot or two.

We have started a tradition of "Granny Camp", and sometimes it has been actual camping like this occasion in the mountains a few years ago when I brought a few props along for a photo shoot.

Little girls love to dress up and pose for the camera, but I am always looking for more candid shots. I sometimes have to do some real talking or storytelling while I shoot to catch them all off guard. And of course I am only a picture taker! I have so much respect for the art of children's portrait photography. It has to be one of the most challenging jobs around!

The pages of the old Victoria Magazine were full of nostalgic photos of girls in pretty dresses, and that was the mood I was going for.

These three cousins have all just had their tenth birthdays.

Emma and I celebrated age six on the patio for tea one summer in a pink dress that just recently sold in the shop. I'm also often asked about how I can bear to part with so many lovely things, but that's the life of a vintage Gramma! And maybe like the song says, "Love isn't love 'til you give it away!"

Our dress up days have been a good time for brushing up on curls, and winding up pigtails as well as hearts together. 

And I think that vintage hearts are born young.

Soon enough, a fragment from one summer day will pass on to other hands.

I love a vintage life in which the soulful artifacts of the past can live on with new memories. One can either put things on display and wonder at the history, or one can add a page or two of one's own. Perhaps on one otherwise uneventful summer afternoon under a cherry tree. . . .

I love capturing the girls in all their moods. These days little people have lots of opportunities for smiles into the camera. A thoughtful moment is much more rare.

A girl and a popsicle and a little white dress. 


A simple beginning that can add up to so much more. . .

Thanks for joining us on memory lane!
I hope you're having a beautiful White Wednesday!


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  1. Oh, what a sweet post, Jacqueline! Your little granddaughters are adorable and I love those little white dresses. They all look like they hopped out of a magazine! I love that you cherish the oldeness and you're teaching these little dolls to value history and treasures too. Hope you're doing well.
    Love the little snaggle toothed smile!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Aw, they are just darling little girls. I love that you dressed them up for a photo shoot. I have a baby romper from the 50's that I wanted to do a shoot with our grandsons but it didn't happen. By the time they came here to visit they were too big for it! lol

  3. Hello Jacqueline

    I loved seeing this post and in particular the fun and joy that must have prevailed when you went camping with the beautiful girls. There is such style in these simple dresses.
    Have a great week

    Helen xx

  4. Lovely post about your adorable granddaughters....what a wealth to be their gran. Anita xx

  5. Adorable girls... they must have such a great time with Grama.
    These photos will be wonderful treasures for them as they have their own families. Take care.


  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Jacqueline! You've outdone yourself again.
    I do love white linens and white dresses...they are the stuff dreams are made of, to me.
    The girls are lovely, and the settings, and the pictures...what treasures you have created!

  7. Such lovely pictures which capture the sweetness and innocence of childhood.

  8. Beautiful beautiful. Especially like the soft pink dress worn for tea. So soft and delicate.

  9. I have a soft spot for girls in white dresses. I have a collage picture that I cherish in my bedroom of four generations of babies in white dresses. Now my granddaughter has a grown-up white dress for prom this year. Your granddaughters are adorable. Sally

  10. Pretty pictures, little girls in white dresses are sweet but more practical to put them in black track pants, less washing

  11. Oh the girls are wonderful--so pretty and lively. What fun you must have with them. The white dresses are charming.

  12. Thanks for re-posting the pictures. How I love vintage children's clothes and loved, loved seeing your grandchildren in the pretty white dresses and the one pink one too. Just wonderful. I did a photo shoot a few years ago with some of my collection. I think I need to re-post some of them soon too. Plus I am due a photoshoot with my grandson, as I have a little vintage outfit that would be so cute in a photo shoot, that is if I can get a 19 month to stand still long enough.

  13. Jacqueline,
    I adore that you are making the later of this penning come true for your Grandgirls. . ."One can either put things on display and wonder at the history, or one can add a page or two of one's own."
    My MoMa always kept a box of "play clothing" in our play area of the unfinished basement in my youth. Ours was mostly gloves, hats, purses, shoes, mismatched chipped tea cups and saucers and square linen and embrodiery table covers!!! My sister and I would play for hours with those "things"!
    Precious memories. . .yours and mine!!!

  14. Oh just how precious!! The girls looked absolutely adorable in their white gowns. How pretty! White little gals gowns are my favorites, I'm always on the look out for those. My little girls loves them too. Have a wonderful week! Love ~ Vanessa ~

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  16. What beautiful, adorable girls! I've always admired grandmothers who host "granny camp". It's wonderful for cousins to have special times together though the years of childhood. It leads to strong bonds and cherished friendships that will follow them into adulthood. My girl cousins on my mother's side of the family have begun yearly gatherings. We have 3 generations joining in to make new memories together.
    The vintage dresses are gorgeous as is your photography, Jacqueline.

  17. What beautiful, sweet, little girls!!! Granny camp, I love that!! Love the white dresses and great photos, you captured all the charm!!!

  18. Hi J,
    Well I am so glad Marilyn asked, because I loved seeing them again, the girls are 10, time does fly!! The candid quality of the photos is truly beautiful, it is easy to see the Victoria Magazine inspiration. I have wondered if Emma could be so neat as to spare the dress a popsicle drip :-)

  19. These photos are just so precious! So nostalgic and sweet. The girls will enjoy these when they are all grown up with little ones of their own. You have captured such sweetness. xo Karen


  20. You have beautiful granddaughters and the white dresses are adorable...i like it...simple and white...greetings from Marjon

  21. Jacqueline,
    They are just too adorable. I love all the white dresses you have them in. I think the candid shots are the way to go too. Tooo sweet. Loved this post today.

  22. Jacqueline, I loved this post! Everything about it was just perfect, from the lovely vintage clothing to the sweet granddaughters. You got some great pictures and wonderful memories. And Granny Camp?! How cool is that!

  23. This is such a lovely post and good food for thought on parting with dearly loved things. Your grands are simply beautiful -- each and every photo rivals every "Victoria" photo I've ever seen!

  24. Jacqueline, what an absolutely gorgeous post and tribute to your grand girls. They are all so beautiful missing teeth and all. Such gorgeous candid shots and what wonderful memories for you and them to share.


  25. Beautiful pictures of your Granddaughters...they look so pretty and sweet in their dresses. ;)


  26. Such beautiful little ones, Jacqueline, and the clothes are as well.

    Like you, I prefer to use vintage items everyday. They just become all the more special with time.

    Wishing you & yours a lovely weekend!

  27. You inspired me to repost some photos I shared a few years ago. Not necessarily white, but definitely vintage. Hope you enjoy!

  28. So, so precious! What lovely dresses and what lovely little girls! Looks like such a sweet time was had by all.

  29. such a darling post, jaqueline! truly looks like a magazine photo shoot:) adorable g-daughters! happy weekend to you!

  30. Jacqueline, Adorable pics and post! My 7 grandsons are a different story! Well, you know, with all those sons you had!
    And congratulations on the re-opening of shop last weekend! Everything was lovely!

  31. Girls in White Dresses ~ A Must for every grandmother and her girlies! Thank you for sharing these great photos and memories!! Blessings, Cindy

  32. Oh my goodness. What a beautiful photo shoot! I love the braids. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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