Thursday, May 15, 2014

Garden Roses Tablescape

For the last few days we have been enjoying a lovely bouquet of tea roses from our small garden. They have reached the right stage of "floppy" and I want to post them before they're gone.

I kept imagining them on the table with these vintage plates that I usually save for spring (Edwin M. Knowles--don't know the pattern.) So here we all are!

I wanted the rest of the colors soft, so a white damask luncheon cloth and white napkins let the china be the star of the show.

I only have the four settings, and they are heavily crazed and darkened with age. But I love their almost fairytale pattern beneath the creamware bowls I have chosen to use on top.

I like the creamy tones together, and the little white embossed dishes tell a good story of their own. (They are vintage Homer Laughlin Eggshell Theme.) I can just see them filled with fresh strawberries and cream!

I added a couple of tiny porcelain china boxes to the table for more fancy. They are a recent fleamarket find. A vintage vanity mirror with a doily on top frames the rose bouquet set in an ironstone pitcher in the center.

The embossed goblets also carry the roses theme. A billowy sheer fabric strewn on the table like a cloud adds to the romance, but is also excellent for keeping insects at bay while you are preparing a table.

Mine is a sheer vintage curtain with a tulip motif. I have sheers with roses, but this seemed like an interesting departure. 

I adore this stage in the life of a cut rose. And it seems that only garden roses reach it this beautifully, versus the hot house type of rose from the florist. We are at a similar point in the season where the full softness of spring begins to give way to something different and more intense. 

But not quite yet. . . .

I hope you are finding a softness amidst these busy days of May!

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  1. I think I have a few similar plates, Jacqueline...
    Those small boxes are adorable...
    No roses here yet...hopefully soon!
    Enjoy your weekend..
    Linda :o)

  2. Oh Yummy Overload!!!
    You have made my eye candy day, delicious!!
    LOVE Homer Laughlin and yes the flowery China is top billing, but those Rose are right there on top of the marquee...
    Etched rose glasses and lacy lacy... a perfectly perfect table!
    I am so glad you have been tablescaping lately, I enjoy it sooo much!
    Hugs & enjoy!

  3. Perfect roses for a soft feminine table! Beautiful!

  4. Everything looks beautiful and welcoming.

  5. Perfect spring table. I don't think I have seen that pattern before, but oh so pretty. xo Laura

  6. Your table setting is so restful and inviting! I love the way the dishes and roses are showing well on the soft white background. The vintage Homer Laughlin bowls are sweet. Settings like this make every day....special! Great job...=)

  7. Ah, what a gorgeous table! I love those gorgeous dishes, they have just the patina that I want in a dish. Lovely!

  8. A pretty table and the pink roses are outstanding.

  9. So, so lovely, Jacqueline! Love the soft pastels and beautiful roses.
    Mary Alice

  10. Jacqueline,your table is full of soft,romantic loveliness. It is all so pretty. I notice the lovely frilled place mats and thought,aaah I might just have to try and make some. x

  11. What a pretty table setting...the charming dishes and the softness of the linens and those gorgeous roses ~ all lovely.

  12. I love it! The right floppy! You nailed it -- and they are exquisite, as is your setting. Oh, it'll be sometime before my roses bloom. How nice to take comfort in yours!

  13. Beautiful roses! I can't wait for mine to bloom but it looks like that might be a while, yet.

    I have a set of Edwin Knowles china, a different pattern, and I love it. Yours is beautiful!


  14. I'd love to raid Lady Mary or Lady Edith's closet and come join you!
    So pretty!!

  15. Your roses are a beautiful shade of pink. Absolutely beautiful post. If I saw those beautiful goblets in a shop I would snap them up. I have never seen anything like them.

  16. Your roses and china are such a perfect match. Lovely and very romantic tablescape.

  17. I would love dining at this beautiful very special! The roses are so lovely! Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog, Jacqueline...xo

  18. How utterly lovely. I'd want to sit at this table for hours.

  19. Oh, everything is so lovely! The roses are perfect! The dishes and little boxes are beautiful! But, I must say that those etched goblets are just fantastic! If wishes were fishes they could sprout wings and fly to my house. As always, your snowy white linens are the most perfect background for everything. I love visiting your blog - I always feel inspired.
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  20. Absolutely lovely and romantic and feminine and beautiful!

    How I would love to sit there at that gorgeous pretty table with you, Jacqueline!


  21. Your table setting is gorgeous...i love the old china and the color is can eat like a princess...greetings from Marjon

  22. hello
    un ensemble parfait
    tout en délicatesse
    edith (iris) France

  23. Your lovely roses and china make for a lovely table setting.

  24. Jacqueline, it is beautiful. Every element works together to create a soft and whispery beauty. Floppy roses are one of my favorite stages, too. Our rose garden is in the first bloom of this season, and I am loving every minute. We have hundreds of blooms, and I feel so incredibly blessed. I love it when others stop on their walks to share the beauty.

    Happy Pink Saturday, dear Jacqueline. It means so much to me that you join us to make Pink Saturdays special.♥

  25. I'm in love with your vintage plates. They remind me of plates my mother had when I was very young. She only had a few and they ended up in our family cottage with all kinds of odds and ends. I always thought they were so pretty.

  26. The china is absolutely lovely.
    The roses are sigh proof! My heart has a weakness for all things rose.

  27. Wow, love the soft white and the pink shows. So stunning, it's what I always love about your blog.

  28. So beautiful! I'm with you on the garden roses. They're so lush and soft and romantic next to the stiff hothouse varieties. They look beautiful with your china and all the lovely white linen.

  29. Jacqueline, tea in your garden must be perfection. Your roses are stunning! It's always a treat to stop by Cabin & Cottage. Merci!

  30. Jacqueline,
    . . .and oh~h~h, so~o~o romantic!!!
    I love the fading of the roses, as well, dear friend!!!
    Thank you for such a refreshing time on your patio!

  31. Such gorgeous patterned china Jacqueline and with those beautiful roses, it is the perfect spring tablescape. How could I not share this on our Friday features for Shabbilicious Friday this week!
    Have a great weekend,
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  32. My goodness - your real roses and and the ones on your china are the same color! Oh how pretty. I love that china pattern and the beautiful etched glasses. Lovely place to dine, too.

  33. This table is absolutely the china, the flowers, everything. Lovely!


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