Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Cupboards

It's early on an overcast day, and my camera and I are still pretty bleary-eyed. We are a little hung over from Granny Camp to boot. But spending time with young energy is a wonderful way to kick off a summer! 

Before the summer crowds arrived I spent a bit of time dusting off and rearranging the sideboard shelves. (I've only just put away the last of the stray Christmas decorations tucked into a few deep corners.)

I've moved most of the brown transferware away for the season for a lighter look, but I still want to see a lot of jugs and pitchers.

I'm also steadily moving to more of a farmhouse look. I have replaced the dark Victorian framed watercolor I last had hanging here with an old washboard.

A few new things arrive for the collection (like a couple of smaller English barrel shaped jugs, and my new dishes), and a few things leave.

But everything overall pretty much stays comfortingly the same. . . .

Things are slowly returning to "normal." Though it won't be long until the next shift arrives.

We had the tea party with gloves and white dresses of course, but we were much too busy for photographs!

And Granny Camp often veered toward less genteel pursuits. . . .

But back to my cupboards!

 A few things retired from the dining room sideboard got relocated in here to be joined by some recent acquisitions. The new silver presentation tray and French mustard jar for instance. I did take a minute to straighten for the photos, but a ton of stuff just gets pushed in here. But I just love bulging cupboards! Don't you?

I think the mustard jar is not so old. But so handsome!

But this old silver sugar pot surely is. Very bent and dinged and super cheap. I need more silver like a hole in the head!

The fab new silver tray is a perfect fit. It's slated for drinks on the patio some enchanted evening.

The rest is just cream . . . .

Soon the sun will reappear, and things will be in sharper focus.

 For now it's another cup of coffee. . .

How about you?

Welcome to June! I hope it's good!


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  1. Aaahhhh June... afternoon thunders forms and warm mornings. Wild sunsets and sweet sunrises.
    Luv your bulging cupboards. I just did a post on mine as well. But not nearly as prettily arranged as yours Jacqueline .m
    Luv it.
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Love, love, love your cupboards!

  3. Jacqueline - you have such wonderfully endless collection and treasures. It must be so fun to constantly arrange them in new and beautiful displays.
    Hope you're surviving the heat out there and please, don't send it our way. Have fun with your kiddos.

  4. Happy June Jacqueline!
    I LOVE these dreamy photos thru the lace... magically romantic! You have an envious collection of jugs and pitchers, lucky you!! and the linens... the daisy edge in adorable:-) Seeing your sideboard always makes me wish I had room for one!
    Oh and those are the biggest sowbugs (Roly Pollies to you :-)!!

  5. I am all for (and have) bulging cabinets. I just today picked up another set of white dishes that I did not need but could see them in my island. Your pitchers, jars, and ironstone are quite marvelous. We have grandkids coming in two weeks. must get busy, olive

  6. Absolutely delightful post! You have the most wonderful collections of beautiful, china, ironstone, silver....I love the look of everything stacked in our cupboards.
    Mary Alice

  7. Such a beautiful collection! I love those mustard pots and all the silver pieces. You have the cupboard arranged picture perfect, love it!

  8. What fun with the kiddos and as usual how beautiful the cupboards! You know ironstone is my favorite!

  9. Everything looks so fresh and beautiful, and your granddaughters are darling. What fun you must have with them,

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  11. Everything looks wonderful!

    I am so envious of your Granny Camp. My next door neighbor holds Camp Nana Papa every summer.

  12. Your lightened up cupboards look so pretty J! Such a fresh look!
    Summer always seems more fun when the grands come to visit. I loved seeing the shots of your grands you've been hanging with. So cute.
    I just sent one home after a week and now expecting 3 more this week:)

  13. Was Granny Camp earlier this year? What a special time with your grands! Love seeing your cupboards and the dreamy sights of your patio.

  14. I think I could spend hours just gazing at the lovely things in this cupboard! Beautiful!

  15. Have fun at your next "Granny Camp". You have lots of "vases" available if you end up having a flower picking adventure. Today is Auntie Camp here, which I only get ever couple of years.

  16. That silver, cream/white is gorgeous together. I especially love your silver and mustard jars! Yes, Granny Camp would be exhausting -- and glorious!

  17. Hi Jacqueline, LOVE your cupboards and the placement of everything is so inspiring. How fun to enjoy Granny Camp with the little ones. Such a precious time.
    The last pic looking through the lace sheers is just beautiful.
    Off for another cup of coffee too.
    Have a great day!

  18. Oh Jacqueline! Such lovely spaces! I love them all! Love the rose point dishes, the mustard jar, the dinged up silver and most of all, the fact you got to spend time with the grand children. Sigh.

    Thanks for making my morning brighter.


  19. Such a beautiful peek through the lace panels into your patio area, Jacqueline!

    Granny Camp sounds like a blast, and of course, I am in love with all your cupboard's contents.



  20. I love your granny camp and want to sign up, LOL. That pitcher with the brown shading is gorgeous. I can't wait to start a collection of transferware. I love it, I promised I wouldn't go crazy, LOL.


  21. Hi Jacqueline!
    I hope someday I can host granny camp at my house. :) Sounds heavenly!

    LOVE that little mustard jar. Everything is so pretty.

  22. Love the view of your patio and cupboard. Love all the white, the mustard jar, and the touches of transferware.

  23. Jacqueline,
    Absolutely gorgeous cupboards!!!
    Yes, like you . . .I enjoy seeing them filled to the brim!!!
    Love the addition of mor silver, dear friend!!!
    (And. . .I had to chuckle at how you need more. . .NOT!)
    I adore seeing how the grandgirls have grown!!! Was that slugs they were holding??? Yuck! Ha!
    Enjoy your Summer trail of laughter. . .for long before you're ready it too, will trail into the Sunset.

  24. your are blessed with beautiful grands and cupboards full of beauty, jacqueline! love the last pic, esp:)

  25. Love the layers in the cupboards.

  26. I like the changes you're making in your cupboards. You have so many pretties. It sounds like you had a fun time with your granddaughters. Such a sweet age for tea parties and such. I like the photos of your garden through the lacy curtain! Happy June.

  27. Hi Jacqueline, saw your photo on French Country Cottage and came over. Love your blog! Your cupboards are gorgeous - love all the whites! The photos through the lace are so sweet. Sally@cottagefix

  28. Oh, Granny Camp sounds like so much fun! Love your cupboard -- that silver tray is beautiful!!


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