Saturday, July 20, 2013

Rain Or Shine

Until recently it's been a dry hot summer. A few light rains over the past two weeks, and then finally yesterday, some real gully washers. An exciting turn of events for we desert folks! 

The porch plants are holding their own over our busy times this summer, thanks in part to good house-sitting help.

But even when moisture is sparse, and there's not a lot of bloom, I appreciate the structural qualities of a few vintage garden artifacts around.

We never hang a plant in this one, partially because hanging plants dry out extra quickly in our climate, and partially because I like seeing this wire planter as is!

This extra hot corner get plants in spring and fall, but the boxwood holds it's own amid the wire sculptures for now.

Swedish Ivy loves it's spot.

Thank heavens for all of our vintage watering cans! Angel vine is still doing okay! (Fingers crossed.)

I also wanted to mention another new magazine that I brought home amidst the rainy shopping afternoon. Not cheap at ten bucks, and mostly primitive country style which is darker than I like to live with, but I gave it the flip test, (do you do that?) and it had enough of a lighter style within it's pages to pass. Here are a few yummy samples. . . .

A lot of these rooms are styled by Fifi and Lulu. Scrumptious!

Wishing you rain if you need it,
 and sunshine if you don't!

Happy weekend, kids!



  1. We've had a couple of good rains this past week, too. If you get more, send them north to Colorado. I may have to venture out to get that magazine. Thanks for the 'heads up'! Sally

  2. Always SUCH a pleasure to stop by your gorgeous blog showing off your chippy wonderfulness.

    I just love your style, lady.

    Thanks for bringing us such beauty to savor and behold.


  3. Love that empty hanging metal basket! Wouldn't put anything in it either!

    The magazine has some wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing.

    Although I haven't been blogging for a while, I still keep up to date with your lovely blog

  4. I think people are getting too much or no rain at all this year. We are the ones getting too much. I loved the idea of just having a hanging basket without flowers in it. I think I may try that myself.

  5. Just picked up a copy of Monograms. Now I'll need to look for this one. Glad you got some rain. We've had some nice rain recently. In fact, last night I noticed that the rain lily is blooming. It is like a bouquet there are so many blooms!

  6. Lovely pictures the swedish ivy I call creeping charlie.

  7. We don't need any sunshine but we really could use some wonderful that would be.

  8. love each pic--gonna have to find this one:) thanks for sharing, jacqueline!

  9. Love taking a little peek at your lovely gardening. So pretty! I have some 'Angel Vine' and never knew the name - I love it's tiny leaves. The magazine looks lovely. Enjoy your rain - we haven't had any in nearly a month. In Seattle! xoxo

  10. Loved your age worn artefacts and plants. I always wonder about the people who owned them before and what they put in them! Joan

  11. Très joli billet plein de charme !
    Bon dimanche

  12. Looks like a beautiful magazine, but yes, a bit pricey. Love your hanging planter. xo Laura

  13. Ahh, the monsoons are coming ! Lucky you ! I'm near San Antonio, Texas, where it's too terribly dry, even though we were blessed with regular rains through the spring. But our water comes from an underground aquifer and they worry about it getting low without continued rains. I love your gardening style with pretty vintage items. Fits me to a "T." Would love to see more of it ! I love using cast off items in the garden and on my patio. My hubby doesn't always appreciate it, but it makes me happy.

    You live in a lovely area. A friend moved there last year, and it's one of our favorite places to go since it's close enough to take our RV. We almost went last week but hubby is going through job change and we had to put it off. We're planning to make the balloon festival, which we have only seen once on a bad year when the weather didn't cooperate.

    Hope to see more of your lovely blog soon. Thank you, Jacqueline, for sharing.


  14. You always bring the perfect touches to your posts with such softness and beauty. Loving that wire basket and the urn with the boxwood. Thank you for sharing so much prettiness with us this morning!!


  15. I love it when you preview magazines for us. I was fortunate to find the Victoria Monogram magazine right after you posted it. I will be on the lookout for this new one. I agree - white and bright.

  16. Its béen sooooo long since my last visit, I am so glad I tumble over like a thumbless weed to your part of the desert of beauty and soul. We too are on the California desert above Palm Springs. Lots of desert dryness and heat, we had a rare sprinkle last night and love how it settles the dirt that blows in the windy breeze!
    Wish we could get a lot more rain during the summer time, and more in the winter as well.

    Love this new magazine and I will be on the hunt for it. I also love your chippiness in your pieces that inspire your patio feel of white and greenery.

    Keep inspiring your beauty I will return.


  17. Darn that spell check, meant to say....tumble over like a tumbleweed ! To your part of the desert :)


  18. Great inspirational photos, Jacqueline!! It's always a treat to see your wonderful vintage garden and patio decor!
    Mary Alice

  19. Jacqueline,
    It is always so inspiring to stop by and see your beautiful pictures. I love your patio and garden and the mix of vintage. So beautiful.

  20. I'm glad you got some rain. I totally fell in love with New Mexico when I visited last fall. I think about it all the time.

    Wonderful pictures. Hope you're having a good summer.


  21. Hi J,
    You have a great collection of yummy chippy garden goodies!! Love the hanging basket, it does hold it's own lovely with no plant! The new mag looks promising:-) Dry as a bone here, playin in the sprinkler:-)

  22. Thanks for the heads up on the new magazine and the names of the ferns in your yard. Always something new as well as pretty on your vintage blog.

  23. hello
    nous sommes en pleine canicule
    et j'attends avec impatience
    un peu de pluie et mon jardin aussi
    c'est très joli ces petites plantes
    à l'ombre , c'est très fin
    un billet bien agréable à lire
    à bientôt
    edith (France)

  24. Oh, Jacqueline - love your plants and that gorgeous, rusty planter - these images from the magazine are gorgeous - very inspiring - I believe I'll be Pinning!

  25. We had a terrible spate of dry hot weather, too, Jacqueline, and it wasn't fit for humans to be outdoors. The garden pulled through (thanks to my rain barrell!) but some of its lush quality was lost in all that heat. Ah well... the gardener in me has to be philosophical and say "There's always next year"! I love your green plants and the white wire garden pieces. And that magazine looks wonderful! I'll have to look for it.


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