Monday, July 22, 2013

Cottage Bed Linen & Creamsicle Dreams

I spotted a new set of vintage pillowcases on my way through the shop the other day. They are closer to the colors I like than others I have, and they reminded me of this vintage sheet I have had for awhile in the same hues. I knew they would look scrumptious together.

The fabric and crochet work look and feel almost new so there is still plenty of wear left in them. And they're so cottage cheery!

I love the look of a rumpled bed, don't you? Especially in summer. Like there's so much fun waiting ahead that you just jump out of bed in the morning and do nothing more than fling the covers back!

I have had this thing for creamsicle ice cream bars lately too. Remember those? I actually went looking to find them when my little girls were here for Granny Camp, but couldn't find them! Such a wonderful flavor memory from childhood summers. . . .

But that's what these linens from Pottery Barn remind me of. When I first spotted them at Goodwill I thought "not really my color scheme," but then I saw the price and thought again. An all cotton twin set with matching pillowcases for summer creamsicle dreams!.

Love the mix and match combo. So cottage!

The big pink stripe Euro sham is vintage too.

Who wouldn't want to flop right here for a nice cool nap?
Dream on. . . .

Hope you're having a great week!


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  1. I would love to sink into any of your bed linens!
    A good thing you didn't pass up the dream sickle set! And, so much crochet work on your new pink ones!! Your granddaughters must love to visit.


  2. I would not have been able to resist those pretty linens, either! They really say 'cottage' and look so inviting. The crocheted pillow cases are little works of art. Too bad you didn't find your Dreamsicles :( But having Dreamsicle linens is even better! Lovely xo

  3. Ooh, La La! LOVE the linens!!

  4. I'm ready for a nap IF there is some AC going! It is going to be warm here for a few days. Lovely pieces you found.♥♫

  5. Oh, such lovely pinks!

    I think pink is one of the happiest colours - I love those pillowcases!

  6. Jacqueline you find the best linens and how beautifully co-ordinated.


  7. Hi J,
    The new pillow cases are beautiful and make a super yummy pairing with your rosy sheets, those are the kind of finds that make your day, or week!! I'm completely feeling the rumpled bedding here too, the lazy days of summer...
    Dreamcicle Hugs,

  8. Your finds are just beautiful! I love the colors. And yes, I miss those dreamsicles, too! Maybe we can compare them to sherbert! lol!

    I love the look of a softly rumpled bed and they look so inviting in the catalogs. Unfortunately, I am a neat freak and love a crisply made bed. I just like to slide into cool sheets at night, but of course, toss pillows lighten up the look. I remember my mother ironing the sheets, with starch no less! Maybe that's where I get it from! :)


  9. So pretty linens Jacqueline!And you know how to discover them and to match colors! Really lovely!

  10. Hi I'm from Turkey.
    I have lots of hand made crochet works.
    ıt looks very nice...

  11. Love, love, love my vintage linens. They look so wonderful freshly washed, starched and ironed propped up on my Grandparents iron bed from 1915!

  12. are the best thrifty shopper!!!
    I love those pillowcases...
    I think we called them Creamsicles...they were orange with ice cream in the middle...on a stick...right?
    I will have to look for some!

    Linda :o)

  13. I adore the combination of all your lovely linens. Looks so very comfy! I am not into "matchy matchy" is just stunning!

    I enjoy your blog so very much!

  14. Jacqueline,
    just gorgeous, the colors so soft and soothing! You got some great finds! Your his and her pillow cases are similar to a set I got from my Aunt, love them.
    Yummm, I need some ice cream NOW!

  15. Oh! Love the bed linens. Would have bought them in a second.

    I used to love Cremesickles, too. Mmmmmmm. Would like one right now, for breakfast! Ha! Susan

  16. Yummy linens!! The roses are just so beautiful!
    Hubster and I make sugar free "dreamsickle" shakes....
    sugar free Vanilla Bean icecream, beaten with Crystal Light Sunrise Classic Orange juice. It tastes wonderful and is a nice cool treat for my sweet diabetic!! It's been so hot and dry that we look forward to cool anything :^)
    Blessings to you,

  17. My neighbor and I were only just taking about creamsicles the other day, Jacqueline! it was her favorite ice cream treat as a child. I love all those lovely vintage bed linens. And yes! a crumpled bed has a romance and "come rest and take a little nap" look about it. Those pillowcases look perfect with those pretty rosebud sheets.


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