Thursday, July 11, 2013

At The Garden Party

A market canopy is so handy and very nice to have, but a garden party can have just as much romance under a market umbrella, a mosquito net, or even just a few sheer curtains hung from the trees. Ours are vintage of course! And pretty easy to find inexpensively at a thrift store.

The girls can almost stage the scene all by themselves. A different menu every afternoon. . . .

Don't care for chocolate? Lemon flavors not your thing?  Not to worry. . . There's always tomorrow!

No shoes required. 

A nice breeze comes up and there's a beautiful drama of billowing curtains like that opening scene in Gatsby! Ahh. . . Summer afternoons. . . . Here's a link to a little fancier feast we arranged for the garden party last summer.

I hope you're taking a little time out for summer fun too!


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  1. Simply adorable!! Oh, to be a little girl at your house - what fun!

  2. Really sweet, looks like a lovely garden party... Happy Thursday with love Janice

  3. Dear Jacqueline,
    I think you made wonderful memories for these girls. The tenting made it extra special. Fun for us to see too.
    Best, Ruthie from Lady B's Time for Tea

  4. OOOhh can I come over? Please....
    Looks like so much fun!
    Hugs, Gee

  5. Oh, looks like a perfect garden party for the sweetest little girls! Love those tiny bare feet! So precious! xo

  6. How utterly adorable Jaquiline.
    Isnt it so sweet to see the girls having tea and enjoying themselves.
    I remember your tea party last year with them..
    Happy summer days to remember.
    val x x

  7. Dreamy, creamy, rosy and delightful!

    I went back to last year's and smiled when I noticed how rusty the one iron plant stand holder got within the year.....the rustier the better I say!

    LOVE you have grand daughters. They are beautiful and precious. You are such a good influence to them.


  8. What a dreamy spot for a garden party! Enjoy...

  9. Looks like memories in the making!
    Such a dreamy spot for a cuppa...

  10. Oh how darling - and the post below with these sweeties hanging their clothes!

  11. How enchanting ... and precious, Jacqueline! These girls know how to have fun... with style!

  12. How sweet, Jacqueline! :) I love the whole idea of this - and the beautiful curtains truly made it look so magical! :)

    xoxo laurie

  13. Lovely, so lovely! I cannot imagine who wouldn't care for chocolate, though. The girls looked like they had such a beautiful time together.

  14. This is just so special Jacqueline! Makes me wish I was eight years old again :)

  15. Hi J,
    The fun continues!! The girls will never forget summers at Granny Camp! Absolutely PERFECT!! Adorable...
    Hugs & I'll have a slice of the sheet cake (is it pineapple? Mmmm)

  16. I love garden parties. yours looks like so much fun. xo Laura

  17. What a beautiful and pretty tea party you set up for the girls. Love the sheers as a canopy, very pretty! These will be memories they will always hold dear.


  18. Dear Jacqueline, you are livin' the dream--and so are your girls!!! What wonderful memories for them to carry throughout their lives!!! Just complete, absolute, utter bliss!!! They are so lucky to have you for grandma!

  19. Oh, how lovely! A garden party under a tent is dreamy! Making memories. Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful weekend.


  20. Such a sweet, lacy, special experience for the girls! They must just love it!


  21. What a beautiful idea! You got me thinking how I could do this. So sweet for the girls!

  22. I need a granddaughter so I can throw a tea party.

  23. Hi Jacqueline, Oh my could a garden party be any more perfect than this with your darling grand girls.
    What wonderful M&M's you are creating.
    (memory makers)
    I joined in Where Bloggers Create yesterday. It is so fun to post a bit again. I am trying to organize my work to be back in the fall, possibly.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  24. Oh, fantastic! Granny Camp is A+. They will always remember this.
    Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  25. Oh, to be a child at your Grandma Camp! What beautiful memories you are making for these sweet girls. This is darling. I'll take some lemony! ~ Sarah

  26. Oh what a lovely scene this is, Jacqueline, and I'm sure your girls loved it, too. It's so wonderful when children learn to indulge whimsy and elegance and ritual. It will truly bless their lives with beauty.


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