Friday, July 26, 2013

Creamy Roses & Baskets in the Window

My beautiful cream roses have finished drying in the bucket I first placed them in, and in which I first featured them in an earlier post here. 

They are a lovely nameless variety that I find randomly at Costco now and then. They dry slowly with a wonderful texture and I always want to save them. They ended up in a smaller zinc bucket hung on the wall by a window where I can still enjoy them for awhile.

I have a few baskets lined up on a bench in the same place for now. It's the nature of baskets that they never stay in the same place long.

Clustered mostly empty together they make a sort of basket bouquet of their own.

This vintage wicker flower basket nestles a different kind of rose in its arms.

The vintage Limoges plates are a fleamarket find from earlier in the spring.

 I featured them with my own garden cream roses in an earlier wedding post here. Maybe I will always think of them together. . . .

I found that a handy nail already under my sconce holds my rose bucket easily. It may stay here for awhile.

We had the most dramatic electrical storm that I have ever seen that lasted for hours over night! We are all groggy from it this morning. It's rain we have badly needed, and so we are all very grateful. 

So nice that you stopped by to smell the roses! 
Happy weekend!



  1. How lovely! I may have to stop by Costco on my way home and find myself a bouquet of those beautiful roses.

  2. Beautiful post. Lovely creammy dreamy! Love the plates! What a wonderful flea market find! Lucky you- they are exquisite!

  3. Beautiful pictures. The roses and the china are both stunning. Hugs, Marty

  4. Finally, I get time to drool over your magnificent posts. Your previous post of vintage linens made me want to run out and scour all the antique stores for beautiful embroidered linens.

  5. Lovely! I've never had success drying roses. Is there a secret to getting them to dry so pretty?
    Love the Limoges find. ;-) Everything looks gorgeous as always. I put together a small vignette with some brown and white pieces and white hydrangeas, but it's lacking something. It need your special touch!

  6. OOhhh they dried so beautifully. Haven't dried any roses in awhile. Had a white window box just filled wiht dried pink and cream ones a few years ago... broke my heart when I had to toss them as they could no longer endure being 'dusted' by the blow dryer. I might have to do some more....
    Hugs, Gee

  7. oh my god, what IS IT about those dishes wrapped in crochet trimmed linens that I find sooooooo beautiful? how gorgeous and touching. The basket under the sconce is brilliant!

  8. I love the soft faded shade of those roses...
    they look so lovely in all your photographs, which by the way are suitable for framing.

  9. Beautiful roses! Love how the china looks in the pretty baskets. I have some, now I know what to do with them. :)


  10. Oh how romanticly sweet Jacqueline.I love the way you put things together.x

  11. Beautiful post. I could put the whole post on my 'Sigh' board.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Stunning as always Jacqueline. I adore those plates. They are so different and very elegant. I buy my roses at Costco all the time. I feel their roses last a lot longer than the ones purchased at the supermarket.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  13. Lovely plates and vintage roses! Very pretty!

  14. You're making me want to run to Costco! Those plates are lovely too.

  15. Hi J,
    Oh super yummy zinc bucket, perfect with those roses!! I love that you can dry white and cream roses so beautifully, for me they get brown, must be the humidity? A basket full of Limoges, icing on the cake :-)

  16. superbes roses crème
    moi je ne garde que les boutons
    que je laque avec de la bombe à cheveux
    les couleurs se fanent mais cela
    reste très joli et cela sent bon::::
    edith (iris) France

  17. The roses are absolutely beautiful. Occasionally I have tried to dry roses but never succeeded! Their petals fell off or they didn't keep their colour. They never came out looking as good as yours. What exactly do you do with them? I loved the Limoges plates and the lacework on the napkins in the basket. Just beautiful. I have the stuff but can't display it even a quarter as well as you d o. Joan

  18. Simply beautiful!<3 The roses, the baskets, the romantic! xo

  19. Lovely photos.... The plates are stunning! Happy Sunday.

  20. Oh my gosh, those roses are prettier dried than they are fresh! I love them! You should leave them in the little bucket until they disintegrate! I want some!


  21. your blog is really lovely !

  22. How lovely that you get to enjoy those beautiful rose a bit longer, Jacqueline! They look perfect in that tin bucket. Your home is so lovely, and like a painting that keeps changing, subtlely, with your moods and the season. I love peeking in the window!


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