Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Linen Love

My mother first taught me to embroider in the summertime. It was already on the wane as a domestic art then, but I remember enjoying watching her work progress and the beautiful job she did. This is the only sample of hers that I have left. A wedding present to me. A set of  "His and Hers" pillowcases was somewhat of a tradition for weddings in her day, and it's always fun to see an old worn set appear somewhere in a shop now and then. I have put mine away and no longer use them in order to preserve them, but they are kept with the linen and put on display now and then.

I've been spending a bit of time in the linen room, which is a guest room/nursery near the laundry. The ironing board is always set up when there are no guests, and so it's convenient to smooth out cottons and linens fresh from the wash.

It's one of the most pleasant things to do in summer next to an open window on a cloudy afternoon. I took a few shots of what's at hand over the ironing board while a little thunder rolls outside. The storm won't last long. . . .

Fresh little hankies. I look for ones with all my big and little girl's initials. "E" is an important one! (Emily, Emilea, Emma, Eva, and Erin.) So old-fashioned.

More pillowcases.

A small tablecloth.

The quilt underneath is not old, but one of my favorites that gets lots of use. So soft and cozy! I love it when working with pretty linens is part of my day! So soothing!

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  1. I have always liked to embroidery ever since I was very young and my grandmother showed me how to stitch

    Now we call it embellishment on pretty things so I keep my embellishment threads close by

    I have always loved the old linens like you have

  2. Hi Jacqueline. You have the best eye for all the pretty linens. How wonderful to have ones your mother made for you. They are all so beautiful and I know how you enjoy taking care of them..Happy Ironing..Judy

  3. Beautiful embroidery! That art seems to be making a comeback again, and I'm so glad. We've had a few classes at my local library, and have attracted some new fans of the needleart.

  4. Such pretty linens! I learned to embroidery as a child, then found needlepoint when a teenager. It's still my favorite, but I still do embroidery at times. Handwork is like meditation to me. I agree, a a day with pretty linens is very soothing! ~ Sarah

  5. Such pretty mom was also an embroider....I never learned how...but a few of these pieces look so much like hers.


  6. your linens have such a charming look, jaqueline! how great to have your mom's treasures!

  7. This brought back memories :) My mom taught me how to embroider when I was young also and I remember doing cases and lots of hankies. Sadly I don't know where they have all gone. They weren't nearly as beautiful as the ones you have shown us here!

  8. I can almost smell the fresh linens you have washed and pressed! Your linen collection is wonderful...
    I have never done any needlework and I suppose it was because my Mother had not either. The work that goes into these pieces amazes me and I think that is why I am drawn to their beauty.
    Thank you for sharing yours!

  9. Hi J,
    A Lovely keepsake from your mom in perfect shape too! I have an untouched set of daily dishtowels from my great grandmother. All the E's I never knew, it seems a rare initial to find! It's always a treat to see what is on your ironing board:-)

  10. My mom taught me to embroider, I think I was about 9 years old. I still have my first pieces, very primitive!!! But I continued as a teenager, into college, and beyond. It is very soothing and relaxing for me to do and brings back such have lovely pieces from your mom, always a treasure!!

  11. her sey cok hos gozukuyor...
    sevgiler bahcemden

  12. Jacqueline your mums gift is such a treasure and so beautifully embroidered.
    I received the lovely gift from you today Thank you so much. I have a little something for you too in the post too. Enjoy

  13. These are heirlooms Jacqueline! Real treasures! I have some similar embodied linens from my mum and each time I use them I'm so very proud!

  14. hello
    de vrais trésors
    j'ai aussi beaucoup hérité de linge
    avec broderies et monogrammes
    mais c'est tellement dur à repasser
    que je m'en sert peu
    que pour les grandes occasions
    les broderies sur des petits bouts
    de tissus sont pleins de charme
    je vois mon initiale E
    bonne journée
    edith (iris) France

  15. I first learned to embroider when I was eight. I love that you still have the pillowcases you mom embroidered. So beautiful. xo Laura

  16. I always enjoy looking at the linens you share, I have a dresser scarf my sister-in-law embroidered for me for a shower gift. Do you wonder if any of the old crafts like embroidery will become an interest to a future generation?

  17. What a wonderful gift to have from your Mother. It is beautiful. My Mother also taught me to embroider one summer too. A lost art now. I have not done it in years. Maybe when I get the chance I will do it again.

  18. Hi Jacqueline,
    Loving your sweet collection of textiles, vintage lost art of embroidering is always a sweet touch to any collector pieces and to have ones from a Mother is that much more special. I too was taught to embroider when I was young by my grandmother, we would sit for hours in the night and work with all the colours of threads making all those fancy thighs little knots and stitches.

    My grandmother would pass onto me all the little hand washings of them as well, showing me on warm sunny days be it winter or summer as long as there was the shine of the sun she would wash her fine linens. She would wash them in her machine was board style and rinse them to then run them through the hand cranked ringer and take them out to the yard of green grass and spread them out by laying them out so the sun could whiten them with the acid reaction of the grass. You never get grass stains and the reaction with the grass and the sun was better then bleaching, yet would preserve the quality of the linen.
    You can google linen grass whitening for linens and you will find old readership on the prairie style method of a time gone era.

    Thank you for a post that brought back memories touching my heart, and thank you my friend for taking the time to visit me leaving a comment that joys.


  19. All so lovely, and having the pillowslips your mother made you is so meaningful and special. Blessings! Bess

  20. You're an accomplished lady, Jacqueline! (We were watching Pride and Prejudice and the line about what makes an accomplished lady popped in my head while reading)
    These are gorgeous - I think I'll have to try to take this up - it sounds like a lovely, serene way to spend some time. Have a blessed weekend,

  21. These are so beautiful. I love embroidery. It is so delicate and done by loving hands. Definitely a treasure. I machine embroider now but I remember doing hand embroidery as a little girl.

  22. Lindos bordados. Parabéns pelo blog.

  23. Absolutely beautiful Ms. Jacqueline!!
    I have the pillowcases that my Mom made for our wedding...hand crochet/tatting on the edges and our initial embroidered above the hem. I smile everytime I look at them!!!
    "E" is all over my grands too...Emily, Ella, Elizabeth, another Emily...etc.! Gotta' love those E girls!!
    Blessings to you,

  24. How pretty. They are very photogenic.

  25. Ironing is definitely my favorite house chore, Jacqueline, and like you I have many lovely old linens to take care in any given week as I love to use them... on beds, at the table, in the bath, or just a small vintage hankie in my purse. I agree that it's a soothing passtime on a cloudy cool day.


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