Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Favorite Things

 I found this old crate at the flea market a while back. Love it's aged and weathered look. I would love to have something old and French, but the logo suggests french to me anyway with it's faded black curves. Crates are so useful for storing and propping things, but I'm sure you've noticed that they show up everywhere in design. I went to Pottery Barn yesterday and saw that they have an old vintage looking version of a wine crate (at a big price) that you can buy if you can't find your own. Mine was only ten dollars.

I bought a bunch of my favorite white roses and thought they would look terrific inside. But I was also looking for a way to show the crate off and enjoy the look.

I have one of my fav cross stitched tablecloths on too. I like its rose motif in a neutral color on white linen.

My goodness this room got a workout while all my little girls were here! For now we'll just enjoy it with some different favorite pretty little things. . . .

We've hit a blissfully cool patch of weather the last few days, with cloudy skies and a few welcome scattered showers. It's quiet again about the house, and there are melancholy forties tunes playing on the radio. So many things to put right again after company leaves, but I'm enjoying doing it all at my leisure.

Lots of catching up to do with you too!
Hope your week is off to a great start!


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  1. If I was one of your beautiful linens, I would be insulted if you chose one piece over me. Everything you have is lovely and would be in my favorites.

  2. You just take the most beautiful pictures of the most beautiful corners and pieces of absolutely anything! I adore everything in this post as I do all of them really, but had to comment today!

  3. Hi J,
    It's always beautiful seeing all your favorites in a stunningly arranged vignette. Love that favorite tablecloth :-) Glad summer is treating you well:-) I found the Monogram magazine (it took a little effort, but so worth it), thanks for the recommend!!

  4. You can't beat a creamy coloured rose.

  5. Lovely visiting you again, Jacqueline.

    Your roses are absolutely stunning, and looks so pretty in your lovely neutral and beautiful room.

    Love the box, so much you can do with that one!

    How's business in your shop these days? Going well, I hope!!

  6. Stunning photos of all these lovelies sweet Jacqueline! The White roses are gorgeous too. Your entire room is beautiful, white and fresh, like a Summer breeze! Big hugs,

  7. Hello Jacqueline
    The crate has many possibilities and you've put it to good use already.
    I found the monogram magazine and just loved reading it. Makes me want to buy an embroidery machine even though I don't sew. Thanks for letting us know about it.

  8. Everything is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. My goodness how beautiful...the white and the natural tones...PERFECT!

  10. Love the tablecloth, I have several and this inspires me to use them more often
    The colors are good anytime of the year
    the white roses are breathtaking also
    it all is just wonderful together

  11. Love all your gorgeous photos! Thanks for the inspiration!


  12. I love your weathered wooden box! Your linens are so wonderful too!

  13. Love old boxes and crates!
    You softened yours just beautifully!

  14. Such beautiful photos. Love the box and the roses!


  15. I always love your things and you sure have a knack for choosing and arranging.


  16. Love all the contrast with the soft romantic roses. Just lovely!

  17. You have some of the loveliest linens Jacqueline! I always love to see what beauties you have. I love vintage linens. I fell hard for them years ago after my mom gave me a subscription to Victoria.
    beautiful photos of beautiful things!!!
    sending hugs...

  18. you set the most wonderful table! love the crate all decked with roses!

  19. I adore that gorgeous tablecloth. So beautiful. Your images are delightful to look at. Your vignettes are always so magical and serene.

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.


  20. Beautiful vignettes! Glad the girls enjoyed their stay.

  21. A lovely and soothing vignette, Jacqueline... and it must be calming for you to get things back in order again! I love that post-visit calm that can last a few hours or a few days while I put things away and bring things back to the way they were. There's a comfort in it, I think.


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