Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer's Last Twining

Our patio garden is more about sculpture than plants. We have a dry climate, and we tend to be neglectful of flower pots. Whatever greenery there is has to be hardy and tolerant.

September often brings a few showers, and I stepped out this morning after an overnight rain to smell the air. I was surprised by this cheery hollyhock bloom greeting me in the early light. What a gorgeous way to start the day!

A garden nymph resides here too. I don't think I am imagining that she has a melancholy expression on her Picasso-esque face. At times in the year I look out on her in the cold and feel for her.

I think she is meant for contemplation. A catalyst for meditation with her lute in tow. I certainly infuse all manner of characteristics on her. She seems a very good listener.

Today I think she regrets the summer's passing. Noting the silence left by birds who have traveled south. But not all. I had a curious hummingbird linger at my ear for a long time while I took her portrait. . . .

I think he also found her lovely with her single bloom.

A cast off bed makes a lyrical lattice against a wall.

I dragged home this leaning wood lattice already weathered and gray.

A new old chippy lattice adds vertical interest.

An antique tin trunk already too far gone for indoor display has stood out here for years. It helps the mind wander too with all it's locks and latches, and suggestion of faraway places.

There's still time for a few mums and pansies to lay at my garden lady's feet. I hope it may please her just a little. . . .

I hope you're enjoying Summer's last twining!
Ciao! for now!


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  1. Beautiful hollyhock blossom. It's that time of year to enjoy the last of the blooms.

  2. Good Morning J,
    I LOVE seeing alll your garden ornaments, the meloncholy lady is a beauty, a garden must have a lovely lady to stand at watch!! That birdcage, WOW nothing more to say:-)) The lone Hollyhock is poetry in itself, beautiful in white! I am jealous of that rain (imagine you with rain and me not, haha!!) we had to settle for the drizzle... soon I will complain about too much :-D
    Have a great day!!

  3. Hi Jacqueline,
    Your garden elements are lovely! Love your beautiful birdcage and garden nymph.

  4. Jacqueline, I agree with Bella. Sheer poetry! Your garden would be a delightful spot to relax. ~ Sarah

  5. Beautiful pictures and a lovely garden.

    Regards from Sweden

  6. This is beautiful. The double hollyhock is breathtaking!

  7. Beautiful hollyhock...oh so graceful! Gorgeous pictures.


  8. I so enjoyed my glimpse of your patio garden today, that I am signing up as your latest follower.
    Thankyou for your recent visit and comment on News From Italy, I do hope you will call by again.

  9. Beautiful garden you have. I am sad to see Summer go, but I do love the fall.

  10. I love your white hollyhock, my grandmother always had those when I was growing up and I rarely see them now - when I do, I feel very happy :) Love your nymph person and so glad you and she can have a good relationship; bet you've never had a cross word or hurt feeling, do you know where I can find one :) Thanks for sharing your late summer/early fall garden beauty.

    Mary @ Redo 101

  11. I have not gotten one single hollyhock to bloom at this place! Maybe at the little blue house...

  12. Jacqueline, Your garden photos are just gorgeous. I am in love with your birdcage!

  13. Oh my goodness, that Hollyhock is just beautiful! I can't get over how huge it is...after seeing that now I want some too :)

  14. Your hollyhock looks so fragile and romantic all dressed in raindrops. Beautiful! I love your yard ornaments ~ cage, trunk, statue etc.
    'hugs from afar'

  15. Oh my goodness that birdcage is TDF!! And I adore your lovely maiden statue also. What a lovely spot to pause and enjoy the lovely weather. Vanna

  16. sublime tes photos
    bonne journée
    bises de france!!!

  17. I love what I saw of the antique trunk.

  18. I'll try to make another comment again....I love all your pictures...the white flower with the dew is sweet, the old hendges and lock on the trunk is...wonderfully antique...the wood on the old truck is ...just my style of eye candy...Mel's Designs from the Cabin...Mel

  19. Beautiful white flower and fine photos.


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