Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral ~ A Study in White

Old ledgers and bottles, bits of china, a few snippets of lace. . . .

I have such a romance with old things. Throw in a few natural elements like shells and nests, and I'm completely besotted.

I just found this tiny irridescent bottle in a junk shop. Recently unearthed, and a bit unearthly. Like a bit of the moon broken off from the sky.

And a small transferware vase.

Oh, the joy in a gathered still life. . . .

I hope you're gathering up for a great weekend!
Ciao! for now!


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  1. Hi J,
    Lovley new goodies, I gotta go do some retail therapy!! Love the moonstone bottle, and that crazed transferware is perfection!! Crazing just thrills me beyond reason!!

  2. Love your white still life images. There are so calming and restful! Take care, Laura

  3. Love the moon bottle! There is a similar little vase lurking on a shelf in our local antique store... oh dear, i had been resisting it but seeing how nice it looks with your other collectibles, i may succumb to its charms...

  4. Everything looks and smell fresh and clean...Like a breezy autumn day...I love the synergy of this post..Thanks for sharing

  5. Love the shape of that pitcher and all the elements on these pictures, but specially the vase from Utah!
    Have a wonderful day!
    XXX Ido

  6. Yes I agree...lovely ...Mel

  7. Your post is that old bottle and that beautiful vase stamped Utah!

  8. You have such a gift at combining the most beautiful pieces to create vignettes.

  9. So unusual to find an old irridescent bottle. Like a little bling in a bottle.

    hope you can make it to Brimfield someday!

  10. It always amazes me how many shades of white one can find! Nice post and intriguing still life.

  11. I'm in love with all your whites. I will be back to read some more..
    Have a great week!
    xxx Liz

  12. What a beautiful post! Your photographs are so lovely and artsy.

  13. Jaqueline, you have no idea how pleased I was to read this post! I just purchased an old milk bottle that is irridescent, and wondered just if it's really old or not. It's so pretty, looks so similar to yours only large and shaped like a milk bottle. I love your post, and adore your pretty transferware. Thanks so much for sharing, stopping by via Sarah's party this week, xxx tami

  14. I love it when you show us a peek at your linens. Lovely photos.

  15. Truly have the best linens!

  16. Soooo pretty as always. thanks for sharing at Wow.


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