Monday, March 3, 2014

Transferware For Spring

It's the beginning of March, and most of us have our minds on one thing! Spring of course!

I recently came across a set of brown transferware suitable for the season that I have been seeking for years!

Most of my table transferware collection is heavier in tone and subject, and in my eyes as least, less suitable for spring and summer. I am delighted by this delicate floral design and the way it works with pastels and white.

There was a huge cache of open stock pieces at Donna's place, Vintage & More  (if you are local, there's a bunch still there). I picked around and gathered a set of each for four, berry and soup bowls, salad and dinner plates, cups and saucers in the best condition. 

Oh, I do love English china!

I have always especially wanted the beautiful oversized teacups. So pretty, with scrumptious details!

Right at home in the dining room.

A little rustic tabletop vignette includes a ceramic hen & rooster and our dried Valentine roses (left to dry right in the bucket). The nest of eggs lends an invitation to spring. I love fresh flowers as much as anyone, but I rely a lot on everlastings year round.

I snapped up these earthy antique butter pats from Karin's booth at the same time. Chippy, crazed, and gorgeous. I love them as much for the graphic maker's marks on the backs.

All ready and awaiting Spring . . . .

Welcome to March!
I hope it has started out lovely for you!


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  1. Great finds! You know I'm envious!! Sally

  2. Beautiful finds, especially love the butter pats.

  3. Oh, love your new dishes!!! What a sweet pattern, never seen it before. Lucky you!!!!

  4. A lovely find, Jacqueline. They are so pretty. I have a small oval plate in the same tones and 8-petalled flowers around the edge. No markings. your vignettes are sweet and soft looking.

  5. Oh how I love your new transferware. It goes so perfectly in your cottage as if it were made just for you!

    Though if I lived near I would go buy me some too. English china being my favorite and the oversize tea cup! I prefer china tea cups with no gold trim so that when my tea gets cold I can reheat in the microwave.

    Your table sings spring. Have a beautiful March, I am taking a blogging break. xxo

  6. Your new dishes are very pretty, you captured them beautifully. I like the back stamp, I haven't seen this one before. I just love it when I'm out junking and turn over a piece of ironstone and discover an English makers mark.

    Happy March~~~

  7. Beautiful table! I like that you photograph the bottom with the makers mark.

  8. Your china is just lovely and you have styled it perfectly. Your photographs are always so good to look at!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Your table looks so pretty. Love the brown transfer dishes and the linens. I am waiting for spring too, we just had 5 inches of snow.

  10. Such a pretty delicate pattern. So lovely, especially with all your pretty linens. I have a set of purple transfer ware that I may just have to pull out and use to herald in spring.

  11. Hi Jacqueline,
    Yes to March, I am sooo glad to be walking away from winter!!
    I see you did do some more amazing hunting/shopping!! The new transferware is beautiful, so soft, perfect with the perfect pastel roses!! Lucky you to find a complete set too! Nests and Roosters, yes spring is on the way, none too soon!!

  12. Lots of pretty china.

  13. Gorgeous pattern. March came in like a lion, so I am betting it will go out like a lamb. xo Laura

  14. Oh my, how I love your pretty brown transfer ware. You make it all so pretty with the linens and your table setting.
    Just beautiful.


  15. Dear jacqueline, I have never seen such a soft and lovely brown color!
    I think I could make a whole closet filled from top to bottom with all the different patterns out there. I am hoping to find a set one day of the red and white transferware.
    It doesn't hurt to hope and yes, I do believe in miracles!
    Everything you post is so delicious and makes me want to hunt for treasures! My Grandmother loved to treasure hunt. I was blessed to get many of her items.
    I wanted to ask you, is it okay that I pin your pictures on Pinterest? If not, please let me know, I should of asked before I did, sorry if I should not of. Please let me know! Roxy

  16. So lovely, Jacqueline!! You always pair your beautiful china with the best accessories, flowers, linens...
    Mary Alice

  17. Just gorgeous! Your new dishes look perfect with everything in your dining room :)

  18. What a great set! It's not colors I would have thought of but looks simply beautiful!

  19. Oh Jacqueline,
    This is m'y kind of spring here with you, big fan of your collections and how they work so well in your soulful vignettes. That first picture with the nest in the cup...what can I say other then it tells its own spring story that charms.

    I am off to see what I will have on my shopping mind as to what transferware will I find with all you have been inspiring the last few postings.

    See you soon beautiful and all the beauty you share.


  20. So Beautiful!! Your dishes and linens are gorgeous. fabulous photos!!

  21. Toujours de belles photos, du blanc dominant, des teintes douces,beaucoup de charme et de goût,un vrai plaisir de visiter ce blog.

  22. Pretty white linens, delicately designed china, and the lovely flowers you share, makes every visit here, a memorable experience. You sure do know how to add beauty to one's day. Thank you!

  23. Hi Jaqueline,
    how charming, so light and bright and beautiful. Love it.
    All the best from a spring beginning Austria

  24. Hi Jacqueline,
    Love your gorgeous transferware china. What a great find. Your linens, dried hydrangea and roses looks so fresh and pretty.
    Just charm at ever view!
    We are waiting for spring here especially after our Sunday ice and Thunder Sleet!!
    Hurry up springtime!

  25. The browns & pinks are so beautiful together, Jacqueline. Lovely, lovely table setting.

  26. I always like to bump into you - all the arrangements look beautiful, and the porcelain look great. - I greet and wish you a nice day

  27. the dishes are lively! i esp. love the little butter pats, jacqueline. and the sweet roses:)

  28. These dishes are FANTASTIC!! I can't wait for spring as most of us. I also cant wait to start a small collection of transferware. Love it and love the patterns and color choices.


  29. Oh my . . . I love transferware, but this muted brown is absolutely gorgeous! I love a soft palette. Your pictures are beautiful. The linens and roses are the icing on the cake.

  30. Jacqueline,
    Gorgeous transferware china and linens, dear friend!!!The dried roses have me swooning! Such a beautiful arrangement in the bowl.
    March began bright, light and white...with SNOW!!! Hoping to see a touch of green towards the end of this month!

  31. Oh, I just love the soft colors and sweet, dainty patterns of your new set! So lovely with your beautiful linens and pretty accessories. The butter pats are wonderful, too - both sides. So perfect for spring. I have daffodils and crocus blooming but I am feeling a bit guilty considering how bitterly cold the rest of the country is. Although we are having lots of gray skies and rain. Enjoy your lovely new table setting. Those large cups are just my size! xo Karen

  32. Gorgeous photos! I wouldn't mind pulling up a chair for a spot of tea. =)


  33. Your transferware is so pretty J. I really hope I can find some lovely pieces at the flea market this weekend.
    Love your photos too!

  34. Jacqueline, it's perfect for spring. I'd be one rushing over to collect some of my own if I lived nearby. Brown transfer is yet another one of my loves, but only have odds and ends - no sets of cups and saucers and plates. I look forward to seeing more of these beauties in tablescapes. ;-)

  35. oooh soo beautiful and such a soft color palette just gorgeous! I would love it if you would come join us for Centerpiece Wednesday on my blog and share your creativity with us. Hope you will come and party with us.
    Karin 

  36. The transfer ware is splendid. I love the subtle pattern and am always for big cups. xo, olive

  37. LOVE your transferware, Jacqueline! The pattern is so subtle that it makes it very sweet for Spring. And Spring, where are you??

  38. What gorgeous photos! The transferware looks lovely with the vintage linens and the dried hydrangeas!

  39. This post was a feast for the senses! I am a huge fan of transferware, and I adore English china from Crown Derby to Staffordshire pieces to Wedgwood to the cute, more modern potters.

    I saw your picture of the ladies of Downton. I hope you will join me for dinner there. I am not pictured, but my friends who hosted it, all wore costumes!




  40. Glad you were able to find your Transferware. You did such a beautiful job of putting this tablescape together...soft and lovely.

  41. If I could just happen upon some of this beautiful brown transferware, I would be such a happy girl! I love your understated, beautiful decorating for early spring!

  42. Love the brown transferware- it's such a nice soft color and the dried roses and hydrangeas look perfect with them. I adore the color of those roses!

  43. I love this china. And it is spring like. Lovely pictures!

  44. This weekend the winter dishes go downstairs and up will come the spring ones. I can't eat off another snowflake plate anymore. I've had enough! I'll bring up the springy Hall tulip or crocus patterns or my grandmother's Johnson Brothers. Fiesta will have to wait till summer. I am ready for a change! thanks for the motivation with your lovely photos!

  45. Hi-
    I am new to your blog and I love all the lace - I also love Johnson Brothers china. I have the blue and white set -
    Your table setting is just beautiful. I love the roses - never would think to do that...Thanks for your pictures, always helps when you want to have a special dinner.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  46. Oh! your table is so beautiful, Jacqueline, and so spring-like. What a perfect set of dishes for this time of year. And those butter dishes are wonderful. I do love Meakin and Johnson Brothers. Are you happy about the time change this weekend? I'm thrilled there will be more light in the evenings. Have a lovely weekend.

  47. The birds nest caught my eye and lured me in and. I love the brown transfer ware. It is lovely. I am going enjoy following you on Bloglovin. I would love for to visit me as well.
    Thanks, Elaine

  48. This new transferware is so perfect for the new season Jacqueline - I love it!!

    I just had to feature it at Shabbilicious Friday. Thank you for sharing your beautiful vignettes with us. xxx


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