Monday, March 31, 2014

Another April

March goes out like a lamb for us this year, and so April begins with a softness.

My posts from last spring demonstrate how the stark winter whites give way to something lacy and billowing like a fresh spring wind.

Last year had me changing things up with new lace at the windows and on my sitting room chair. But the wintry mix finally gives way to pale colors, both in and out of the garden.

Linens in a sunny window.

Sad news for the lilacs this year, though. My old bushes have given up the struggle, and we will be searching out replacements. 

As patio life begins again, we spent the weekend clearing away the tatters and shreds of the past season.

Time to bring it on!

Last year's spring patio. . .

An early spring tea...

With a final segue to the lawn, and another sweet April. . . .

I hope the new week and month of April is just wonderful for you!


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  1. All of it is so beautiful. I love the collage in the frame.

  2. Oh, Jacqueline, you are so lucky to have Spring there in earnest when the calendar says it should be! We are still waiting for the fairer temperatures and milder days... but soon, I hope! The garden beds are raked and waiting for life to push through. I love those images from previous Spring teas. I hope you get to enjoy many more this year! Enjoy this last day of March.

  3. I just love the lace on the chair and the flower pots on the linen are so cute. Sorry to hear about the lilacs. I have two in our yard now. We had to dig up several last year due to repairing a sewer line.

  4. Jacqueline,
    Precious post, dear friend!!!
    A bright awakwning in Spring outside on your patio.
    Today is "near" perfect here on the Prairie. Only the wind is a hinderance. . .ever present and persistant.
    Outside the open patio doors trees and bushes are budding, birds are singing and "Pee Wee" (our resident bunny) is feeding on the green clumps of grass on the lawn.
    Ah~h~h. . .so~o~o long awaited for and so~o~o welcome. . .Spring!!!

  5. Your spring photos are lovely.

  6. I love those little napkins with the flower pots on!! xx

  7. It looks so beautiful and I know you will soon be enjoying your sunny patio and making some lovely vignettes out there. Thanks for sharing the pretties and the sunshine. Have a lovely week.

  8. Would you happen to know what the pink flowering plant is in the white bowl posed in front of the white watering can??? Thanks

  9. My first thoughts reading through this post was: White lace and promises - you know the old Carpenter's song. I was just thinking of promises of spring and new life and joy! Such lovely photos!!

  10. Lovely pictures of teacups and lace and roses and of all beautiful and sweet, Jacqueline. Thank you.

    I know it won't be long a wait now.

  11. You have captured the essence of early spring with your lovely photos! I love the touch of pink that you are adding to your beautiful whites. So delicate and sweet. Love the patio vignette - I can feel those lovely spring breezes. It's always sad to lose mature garden companions, but it will be nice to find something beautiful to replace the old lilacs. Gardens are ever changing and so is life! A happy week to you! Hugs xo Karen

  12. Such pretty things here at your lovely blog :-)

  13. I never have adequate words for your lovely blog. I read it but very seldom comment. Simply beautiful.

  14. Love the look of your sitting chair with the lace on it!!! So sweet and inviting you to curl up with a book. What an absolutely lovely touch for a room.
    Your spring looks so inviting too. Ours is coming in spurts. Snow on Saturday, but 60 degrees on Monday. Winter just insists on hanging on here, but sooner or later it must relent. In the meantime, there are always indoor projects to keep me content.

    Happy April to you Jacqueline!


  15. merveille du blanc
    pour ce joyeux mois d'avril
    je commence à avoir mes
    premiers boutons de roses
    et le lila dans une semaine
    sera fleuri
    bonne journée
    edith (iris)

  16. "le printemps" is in full bloom in your maison, i can see. how lovely! send some our way?? sigh....

  17. Happy April, Jacqueline.

    Exquisite crocheted pieces and beautiful soft colors ~ lovely as always.


  18. So much to love here -- especially those white flowers -- hydrangeas and snaps(?). And the beautiful pinks and roses. It is most definitely spring in yo8ur space. It's lovely.

  19. just beautiful, jaqueline:) the lace chair-awesome! so sorry about the lilacs, but, have fun choosing the new plants. have a great week!

  20. Great photo session, the climate which you show on his blog is so cute, I'm with you I rest. With great pleasure looking at your house - I cordially greet :)

  21. Lovely pictures Jacqueline. The collage is beautiful, as are the roses, and I love your linens and lace. Those crisply ironed napkins are great, as is the basket of embroidered pretties. Your patio has me dreaming of how mine will look as soon as we can plant flowers outside.

  22. Beautiful! Of course, I love the white. I just recently purchased a teacup very similar to the one here. And love the flowers, so soft and feminine!

  23. I lové spring over here, could there be any better spring.

    Jacqueline, you make me wish I could find tons of pottery, ironstone and pieces that add to my whites.

    Inspire us soon.


  24. You sure did add touches of beauty to my Wednesday morning. Thank you! Always a privilege to visit your blog.

  25. pretty. pretty (:)
    love the white frame idea too

  26. Just beautiful Jacqueline! I love the pink painted rose holder in the last photos! All so pretty!

  27. Gorgeous!
    April is wonderful.


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