Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Place For Everything

Spring has me cleaning up and looking for the perfect place for everything.

This old cupboard can hold an enormous amount of goods. Its shallow shelves can be more accommodating than larger kitchen cupboards in some ways. At any rate this is where my recent china acquisitions have ended up together.

I'm pleased at the harmonious result. My older things are right at home with the newer collections.

The new transferware doesn't even take up much space when it's all stacked up together!

An older bowl up top in the Alfred Meakin "Charlotte" pattern blends in so well with the rest.

My favorite McCoy pot reigns up here too.

I love the look of open shelves for china, and plan to have them in our kitchen too one day. (The new chamber pieces that I have tucked in here too almost seem part of the same dish set.)

I'm always hunting for more marmalade jars like this at a good price.

It's all just an illusion, of course. It doesn't take long for things to get out of order again. But at least spring cleaning makes you feel ready to get on with a new season or two outdoors.    

Happy first day of spring!
It's official, and so, so welcome this year.

Looking ahead to a beautiful weekend. . .
I hope it's beautiful for you too!

Thanks so much for popping by! 


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  1. Beautiful brown and whites... they just flow together so nicely. I know I would have so much fun peeking in your cupboards.
    Happy first day of Spring!

  2. Happy Spring! Yes, it is a great time for tweaking and cleaning and putting away and getting the outdoors ready too!

  3. The brown transferware is really hard to find. Love your collection. Everything is always placed so nicely.

  4. I like all the pretty white and really like how you have added bits of silver for contrast! Nice! Blessings, Cindy

  5. I like the chest that you have your dishes in. It is so much better than those deep shelves that you almost have to crawl in to see what's in there. I have one under my kitchen counter and I almost have to lay down on the floor to see what is in there. LOL
    Your dishes look lovely.
    Have a great Spring weekend.

  6. Love all the transferware!
    I am on the look out for a marmalade jar. I could just kick myself for passing one up some time back and now I want one. I know eventually I will find it.

  7. I so love transferware and this is such a lovely pattern. The marmelade jar looks great with it!

  8. Hi J,
    Woo-Hoo it's Spring!
    I love peeking in your cupboards! Yes it all melds perfectly and it's all arranged so pretty... you have a great eye for casual perfection! Delicious!
    Happy Spring and Happy Weekend...

  9. Hi Jacqueline,
    I love your brown transfer ware. Your collection is gorgeous. Happy First Day of Spring.

  10. Your cupboard is beautiful, and I love how you've styled your shelves!

  11. Jacqueline I love the look of your whites and brown transferware stacked and pretty. I too love open shelves and in my kitchen I took off a few cabinet doors to show my dishes stacked. Painted the inside off white and it even makes the room look wider.
    Your collection is wonderful.
    Happy Spring.

  12. Seriously. One of the most beautifully filled cupboards ever.
    Happy Spring, Jacqueline!!!

  13. I love how you have arranged the cupboard!
    The pieces all look lovely together and having an open cupboard like yours it makes for a beautiful display.
    I own that same McCoy planter and have two by my stove top for wooden spoons and utensils.

  14. Everything looks so nice! Isn't it fun to clean, reorganize and even reminisce about your pretties? And I agree about the cabinet shelves. What good is a deep cabinet that you have to take everything out to get to the back...just to find out it wasn't what you needed!!!

  15. You have such a great collection and I love transferware. I am going to start a small collection when in the new house. I am such a fan. Big basement and attic, I think I can handle a small collection, don't you?? Love that marmalade jar. I may have to search for one.


  16. Hi Dear,
    it seams you're decorating with magic hands. So lovely. Thank you so much for your nice vistit.
    Have a wonderful spring

  17. Your cupboard looks so inviting, Jacqueline, and everything seems to go together to happily. I love the new transferware, and all the chamber pieces. I have a few of those old marmelade jars.... they're so handy for holding evrything from spoons to fistful of Spring flowers. Wishing you happy times on this first Spring weekend.

  18. Jacqueline, your new acquisitions look right at home in your cupboard. I'm in dish love! ;-)
    Happy Spring to you. Enjoy your beautiful weekend. We are predicated to have rain.

  19. Jacqueline,
    Amazing collections of acquisitions within your cupboard, dear friend!!!
    I always am intriqued at the way you bring your vintage linens into the blend!
    HaPpY SpRiNg!!!

  20. What a beautiful collection to play house with! I would be arranging and rearranging all day with those lovelies to play with! I adore your carved back chair. Happy Spring! xo Karen

  21. Happy spring Jacqueline! I am in the middle of sorting through and organizing my china, and you've given me some ideas about my hutch. I love those marmalade jars too, I have one with pencils in it, but I like the idea of old silver. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Everything does look wonderful in your cute cupboard. A place for everything, and everything in its place is my motto. I do love order, but I need more places! or fewer things! And I think I ought to get a marmalade jar--since I do live in Dundee! Happy Spring!

  23. That is such a great cupboard. I don't own any transferware, but I love it, especially the brown. And the red would be fun for Christmas.

  24. Ahh! I am in love with it all! I love transferware and your collection is beyond beautiful. I started a new link party called Sundays at Home if you ever care to join up...would love to feature you sometime!

  25. Such a beautiful collection of transferware. The cupboard is so lovely. Such a joy to look at.


  26. Jacqueline the new transferware set is gorgeous. Love the brown and white and the open cupboard. All my cupboards have doors but leaving them open once in awhile is a good thing. Hope Spring is treating you kindly..Happy Weekend..Judy

  27. I love how you've organized your transferware! It looks charming all stacked with your linens. The marmalade jar is adorable and your pot of dried flowers tops it all off wonderfully. Happy Spring!

  28. the old cupboard looks beautiful dressed in the transferware and linens, jacqueline:) happy spring!

  29. Your new tranferware set is beautiful! It's so much fun to play with open shelving and rearrange wonderful treasures!
    Mary Alice

  30. Lovely as always! Your dishes and linens look so inviting all together like this. I can see why that McCoy pot is your favorite! That's quite a piece!
    Our first day of spring has snow but there was sun so it wasn't too bad!

  31. There isn't a single piece in that gorgeous country cupboard that isn't absolutely fantastic.

    Love love love your gorgeous collections, Jacqueline!

  32. I always love seeing your wonderful brown transferware collection. Now I'm wanting one of those great McCoy pots!

  33. Hello Jacqueline,
    What a lovely post! Everything looks so wonderful together. You really have a way of creating beauty! I do love your new transferware set! It goes beautifully with everything else in your hutch and room.
    Happy Springtime!

  34. You have the prettiest brown transferware. Thanks for sharing.


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