Thursday, March 6, 2014

Not Your Grandmother's Chamber Set

I would love to have the big farmhouse to go with the washroom that would be ideal for this set. I have lived without running water in the house, so I even know how to go about using it if I had to! In some romantic mountain cabin, perhaps. . . . But chamber sets, which were stationed mostly in bedrooms, just aren't put to use that way anymore.

A big water jug came with an ample basin for washing up. But there are still lots of ways to show off a large bowl now. Even useful ones!

The floral decoration on this set is from an applique design added after firing the glaze. It can wear off from years of use or hard cleaning, as the gold trim often does. You can tell the difference from transferware, in which the design is fired on under the glaze, by running your fingers along the design to feel the applique. This group of pieces from the mid 1800's is still quite fresh looking after all this time.

The second, smaller jug was used for hot water to mix with the cold from the larger one. There would have been a taller, lidded vessel in which to drain the water after use. You really can do a lot of washing with a gallon of water!

It's rare to find this many pieces from the same set these days unless you inherit them. They look beautiful simply displayed together.

But you might still use this piece for toothbrushes if you like (its original use), or for flowers. 

A shaving mug becomes a spooner, or perhaps a place to stow used teabags at a tea party (an issue with which our refined ancesters did not have to deal).

Our grandparents would all be shocked to see what's done these days!

Now I wonder how I can go about getting that big farmhouse. . . (smile)

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  1. I do like old china.

  2. This is a very pretty set Jacqueline. I love these old chamber sets and this one has quite a few pieces that are in good condition. I have 2 pieces that are the smaller pitcher and the vessel that you have silverware in. I wonder what that piece was used for originally. I also have a large blue and white transfer ware bowl and pitcher set. Has spring arrived there yet?

  3. I love your old bowl & pitcher set! You are very lucky that they are in such great condition. I love everything old.
    Blessings My Friend,

  4. What a luvly set. And how lucky are you to have found that many pieces from the same set. Beautiful.
    Hugs, Gee

  5. The use might change over the years but one thing remains...they will always be pretty!!!

  6. THAT is a Beautiful set! Very Nice!!

  7. What a lovely set, and in such great condition. I love the softness of the colors. You could use these in all sorts of ways, I can imagine.

  8. have you been?
    Linda :o)

  9. Jacqueline, I've never seen a complete set. In fact, I never realized that there was more than a large pitcher and bowl. This is a fabulous find! Once again you have managed to be an antique whisper. ;-)

  10. You can buy our farmhouse when we down size, Jacqueline! :)

    That collection is sooo pretty. Loved hearing how they used to use each piece. And the little nest in the bowl made me sigh.... :)

    xoox laurie

  11. Oh, I absolutely LOVE this set.

    You have so many pieces, too - how divine!

    I wish I could give you that huge farmhouse of your dreams...but seriously, your home is amazing and I love everything you put in it - esp your love of beauty.


  12. What a beautiful set - colors are so pretty and warm!

  13. This is so beautiful,I love the muted colours you put together Jacqueline. I remember in my Grandma's home the jug and basin set on the marble topped dresser in the bedroom. It was all covered in roses. My auntie,who inherited everything in the house,sent it all to the second hand man :( We had emigrated to Australia at the time and didn't receive anything. It was my dads parents home. Still I have since bought a repreduction one as close to the same as I can remember. In fact anything I find that resembles my Grandma's treasures,I snap up.x

  14. It's so sweet and beautiful! Now I know how to tell the difference too!

    I especially love the basin decorated as a nest, and your silverware is divine.

  15. Hi J,
    Oh look at you with more new yumminess!! I really do need to go out hunting myself!! LOVELY new SET! It's always nice to learn insider tips from you... like about the transferware, and what the pieces are all for! I am up for a farmhouse too!

  16. How many beautiful things exist in this world? Yours are gorgeous Jacqueline, I love everything you show us, so particularly beautiful and charming...
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. You were lucky to find so many pieces in the set. The pattern is very delicate.

  18. I don't think it matters what you use pieces for, the most important thing is to treasure them and use them! xx

  19. You found such a nice grouping in this collection. The silverware displayed in the vase and creamer look wonderful with them.

  20. I don't believe I've ever seen a complete chamber set before ~ yours is beautiful, and I enjoyed learning a little of the history you've shared as well, Jacqueline.

    My great-grandmother came to the US from Germany in the late 1800s as a little girl. She used to tell me stories of her youth and growing up on a farm in Colorado. Perhaps I romanticize those times, but how can anyone look at something as lovely as your chamber set, and not think that it was so much better then?

    Have a lovely one,

  21. Love this pattern. Are there any pottery markings on the pieces? My mother has an entire set, complete except for the chamber pot, which she remembers breaking as a small child on the way to the outdoor privy to empty it! She says she still remembers the dread she felt having to report back to her grandmother about the accident.

  22. I had one of these years ago and it was brand new and broke. I love this set it is pretty an the age and history are so neat. I would love to find old pieces like this. You just amaze me with the things you have.


  23. Your chamber set is gorgeous, Jacqueline. I didn't realize there would normally be so many pieces. I have two bowls .. the flow blue one you may have seen in pictures on my blog, and then a bowl very much like your brown transferware one that I have in my bedroom and use to hold handkerchiefs. I love the nest and eggs in yours! So pretty.

  24. I would spend the summers with an Aunt when I was little and we had to carry water from a well. She had something similiar to yours, but they were made out of metal.

  25. Jacqueline what a wonderful find. I love the brown and thank you for the history lesson on each piece. It's so easy to call every painted, flowered piece transferware but I love that you take the time to figure these things out. You WERE lucky to find that many pieces to the set. It is a beauty and I love how you have put them to work for the here and now..Happy Friday..Judy

  26. That set is gorgeous. Amazing how it is still in great condition. You have displayed the set beautifully.


  27. Oh, so beautiful....
    and, yes, our grandparents would have NEVER thought about using these pieces the way we like to use them now. lol
    xo bj

  28. Jacqueline,
    Why the big farmhouse when one does so elegantly in the small cottage? ( wide smile)
    Exquisitely displayed and photographed vintage pieces, dear friend!!!
    A truly inspiring way to begin my weekend!
    EnJOY your weekend ahead!

  29. That's a wonderful set -- and great repurposing, too. I especially love your pretty nest!

  30. This set is so beautiful. What a romantic way to clean up! I have wanted a brown and white set for a long time. Yours is so feminine. Thanks for joining HSH!

  31. Wonderful porcelain jugs and bowls - beautifully presented with a natural spring decoration - I cordially greet

  32. I do adore ironstone complimented by shades of pine! Beautiful. You have such a way. Book I say!

  33. Hi Dear,
    unfortunately not my grandmother's set ... lucky you - so bretty and so perfect for the sweet easter decoration.
    All the best from Austria again

  34. Ok, these have to be some of my favorites from all your pieces! Ohhh they are just too wonderful, and i really really liked hearing about how they actually functioned!


  35. oh, J, these are gorgeous, I don't think I've seen a set with this many pieces. LOVE how you have a nest with eggs in the bowl, they're too pretty to hide in a bedroom!


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