Sunday, March 16, 2014

May The Road Rise Up To Meet You

It's nice to have an occasion to remember my Irish roots. We're celebrating March 17th this year  with a bit o' Shamrock green. I had no idea that it has this pretty white bloom, but I know there are a number of  different varieties. This one charmingly bows its head and closes its leaves at night to sleep. 

I'll be remembering my Mom, and the other family Kelley's, and raising a pint of Black and Tan. I'll search for the local pipe band, and recite a line or two from the Dubliners. (. . . snow was general all over Ireland.)

An emerald tea cup and Irish linen will grace the table for a day or two. I'll want a nice brown soda bread to go along with it, or better still, a wonderful thin apple tart with clotted cream. 

I'll be wanting a stroll down a neighborhood lane on a soft day in Galway City (don't you know), or a stop in at the Quays Pub on Quay Street. I'll be happy to cry in my beer if I hear the right version of Danny Boy.

 Oh, the pipes, the pipes are calling. . . .

"May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks.
 May your heart be as glad as a song.
 May each day bring you bright, happy hours
 that stay with you all the year long."

Happy St. Paddy's to you!



  1. And a Happy St Patty's day to you too! Your emerald tea cup is just gorgeous....hugs, Penny

  2. Gorgeous images and beautiful sentiment.

  3. Delightful post, Jacqueline. I'll be joining you in celebrating our Irish ancestors.

  4. Jacqueline,
    Love love the pictures. Beautiful and the irish saying is so sweet. Have a wonderful St. Paddy's day.

  5. Beautiful photos. I love the shamrock. Deb

  6. Jacqueline,
    Top 'o the morning, dear lassie!
    Your tureen filled with the shamrock plant is exquisite!
    I adore your deep emerald green saucer and tea cup!
    This 1/2 Irish lass will be enjoying corned beef and cabbage. . .my favorite meal!

  7. So charming, Jacqueline...I am celebrating with a bit of the green, too!

  8. Just beautiful! And gosh darn it you made me cry...A Happy Saint Paddy's to you then~~~

  9. What a lovely post. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

  10. Dear Jaqueline,
    what a bretty and a Happy St. Patrics Day to you and the people you love

  11. Beautifully done. This put me in the mood to celebrate.

  12. A lovely post Jacqueline..
    I will join you in a toast to our families.
    Your photos of the shamrock are lovely..
    Its been many many a year since i have seen it.
    wishing you a happy St. Patrick's day..
    val xxxx

  13. Happy St. Patty's Day to you Jacqueline. I didn't know you were Irish.
    I love your emerald tea cup. You have such a lovely collection of beautiful treasures. I can't imagine where you manage to store all the beauties you share with us.
    Your shamrock plant is lovely too. So delicate and perfect in your white ironstone. You always take the most beautiful photos and make everything look so charming.

  14. Dear Jacquline, Happy St Paddy's Day to you also! I am Irish and Yes, I may cry over Danny Boy myself and watch "The Quiet Man"
    I love your photos and the teacup is a treasure! I did pull out my mint green one with small yellow flowers to drink my morning tea in or maybe I should have my Irish beer first!
    Just joking :o)
    The Blessings of the Irish are with you!! Roxy

  15. Most of the people I know come from Irish stock but as far as I know we have none.
    I would still wish everyone a happy St Paddy's day.

  16. Beautiful post as always. Happy St. Patty's Day to you!

  17. " Puissiez-vous avoir
    Une maison contre le vent
    Un toit contre la pluie
    L'amour d'une famille unie

    Puissiez-vous toujours être entourés
    De gens joyeux et d'éclats de rire
    De tous ceux que vous aimez
    Puissiez-vous avoir tout ce que votre coeur désire "

    bonne journée
    edith (iris) France

  18. ce sont des voeux pour la St Patrick
    edith (iris)

  19. Love your cup and saucer!! I have the shamrock plant in my garden but not sure it will still be doing so well after our cold temps.
    Wishing you a Happy St.Patrick's Day.
    I am also half Irish. My grandfather was from Dublin!!

  20. I love your teacup! I always think black is so dramatic. Perfect post for St. Paddy's Day! Lovely photos as always!

  21. gorgeous tea cup! I've not seen one like that before. and lovely shamrock plant too. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

  22. Happy Saint Patrick's day to you, too, Jacqueline. Hoping you get to enjoy some soda bread and tea with that beautiful cup. And... 'May happiness often enter your gate, and stay very late.' xx

  23. Happy St. Patrick's Day Jacqueline!!! This is such a pretty post and the green cup and saucer are absolutely gorgeous!!!


  24. Don't your shamrock's look so lovely in the white urn - and that tea cup and saucer is just wonderful. I love your plans for St. Patrick's Day - Oh, how I miss my Boston Irish roots on a day like today....Now I am humming Danny Boy with all my sweet memories. A Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, my Dear. Hugs xo Karen

  25. Very pretty -- Happy St. Patrick's Day! Your lovely shamrock reminds me of my mother's. We had it for many years and I wish I had it still.

  26. Hi J,
    Happy St. Paddy's day to you too!
    Gorgeous emerald green cup! In the first
    pic I thought it was an etching! Lovely flowers, perfect in the white pot:-)

  27. Gorgeous! Love the beautiful teacup and the sweet little flowers.

  28. What is it about the Irish songs. They can be so emotional and will totally make you cry! The shamrock is just delightful too...


  29. Great post!!! I LOVE that green teacup and saucer...beautiful!
    We had corned beef and cabbage, and yes an apple tart! We also had shamrock plants as a centerpiece! A few years ago, we had lavendar flowered shamrocks. After they started looking scraggly, I planted them in the back lot in the shade. Now, each time we have rain....uhhh....make that IF we have rain at all....UP they pop and there is a sea of lavendar flowers each day. Keep them in a pot if you don't want them to spread all over the place. I do love to watch for them though....
    Blessings to you,


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