Monday, March 10, 2014

Impromptu Tea

It was a weekend for cousins, and a favorite diversion is often an impromptu tea. We always have a jumble of china standing by, and deciding the menu is a big part of the fun. We happened to have a birthday to celebrate, but a nice cake is usually the foundation of the affair anyway. 

For this event, the cake didn't quite make it home unscathed. . . . (a bit smooshed).

Fortunately, it's only a matter of a quick stop at the nearest grocery (with the party planners in tow) for a one stop shopping whirlwind, (or a girlwind as their grandfather describes it), right down to the flowers.

I bought these orphaned saucers for my daughter when she was a little girl, but she was never much interested in tea things. Her three little daughters are another story, however.

A mixed collection of very inexpensive and pretty bits and pieces is best. 

A pretty vintage cloth is a good foundation.

Cath Kidston napkins dress up plain white disposable plates.

Choose a favorite china combo.

Some of these are actually vintage boullion cups . . . but whoever uses them for broth anymore?

A few tissue pom poms, and the young lads are game too.

A budding instagrammer shooting the food.

Nobody seems to mind that we are actually serving no tea whatsoever!

In no time at all, our first alfresco affair of the season has come to an end. . . .

With lots more to come!

A few more days of spring break with the kiddos before play time is over. . . .
I hope you're getting some fun in this week too!
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  1. This is such an inviting setting. I love the mix.


  2. What happened to the cake, you said it had a mishap.

  3. Anything and anytime is a good excuse for a party in my book! And those cute things get to indulge in your pretty china!!

    I envy your weather!


  4. If you had half as much fun as it looks like you did you must have had a really great time!! Everything is so very pretty!! xx

  5. Everything looks so pretty and delicious. So nice to see al the kids having fun.

  6. Oh you lucky girl!!! Looks so fun! I long for tea or picnic weather! Love those pink tissue flowers and lovely china! And no one looks cold! Well, my daffodils are blooming so it's a sign spring is on its way, but the sump pump is still pumping water. It's been a month now--and rains keep coming! Thanks for the hope!! Everything is charming!

  7. Jacqueline,
    In the history of families, the appreciation of vintage china, table linens and the art of taking tea (or lemonade) often skips a generation. It did in my family. My MoMa never seemed to appreciate all the "fuss". . .but I tend to thrive on it!
    It warms my heart to see you inspire your "grands" with the appreciation of taking tea with family for a celebration!. . .and by all means. . .the inclusion of the "lads". . .priceless!!!
    The budding photography artist put a smile on my face!!!
    Thank you for sharing your "first" affair of the season with us!!!
    P.S. The china cup with the blue circling the rim is calling my name!!!

  8. Jacqueline, this makes me smile to think of this younger generation enjoying a tea party. Time spent with cousins is such a gift. I was fortunate to grow up with special visits with cousins, and we continue to make the effort to be together as adults. Special family times!

  9. What a wonderful day! Everything looks so cheery and bright... I love all the mixed china. Have a great week!

  10. Looks like a wonderful occasion! I love the rose china, the pink decorations and the wonderful company. Happy birthday was I am sure a great success!

  11. An impromptu tea can sometimes be more fun than one that has been a month in planning. Nice to see young men joining the ladies.

  12. It's so beautiful. I love the contrast of the delicate china with the adobe walls. Perfect setting!

  13. Hello!
    Ohhh this lovely beautiful cups, and lovely photos,
    Whish you a nice day

  14. Charming, cheerful and atmospheric post Jacqueline! Wish I could join these young girls and take something of their freshness...What a wonderful yard!!!

  15. What a lovely "first tea", Jacqueline! Your plates and cups are so springlike, and that cake looks scrumptious. How lucky you are to be out of doors already. It's been mild here, too, but al fresco tea parties are a long ways away, yet. But soon!

  16. What a perfect way to spend time with the kiddos on spring break. Love the setting and the mix of treasures. The cake looked yummy. Such a treat to be outside again.

  17. Love all the mixed tea cups, so pretty. The cousins look like they are having a great time, such a sweet time for them. Laura

  18. Hi J,
    Oh what pretty fun!! and look at you having tea outside, no coats required, fabulous!! I'm glad to see you having some springy fun!

  19. Nicely done! You always have something that I find that I want. The napkins are on my wish list today.

  20. What a great tea and such a pretty tea. I am jealous at the sunshine and warmth, no jackets, oh my. Warm today, rain tomorrow and then frigid again, LOL!!


  21. What a lovely time you had entertaining these young folk. I love the vintage china of course. I didn't realize double handled cups are for bouillon. :) It sounds like spring has arrived there.

  22. What a lovely tea! I can tell it was a big hit -- and it looks fabulous!

  23. Everything looks lovely.

    I have been thinking I need to throw a little tea party just to bring out some of my sweet linens and dishes.

  24. This is so wonderful!! Introducing a whole new generation to the art of sitting and talking, entertaining and appreciating lovely things and taking time to share them. I love it!
    Ruthie from Lady B's Time for Tea

  25. Looks like a wonderful get together. I love the term "girlwind"! such pretty china, and I love the tablecloth.

  26. Oh, this was really sweet and so special! I think everyone enjoys a tea party! We have grandsons that we make the tea party with a cowboy twist and they just love it!
    Spring Break memories...
    Love, Roxy

  27. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    My favorite kind of tea!
    Thanks so much for sharing,

  28. What a beautiful way to party. Love all of that pretty china.


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