Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Spring at Alden Lane

We're out in the field enjoying other people's weather, sunshine, billowing grass, and rolling hills. Livermore CA is very reminiscent of Tuscany with it's acres of vineyards and wineries. Today it's the fabulous local nursery, Alden Lane, that we are touring for a happy fix at the start of spring.

Isn't your old bathtub filled with flowers too?

The garden displays are so pretty, and the grounds are all dressed for spring even though it almost feels like summer here! Lots of variety, and great ideas. . . . Enjoy!  

A brush cone shrub/tree that we have never seen before was a favorite of Mr. Cottage.

Several massive oak trees dot the property.

Wisteria blossoms perfume the air and decorate the benches.

Nothing like a gorgeous change of scenery. . .
I hope you enjoy this first week of spring too!

Thanks so much for your lovely visits and comments on my cupboard!
 I'll be getting back to you soon!


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  1. Happy Spring....What a lovely place to visit... thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Jacqueline,
    Gorgeous nursery, dear friend!
    I was swooning over the lavendar in bloom!!!
    I adore the painted mural on the window panes!!!
    Thank you for taking us along on your Garden Tour!!!
    A perfect way to celebrate Sping!!!

  3. Oh my! Thank you for that jolt of colour and lovely California sunshine, Jacqueline. Enjoy your stay. It looks lovely.

  4. How beautiful, Jacqueline...I used to love to visit the nurseries when we lived in California! That wisteria is gorgeous!

  5. What a beautiful place to spend time! I could lose myself in all that glory! Gorgeous and inspirational.

  6. Oh my goodness...Livermore is my home town. I grew up going to Alden Lane, it was a favorite place to visit. My parents still live in the house that I grew up in from age 2! It is only a bike ride away from the nursery. I also rode horses on my best friend's Grandparents ranch very near Alden Lane. It is a beautiful place. Enjoy!

  7. i can't say that i ever felt like visiting Livermore, but you make it look inviting.

  8. i can't say that i ever felt like visiting Livermore, but you make it look inviting.

  9. Well words are just not enough!!
    Absolutely gorgeous!!!
    I could almost feel the heat and smell the blossoms! Thanks!!!

  10. Oh what stunning Spring images.
    That wisteria takes my breath away - always!!!!
    We had a large double flowered wisteria
    which suddenly died last Spring - the graft apparently became uncompatible!
    That was rather sad to see it just turn up its heels but I do have some stunning photos of it.

  11. Oh my word, thank you so much. I soooo needed that beauty!

    I feel as though spring will never arrive here to Ohio! It's 30 degrees and threatening snow again.


  12. Thanks Jacqueline for letting me join you on your visit to such a lovely garden centre. Although Spring has arrived here in my corner of France, the nights are cold with some frost, so it's still too early to put out delicate plants that I've over wintered. I just loved seeing that beautiful Wisteria. I think you liked the post I made last year on one I'd seen. Oh I can smell all those lovely plants. Not sure what my garden will show this year as I've now had the results of my back problems & I'm waiting to have surgery !! Let us see what you took back home for your garden.

  13. gorgeous! love visiting garden centers--just wish my wisteria looked that great! thanks, jacqueline:)

  14. This is so lovely photos I love them,
    I whish you a nice week

  15. This is lovely. Thank you for giving me hope that Spring does exist!
    We got another four inches of snow last night here in Michigan.
    Enjoy the flowers where you are!!

  16. Thanks for the nursery beautiful and so many ideas. It started raining (pouring down stormy) here last night and it's suppose to last about seven days. Everything was drying out so nicely too!!!

  17. Hi J,
    You know I hate to travel, BUT I LOVE to travel with you (screenside)!!! You are my travel magazine :-)
    What a great nursery! Sooo many pretty blooms! That windowbox PACKED with pansies thrills me to no end! I remember those bottlebrush trees from being a kiddo, hadn't thought about them in years... thanks for the memory:-)
    Happy Trails!!

  18. OH I love all the colours!!!! I can smell the wisteria!!!!! Can't wait to see some of those colours here in our area! Thanks for sharing!

  19. So lovely to see so many beautiful blooms! xx

  20. Oh, how pretty! The purple and blue flowers together are just wonderful! Such an inspiring place to visit. Thanks for the sweet tour! xo Karen

  21. I think I would spend quite a bit of time at Alden Lane! It's just lovely -- the colors are making me smile as I long for a temperature when I can even consider planting a garden! Oh, those pinks and whites and pansies... how they make me sigh!

  22. Jackie,
    Thanks for the tour....everything is just beautiful. I especially love the wisteria. I am aching to get back outdoors and start planting and buying all my hanging plants. In MA it is so cold yet. Can't wait for spring. Regards,

  23. Everything is so beautiful! Love that tub filled with flowers! and the wisteria. Can't wait to go to our local nursery but it will be a while yet.

  24. So lovely, Jacqueline. One of my absolute favorite outings is to go to a garden nursery... so inspirational and uplifting!
    Spring hasn't found us here yet... but the days are getting longer and warmer.
    Enjoy the beauty!

  25. Oh! Jacqueline, what a beautiful place and how lucky you are to be there during this first week of Spring. It must be so inspiring. What gorgeous flowers, and I love those planters... the blue and the russet colors are so rich. And I see they have metal farm animals, just like my new pig!! How adorable. Wishing you lovely times there.

  26. Your post makes me want to go and buy bunches of flowers! This was an inspiring post.....the colors and pictures are so beautiful. What a great place to go and get some cheering up and inspiration for Spring.
    Blessings My Friend,

  27. Oh, i lové Livermore i spent most of m'y youth growing up in Northern Ca. And family who now live in Livermore, you make me sad for my major move to Southern Ca. Making want to move back.
    So happy you enjoyed the beauty LiverMore has to offer. As for the gardens and the greenery is it not just so awww inspiring?

    See you soon and the beauty you inspire us with.
    Happy Spring


  28. Love these photos! I lived not too far from Livermore, the Napa Valley, etc., many, many years ago. It's nice to see these pictures, as I'm sure things look so different than they did forty-some years ago.
    Thanks! :)

  29. Love to visit nurseries and enjoy all the beautiful blooms and wonderful aromas. Did I spy some metal sheep!?!

  30. what a wonderful place, that bathtub is amazing! I could spend the whole day at a nursery!


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