Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Simple White Things

It's the simplest of things that can bring joy. The sun finally showing through. A fruit tree coming into bloom. A memory from a younger spring.

The simplest of objects can give me a lift too, such as an old wire basket like this one. It's meant for lifting fruit jars from the canning pot when they are done with their boiling water bath. One of the distant pleasures of my life is the sound of jar lids popping from the vacuum created when they finally cool off, and the sight of rows of canned peaches on the shelf after a long days work.

My own equipment disappeared somewhere along the way of the transitions of life. And it's not likely that I will use this rack much the way I once might. (My mother used one to sterilize baby bottles and formula back in the day.)

But it makes a nice basket for stowing and carrying. Dishtowels by the sink, perhaps. To fetch items back and forth from the patio. Or to display a flower pot.

 A jumble of objects from a lifetime ago look cheery piled together in it. Especially if they're white.

For me, the simplicity of white is one of the most enjoyable things of all. . . .

Happy White Wednesday to you!

Jacqueline & Co.

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  1. Your white posts never disappoint! Lovely.

  2. Beautiful all white post. Love the glass jar with the crown on it. I thought of you and your blog while I was at the vintage marketplace this past weekend. So many amazing things and more white then ever.

  3. What a lovely post! A girl after my own heart! I love crisp whites and gentle creams.

  4. You can take the simplest things and make a beautiful post with them...what talent! Hugs, Penny

  5. Every little item you touch turns to perfection.

    You might be surprised to hear that I have been painting things white lately - a little red box, a green nightstand and soon a vintage red record cabinet. I am loving white lately.

    You must be rubbing off on me.

  6. Yes, I too remember the "pop"of the lids~~~even today when I can and hear the last one "pop" I think "job well done and finished". Love that tall, wire canning rack. Your post is very lovely~~~as always.

  7. What a lovely post with beautiful thing´s...
    It´s always a pleasure to look at your blog!

  8. Lovely! The whites are so crisp and clean. And I like the Crown, Made in Canada, canning jar. You find the sweetest things to gather together and make a vignette from them. Enjoy your spring.

  9. These beautiful treasures are making my heart beat faster!
    I have one of those crown jars too, I love it!

  10. So lovely, Jacqueline...each and every item...and together it's pure eye candy. Love the CROWN jar!

  11. You really know how to gather items together for beautiful photo shoots!
    Such a lovely post.

  12. Jacqueline, this was so beautiful and peaceful. I also remember canning lids popping. Good memories! Thanks for sharing!


  13. What beautiful white linens. When my husband's grandfather was dividing up his things, he wanted to give me the linens. Unfortunately, they had been folded for so long, lying in the same place, that when he picked them up, they fell apart at the folds. It was very sad.

  14. So sweet and simple - you always make the prettiest vignettes - and I love your narrative of those days gone by. xo Karen

  15. An incredibly gorgeous post! I love your vignette collection of treasures.

  16. For me too, the simplicity of white really is one of the most enjoyable things. Beautiful post! Have a nice day! ~ Vanessa

  17. Hi J,
    Yes! Happy White Wednesday, I miss the days everyone was at White Wednesday...
    A lovely basket full of goodies! LOVE the crown jar! and I too remember fondly the sound of those lids popping, such joy in simple things....

  18. As pretty!

    I found the basket(?) and canning jars at a farm sale last year. I didn't know what the use was!!! The jars are beautiful blue and old and the basket is wire covered in a white sort of plastic. It took a ton of bloggers to explain to me what I purchased. Ha!


  19. Everything you touch turns to gold...I mean white :-))
    You do have a magic touch.

  20. charming, jacqueline:) love the crown jar so much!

  21. simply. lovely. adore the butter pats...and that sweet wire basket. your photographs are so beautiful. sigh...

  22. Lovely collection of white things!
    So simple and calming. Just beautiful!

  23. Simple can indeed be the loveliest and this just backs that up. Beautiful!

  24. What beautiful post about times go by and such pretty items and vignettes as always. Love that basket and it is perfect holding towels in the kitchen. You have great collections!


  25. Gorgeous as always, Jacqueline. It makes me want to make everything white! :)
    Have a lovely day,

  26. Jacqueline,
    Such refreshing photography after all the brown here on the Prairie!!! Thank you for sharing your talents with an all~white post!!!

  27. Love the white for sure.
    Have one of those canning baskets, but I use it with the canner still.
    Oh would I love having peaches to can.

  28. Such simple pieces that in your hands become beautiful photographs. So very pretty! I have a real fondness for vintage whites and what a lovely surprise to see a CROWN made in Canada jar. They are just about the only vintage kind I can find here.

  29. The sound of the canning jars popping is like music to my ears!
    This was very sweet and brought back happy memories of canning with my Mother. I also love white pitchers so much, always on the look out for them. Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. It's all lovely, and I agree with you about white. It's such a pure, pretty color. I especially love your little butter pats. By the way, which store do you have your booth in. We hope to being coming to visit our family in a few months, and I'd love to visit your booth!

  31. Jacqueline, i love your white here, the canning wire rack brought back memories of days when my mother canned everything she could, Cherie from our trees, pears, peaches, hot salsa, and tomatoe base. Your wire canning rack has found perfect purpose in your home :)

    Your ironstone has me wishing I could find these great pieces more often.

    See you soon beautiful and all the spring romancing you will be creating.


  32. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    I adore white! And have so many white pieces of stoneware that I have to display them because my cupboards are too full, lol.
    Your photos are so lovely!
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a beautiful weekend,

  33. Simply beautiful...your linens are so lovely.

  34. Love the whites, so peaceful, beautiful, serene. Vintage white lace and linens are my favorite. Your pictures are beautiful!

  35. Your white ware is so beautiful, Jacqueline, and so full of promise as we near the first day of Spring, waiting for the color it brings. I use one of those baskets to hold potatoes and squash.

  36. Such pretty photos... I love those little tiny shallow ironstone bowls, aren't they for butter? ... i should collect them i love them so much every time i see them! .. and there is just something good about the wire basket in all it's simplicity.
    I swear when you write i get such visuals...


  37. I love your basket...I often use one on our table as a centerpiece...full of old jars and a flower or two from the yard.
    Funny story about butter pats. Hubster never thought in a million years that he would get tangled up with a dish freak. The other day, he had something he needed a little dish for....I gave him a bowl full of butter pats...his response "How could I have ever guessed you had HUNDREDS of little dishes?"
    I'm laughing just thinking about it.....after 17 years he is just beginning to catch on that we have a dish for EVERY a few extras ;^)


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