Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Stroll Through Sundance Country

If you can take in the Fall Color in only one place on the planet for the year, then The Sundance Resort in Utah's Wasatch Mountains is a good choice. One look at the canyon, and you understand fully why "this is the place it all started" for Robert Redford.

Photographs fall so short of the actual splendor. But Sundance offers a photography course nonetheless. They'll teach you how to use all the features on your own camera, and then turn you loose on the most spectacular terrain you'll ever see.

This is the view the man himself sees whenever he's in residence this time of year. You can spot the top of the lifts.

The weather is incredible, and unseasonably warm here today, and the trails are full of admirers just like us taking in a soul full of scenery. Enough to get us through another year. . . .

(Photo Courtesy of Ben Thompson)

I know of so many folks who took a fall outing this weekend. Were you one of them? If not, there's still time! I hope wherever you are you're getting a good dose of fall beauty.
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  1. Wow.



    Such sun-kissed splendor...the trees are magnificent! Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. Absolutely beautiful! Oh how I'd love to spend some time hiking and taking photos there. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Really pretty with those yellow aspen trees...I just posted something similar from Mammoth Mountain.

  4. Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing! Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog!


  5. Wow, Jacqueline! That's a fall get-a-way! Sundance is gorgeous. Beautiful shots and the photography course sounds like a lot of fun. Happy Seasonal Sunday!

  6. Hi Jackqueline, What lovely mountains are there. I am in the pacific northwest where I never tire of seeing ours. These look a little like on "the other side of the mountains" in Washington. Drier with less trees, not the thick forests. We went sight seeing last week in the mountains. If I am lucky, I will get hubby to take us for a drive today. Love your blog, we seem to have much of the same interests, so I will stop by again soon.

  7. I want to BE there so much! I have seen this area in the summer, but never fall. Thanks!

  8. Amazing views and fantastic photographs!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. These are wonderful photos. The scenery is just breathtaking. I wish I could go to a place like that, so peaceful and inspiring.

  10. Gorgeous photos. What a beautiful place. I love the golden yellows against the purple mountains. Stunning!

  11. That is gorgeous. Breathtakingly beautiful. Nothing short of Robert, himself.

  12. Stunning! Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  13. Sunshine on my shoulder...and that breathtaking view..what's not to like?
    Joyce M


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