Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hunting Season

It's hunting season! Maybe for pheasant or deer, but that's not what I'm talking about. It's majolica season!

Never heard of it? Well, that's because I sort of made it up. But it's the perfect time for the burnished yet muted colors of this gorgeous pottery, and the principles of hunting down wildlife are strikingly similar. 

I think of the earthiness of majolica most in fall. Autumn is when I am likely to display my pieces because of its warm colors, and so my eye is naturally more attuned this time of year. And if you're scouting flea markets, it can sometimes be almost invisible, like a fawn in grass. 

Majolica is a bit of an acquired taste. Maybe not yours. But once you start collecting it, especially at giveaway prices, it can become addictive. This pottery is not as well known as, say, McCoy, therefore your chances of bagging a prize is a tad greater.

My newest trophy is this shell themed Etruscan Pottery pitcher, distinguished by its colors, and marks. It's a relatively common pattern, but beautiful. 

One way to tell if it is an Etruscan Pottery reproduction is to note the unglazed bit on the bottom with a number inside identifying the artist. Fakes never have it.

And the luscious mauve colored interior.

This intricate sample is my favorite of a very limited collection. I thought it a bit hideous before I fully appreciated its fine qualities.

Maybe you can get an idea of how well majolica tends to blend into the environment if displayed in a grouping on a shelf. It's best showcased with other samples of its species.

I'm also showing my oldest loving cup in this vignette as well. It's age is approximate to the pottery shown, from just before the turn of the last century. 

Happy hunting!
Ciao! for now!


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  1. Beautiful photos of your majolica collection!

  2. I've been thinking about collecting majolica recently. Thanks for the clue about the artist's mark. Cherry Kay

  3. I've never bought any majolica; but, oh, how beautiful it is! Yours are lovely. Sally

  4. I'm so in love with majolica. I have a few pieces that I started collecting back in the nineties. My sister has about 200 pieces! She can't stop buying it, that is, when she is lucky enough to find it.

    Love the beautiful pitcher.


  5. OH... I am loving the loving cup! Great collection of the majolica, I have alot of Mccoy but non of it.

  6. another beautiful series... i love the soft colors of fall too. so many pretty pieces~

  7. I don't have any majolica but I like the soft colors and unique style of the pieces. Your loving cup is great! Laura Cottage and Broome

  8. such a lovely collection, love your photos too!

  9. Beautiful examples of majolica. I have seen it for sale here very reasonable.

  10. What a beautiful fall vignette. You have some gorgeous majolica pieces!

  11. That pitcher is amazing! I have always admired majolica and only recently was lucky to get a pair of plates in a beautiful aqua color with birds on them!

  12. Your majolica Collection is stunning! Your pictures and vignettes are beautiful really lending to a Fall look!

    Thanks so much for linking to Potpouri Friday. I appreication your participation!

  13. I just love that loving cup!
    Every now and then a few pieces of majolica pop up in the shop and you are right...the colors are perfect for fall!

  14. Oh, I love your hunting season!! When the men take off that is the perfect alternative for us ladies! I agree too it does have the fall colors in it and I hadn't thought of it that way! LOVE your silver trophy...1893! So amazing a find that is too! Thank you for linking up with Home Sweet Home!

  15. I've never heard of majolica before. An education for me!! But it's absolutely beautiful.

    Thank you so much for linking up to Modern Country Style's Fall In Love party.



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