Friday, October 14, 2011

Pink Associations

How inspired is it to take time out to think of PINK once a week? If you're like me, and don't decorate with pink much, you sort of have to go out of your way for it. And that's far from a bad thing!

The philosopher in me wants to make all sorts of associations with pink. I naturally think of my grand-daughters, fun and frilly fabrics, and story time. (Doesn't my doggie look like he's waiting for storytime too?)

But pink can remind me to embrace a kind of beauty that is a little beside my normal definition of it. Permission to allow that bit of something extra that might otherwise be lacking. To zero in on the softer side of my nature for a moment . . .  or a day . . . . 

 Here I go with my out-of-print animal tales again! This one is Bunnies On Their Own, by Amy Ehrlich, illustrated by Marie H. Henry. There are a couple others in the series which I have yet to acquire.

 A sweet pillow, a comfy chair, and a spot of tea to settle into an autumn story.

The pillow is vintage satin-stitched embroidery on natural linen.

The little doily and wicker chair are from Olde Post in Alamogordo, NM where I found so many special things recently while visiting my daughter. Rosie, the proprietor, named the market for the old post office building which it occupies. Fun things there!

 I hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday!
Ciao! for now!


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  1. Jacqueline, that pillow is gorgeous. Cute doggie, too. If you want me to tell you how to spread out your blog so the pictures and post aren't crammed into each other just reply to this comment by email.

  2. Hi Jacqueline!
    thanks for sharing your lovely pinks, I love looking at all your pretties.


  3. I love the pillow and that cute story book. The drawings are so unique aren't they. Have a lovely weekend. Pamela

  4. Yery lovely! I've heard it said that it is hard to be sad when you are wearing pink or around pink! It is a beautiful color! Very nice pillow.

  5. this is charming, i sure needed a dose of whimsy today, thank you~

  6. Jacqueline, you are a master stylist! These images are gorgeous. They are perfectly pink! Love those delicate pink illustrations. ~ Sarah

  7. I love the exquisite pink pillow.

  8. How fitting for October Jaqueline:)
    I have two friends fighting Breast Cancer right now, and I think of them all the time, and wish I could cure it myself. Beautiful pink accents, your photos as always are so charming and remind me of days gone by. Thank you, tami

  9. A lovely collection of pink! So restful, soothing and just...pretty pink! Happy PS!

  10. It is truly sweet , and beautiful , and pink ; it wakes up the little girl inside of me :)That linen embroidered pillow is priceless . I like it , and the picture book , of course

  11. That pillow is just gorgeous!
    Is it a new find? I want one!!!
    SooOOo pretty and your sweet pup there is adorable.

  12. Your vignettes are always such an inspiration. I love that little wicker chair and you've reminded me that I have an adorable ceramic dog that needs to come out of storage into a vignette soon!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. As a children's literature buff I can't believe I forgot to mention your beautiful books! I send you good wishes on finding the rest of the set!


  14. Everything looks so nice,but what a beautiful pillow. I have always love embroidered items. They just make a house more of a home.

  15. I'm not a pink person either but your kinda pinks I could do. So vintage and beautiful and the pale teal of that teacup is so pretty, too. The embroidered pillow is gorgeous! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Tammy

  16. I'm not a pink girl at all, but sometimes it works, as in your pictures!
    Love the tender images of the children's book.
    Have a nice week end and Hugs from Italy

  17. Il cuscino con le rose è delizioso, ciao

  18. What a beautiful pillow.


  19. Hi and happy pink Saturday. What a lovely pink post and I love love that pillow. have a nice weekend.
    Riet, Holland

  20. I came to think about the campaign against breast cancer, too, and this is a lovely way to show one's support, maybe a pink ribbon by the door or pink roses on the table of a shop, library, bank, nursing home, my own kitchen as well.

  21. How beautiful. The pillow is so striking that it makes me want to try my hand at making something similiar. Beautiful!

  22. What a wonderful pillow! Have a great Pink weekend.


  23. This is so sweet. I love that pillow. I have only a few pink things and don't get them out much but then I see them out in blog land and think I should pull some out too.

  24. Lovely pictures. Love that clock.

    Have a nice sunday

    Hugs Bente

  25. I don't have much pink in my home either. But I do enjoy the soft and feminine color. I love your pillow!

  26. Jacqueline I adore what you have put together. That pillow is so gorgeous!

    Speaking of....

    I have a Designer Pillows Giveaway, I hope you will join!


    Art by Karena

  27. That pillow is so lovely,as are all of your pictured goodies,I like them all. xx

  28. All are pretty, but the pillow is to die for.


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