Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Homey Fall Supper Table

We still have a few blooms going on the south side of the house. They bring a little unexpected color to the table I had planned.

I've had this vintage tablecloth tucked away for a long time because I've been telling myself I was going to sew something from it. But it's perfect for the season, so I'm going to mend my ways instead.

I like the way the print surrounds the dishes on the table, and the subtle color of the leaves and vines.

My newish napkins coordinate nicely.

The silverplate soup spoons are also vintage, as is the stemware. (That's a vintage ceramic electric insulator you see being used as a candlestick. The only white one I have ever seen.)

The main colors have faded from the cloth and given it a wonderfully aged look.

I love the look of ironstone on display, but I love using it on the table even more. All the men especially like the heft. Here I am using a small platter as an underplate for vintage soup bowls.

 One of my new finds is a set of porcelain leaf relish/butter-sized accent plates. I love the repetition of the motif.

I keep saying how soft these napkins from Pottery Barn are, but I'm sure I'm going to wear these out in no time, I love them so much.

The flowers and one simple candle sort of dress things up, but this is just a homey fall supper table for two. . . .

Gotta go! Soup's on!
Ciao! for now!


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  1. Beautiful Jacqueline! I like your use of the oval plates as coasters under the soup bowls. The table cloth is very pretty even though worn and the pink flowers are a lovely touch. Pamela

  2. That tablecloth is exquisite. I am always looking for something like that when I am in a thrift shop. So pretty.

  3. WOW! Jacqueline I just love this soft and delightful table! You carried the soft color and feel of the tablecloth throughout your entire table. I too, just love those napkins! I hope you got them recently, because I am now on the lookout for them. Just stunning!

  4. Jacqueline,
    Exquisite! I adore the simplistic nature of this tablescape. Intimate and intriquing with the roses and candlelight. Your vintage table cloth is a vision of loveliness with its brown hues. Simply divine!

  5. I have those same oval ironstone plates! They are what we use everyday. Love them and their charming size and shape.

    Your tablecloth is so pretty! I would love to have one of those.... reminds me of the brown transferware that I collect.

    Gorgeous table and love the pink flowers.

  6. Lovely as always. I love the heft of ironstone too...something so rustic and homey about it. I also love the tablecloth.

  7. This is so peaceful. I loved it.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Much love.

  8. Your table looks so gorgeous. I love your tablecloth.Everything looks so soft,and pretty.


  9. What a beautiful post! The table looks so feminine and everything is soft and ethereal. Love it!!

  10. Beautiful pictures. I love white things like the leaveplates and you have white pumpkins to.


  11. So elegantly simple which makes it so beautiful. x

  12. I agree your table setting is so elegant. As always you inspire me.

  13. Beautiful table! I so love the tablecloth, so pretty and fitting for this time of year!

  14. I'm so glad you mended your ways and used that beautiful linen on the table! The napkins compliment it so perfectly, too. The touch of pink on this table sets all the neutrals off so beautifully. I really think this is a lovely table.

  15. Jacqueline,
    You have acquired the most beautiful things. That tablecloth is so lovely with your new napkins. Love those oval ironstone plates and the soup bowls. Just gorgeous!

  16. What a gorgeous combo Jacqueline. That rose is the most perfect shade of pink. It all looks lovely with the ironstone. Nice photography! Thank you for linking it up with Home Sweet Home!

  17. Beautiful! I always think of you when I see brown and white transferware or ironstone.


  18. Very soft and elegant. Happy I found your beauty blog.

  19. Really elegant composition! I adore the stemware. You said vintage, but do you know what?

  20. Dear Scribbler: Sorry I don't know the pattern of the glassware. Anybody else know?

  21. Your tablecloth is just beautiful. I love the delicate color. Your flowers are gorgeous and add an ethereal element. So soft and so pretty after seeing so many orange and black Halloween tables!

  22. This is gorgeous, J. I always love the way you set a table. this soft muted palette is wonderful! thanks for linking up to the party! xoxo

  23. I love that tablecloth.. There is just something about the vintage cloths.. Worn, soft, faded that makes everything seem alright.. contentment is what overcomes me when I see one. The leaf plates are gorgeous and perfect with the white ironstone. I love the idea of use a platter under the soup bowl. The last of your roses is beautiful. What a lovely color.. xo marlis

  24. So Sweet, the Roses are Beautiful & I really Love the little white pumpkin in the dish!

  25. I'm in love with your vintage tablecloth Jackeline, it's lovely and do not make anything else from it, it goes so well with the napkins and the entire gorgeous white tablescape! Have a wonderful weekend. FABBY

  26. Your pink and white look lovely together. Happy Pink Saturday!

  27. I just love your vintage linens. This one is no exception. Beautiful details and the age just seems to have added to its charm. I love those PB napkins too. The ironwood dishes are beautiful. I am envious of your white pumpkin. For some reason, I wasn't able to find the little white ones around here this year. I loved looking at your beautiful table!

  28. A lovely tablescape/place setting, and the white pumpkin is the perfect finishing touch. Happy Pink Saturday, Happy Halloween and hugs from the UK.

  29. Love the color scheme and the dishes. I also love vintage table linens and it's the second thing I look for at estate sales (after dishes of course!) The slightly tattered linens are really inexpensive and have so much character. Thanks for sharing.

  30. This is just so beautiful! I love the pattern on the cloth and all your gorgeous dishes! I am curious to know more about your electric insulator...I'm not sure what that is!

    I would like to invite you to my weekend linkup. It involves anything related to homemaking: sewing, decorating, recipes, crafts,DIY, a story about what you did today, etc! I know you'd be a great addition to the party!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!


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