Monday, October 24, 2011

Eighteen Things That I Didn't Buy

There's this game we play. Going into shops, and not so secretly wanting to find that THING. You know, the one that we are in no way going to leave the premises WITHOUT! Most of the fun is in not knowing what that thing is going to be. Kinda crazy huh!

I didn't buy a thing you see here (or anything else). But these were all temptations. (The vintage towels, above, priced at fifteen dollars were actually twenty percent off that price for a set of FIVE in perfect condition.)

The rules are different for home court, versus away games. If I have to carry it on a plane it has to be, a) light and easy to pack,  b) something I couldn't likely find at home, c) a crazy price, or d) all three. (I LOVE photos from this era. And I LOVE that one empty chair.)

I was asked after my last post about taking pictures in Ikea. In a mega setting, I click away with my camera keeping in mind that "it's easier to be forgiven than to get permission." You'd never be noticed in Ikea anyway. But if someone stops you, you've probably already got a few shots.

As a shopkeeper I'm often asked if taking pictures is okay and I always say yes. If I get a vibe in a small shop that I should ask, I do.  (Is this tureen not darling??)

Yummy lace!

I'm not sure what this bag is. For post? But I wanted it.

These grain sacks were a great price. I should have taken them. Oops!

Old landscape photos. Want.

Farm picture. (You have no idea how much unhung art I have already.)

Thank goodness these railway towels were in a showcase and I couldn't be bothered!

I ALWAYS look for ironstone. I thought I might find a piece of brown transferware, but not a thing turned up.

Original painting of an old mission. Love.

If I had found this mirror at home,  I would have lost my head. Away game rules. . . .

Ouch! A crazy low price. Gorgeous. gorgeous!



(Belleek cachepot. Never seen one before at any price.)
Well, I came away unscathed and without regret (well almost)!
Hope you're having fun and games too!

Ciao! for now!


  1. So many temptations! I don't know how you resisted!

  2. You passed up some goodies! You know there is UPS & FedEx when traveling! You have more will power than I do. Sally

  3. Dear Sally: Yes, but then shipping makes it less of a bargain! Rules are rules! Haha!

  4. Oh, you're better than I am. I'd have packed that tablecloth (to wrap around and protect those red transferware cups and saucers, of course) in my suitcase and hand carried that Beleek all the way home. You do have amazing will power!! Oh, and I'm sure that gorgeous lace would have tucked in somewhere very easily! :-)


  5. I feel your pain, but think I would have made room of a couple of these items!

  6. Ah! resisted temptation, they say that is good for building character. I often give things a ride in a store...putting them in the cart with the idea to purchase then putting them all back when good sense takes hold.(-:

  7. ooch,that sounds like sheer torture to me.x

  8. The tureen is beautiful and you didn't buy it. I had buy it immediately:-)


  9. What a great window shopping post. I would have scooped up 4 teacups and saucers though, if I had been along.

  10. Hope you had as much fun with these temptations as I did looking at them!

  11. I agree so many wonderful things to choose from I don't know how you held back from buying some of them!!

  12. Bonjour!
    I'm coming from Snap blogs today to say hello to you!Your blog is adorable and I love all sweet decoration.You are very talented and creative.My mammy also love your ideas!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA and mammy Léia

  13. I know I'd be tempted by some of those pretties too! I think that canvas bag might be an apple picking bag. We have a similar one here. You strap it over your shoulders with the bag in front. The bottom is open and folded and hooked to the top. When the bag is full you unhook the ropes and let the apples slide into the bin! I've used one many times. Blessings, Pamela

  14. Adore those teacups with the leaves.

  15. Now that is Willpower with a capital W!

  16. I know exactly what you mean. I go in looking for that special something. Not always sure what that it, but I know it when I see it. I hate having to pass things up when traveling. Pretty good at squeezing stuff in to our Tahoe. So on road trips I can buy a bit more. In Aug. we took a trip to Idaho and Montana. Told hubby we looked like the Clampetts coming home. You passed up some gorgeous things there. You have some great will power. I could use a bit of it. lol!

  17. That white lace crochet tablecloth may have had to come home with me. Even if I had to ship it. You must be a Saint!

  18. We always have to leave some goodies behind. Glad you took the shots. ;-)

  19. I love have they all have their arms crossed in the classroom photo and I LOVE your rules! ~

  20. I want that oak leaf and acorn mirror!


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